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Five types of essays

Five Types of Essays - Wikispaces what are the five different types of essays? | Yahoo Answers

Designed for high school students, can be used after completion of or any other courses that have built up a basic foundation in grammar, mechanics, and composition. High school students who have done a great deal of grammar but little composition should probably complete thebefore jumping into .
This book is divided into three parts which can be used over a span of anywhere from one to four years depending upon the student.
Part One draws students into the writing process with practical, everyday writing tasks like note taking, outlining, summarizing, personal letters, business letters, and even business reports (although the last topic is addressed very briefly). Part Two gets more technical with exercises on paragraph writing (narrative, descriptive, persuasive, and expository), word usage, and style. Part Three concentrates on essay writing but builds on paragraph writing skills to create five types of essays: descriptive, narrative, expository, critical, and persuasive.
The book is written for a student to work through independently, receiving feedback and encouragement from a parent or teacher as needed. There is no teacher manual or answer key since they are unnecessary.

In English 353 you will write five types of essays. The first will be expository, the second, contemplative, the third, comparison and contrast, followed by a persuasive essay and finally, a research essay. Below are explanations for each type of essay.

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Five types of essays to keep you busy but there are tons more. What do you think is the most popular personal essay? Which one is your favorite to compose?

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Live online SAT prep

SAT ® Prep - Live Online - $799

SAT Course Book
This contains the lessons and homework that will be taught and reviewed in each of the classroom sessions.

SAT Study Sheet
Found at the back of the SAT Course Book, this two-sided sheet contains the most important math and grammar concepts tested on the SAT. It can be torn out and used as a reference for homework, or as a quick review on Test Day.

Customised Study Plan: These will be formed on the basis of your diagnostic test results and performance in the quizzes.

Four official College Board practice tests.

Instructional Videos: Each skill within a program's scope and sequence has an instructional video led by a Kaplan-trained instructor. The video’s last between 4 and 8 minutes and focus on a specific aspect of the SAT.

Guided Practice: Each Guided Practice module contains three practice questions about a specific aspect of the SAT. If help is needed, you can receive a hint from the system.

Quizzes: Based on specific SAT aspects, these take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

Progress and Performance Reports. Ability to review overall score from practice test results.

N.B. Upon enrollment you will have the option to choose e-books in order to save on postage costs.

SAT Writing

SAT Writing

Introduction to SAT Writing

The Writing section of the SAT is designed to assess your ability to identify errors in the grammar and usage of English and your ability to organize and present your ideas in a well-structured essay.

Your SAT Writing score is based on your performance on 3 timed sections:

  • one 25-minute essay written in response to a provided prompt
  • one 25-minute multiple choice section with 35 question
  • one 10-minute multiple choice section with 14 questions

The 25-minute multiple choice section features:

  • 11 questions that ask you to improve sentences
  • 18 questions that ask you to identify sentence errors
  • 6 questions that ask you to improve paragraphs

The 10-minute section includes 14 sentence improvement questions only.

SAT Writing Question Types

Error identification questions

These questions test your understanding of grammatical elements and structures by assessing your ability to recognize errors in sentences. In error identification questions you are presented with a sentence that has various parts of it underlined and labeled A, B, C, and D. It is your task to identify which of the labeled parts of the sentence is incorrect, or, if none are incorrect, you select E (no error).

Sentence improvement questions

In the sentence improvement questions you are presented with a sentence with all or only parts of it underlined. The answer choices consist of four alternative ways of phrasing the underlined section of the sentence, and it is your job to select which alternative is best, or indicate that the original sentence is correct as is.

Paragraph improvement questions.

These questions test your ability to clearly express ideas and improve the coherence of ideas within and among paragraphs. Here, you will be presented with a poorly written passage consisting of several paragraphs. Several questions will follow the essay, asking you to identify what would be appropriate revisions of sentences, paragraphs, and their ordering to improve the essay.

Note that Error Identification and Sentence Improvement questions generally appear in order of difficulty, with easier questions first, but Paragraph Improvement questions generally follow the order of the passage. Questions on sentences and paragraphs at the start of the essays come before questions on sentences and paragraphs at the end of the essay.

In this section you will have 25 minutes to write an essay in response to a proposed topic. The essay prompt often takes the form of a quote or saying and is designed to be general enough that anyone should be able to respond with their opinion, regardless of social or educational background and without advanced knowledge on a specific subject.

In the essay you must support this opinion using specific examples from your everyday life experience, what you have learned in school, current events, or works of fiction. The essay does not need to be structured according to one specific formula (e.g. the five-paragraph essay), as long as there is an orderly and logical flow of ideas, appropriate use of evidence, and effective use of language. Similarly, although there is no specific length requirement, essays that adequately explore a topic are usually at least several paragraphs long.

SAT Writing Section Sample Questions

Sample Error Identification Questions. Below are sample error identification questions, similar to what might be found on the SAT. You would indicate on your answer sheet which of the underlined sections (marked A, B, C, or D) was the incorrect one, or you would mark E to indicate there was no error in the sentence.

1. I think it’s (A) admirable that airlines allow (B) early boarding for adults with (C) children and people which need(D) assistance. No error (E)

2. The newspaper boy (A), who comes into (B) contact with many neighbors, make(C) sure not to step on their (D) lawns and flowerbeds. No error (E)

3. Nearly all (A)of the judges agree (B) that next year there (C) should be less(D) people allowed to enter the competition. No error (E)

Sample Sentence Improvement Questions. Below are examples of sentences in which the underlined portion may or may not need to be improved. The A) answer always presents the original phrasing, so that you can choose that option if you think the sentence is correct as it is.

1. The members of the team coming from so far away, they wanted to make sure they saw the city after the big game.

A) The members of the team coming for so far away, they
B) Coming from so far away, the members of the team felt they
C) Having come from so far away, the members of the team
D) To come this far, the members of the team
E) The members of the team came this far, so that they

2. The reason that roses are many people’s favorite flowers are that they have such soft and intricate petals.

A) are that they have such soft and intricate petals.
B) are that their petals are soft and intricate.
C) is that they have such soft and intricate petals.
D) is because of their soft and intricate petals.
E) is there soft and intricate petals.

3. Golfer Janice Keller, the first woman to score a hole-in-one in a professional game, achieving this exactly 10 years after Ned Timberson’s hole-in-one on the same course.

A) Janice Keller, the first woman to score a hole-in-one in a professional game, achieving this
B) Janice Keller scored the first ever women’s hole-in-one in a professional game
C) Janice Keller the first woman who scored a hole-in-one in a professional game, and who did so
D) Janice Keller became the first woman to score a hole-in-one in a professional game, accomplishing this feat
E) Janice Keller was the first woman scoring a hole-in-one in a professional game, the feat was accomplished

Sample Paragraph Improvement Questions

Below is a shortened version of the type of passage that is used for Paragraph Improvement questions on the SAT. Each sentence is numbered for your reference. The questions below are based on this passage:

(1) In the past 20 years, there has been a surge of research on how to foster and happiness and wellbeing. (2) A number of surprising findings have emerged from this work and understanding them can help us improve our lives.

(3) One surprising finding is that happiness is important to your health. (4) Studies indicate that happy people live on average 8 to 10 years longer than their unhappy peers. (5) Smoking 40 cigarettes a day only reduces your life expectancy by 6 years, it appears happiness has a huge impact on your health.

(6) Another amazing fact is that happiness has a strong hereditary component. (7) Studies of identical twins show they tend to have similar average levels of happiness, even when they are raised in different households. (8) Research on hereditary characteristics often looks at identical twins as they share the same DNA. (9) Recent estimates suggest that about 40 to 50% of wellbeing is inherited. (10) People generally assume parenting, socio-economic status, and education drastically affect happiness. (11) These environmental influences have little impact.

1. In context, which of the following is the best revision to sentence 5?

A) (As it is now)
B) Given that smoking 40 cigarettes a day only reduces your life expectancy by 6 years, it appears happiness has a huge impact on your health
C) Smoking 40 cigarettes a day only reduces your life expectancy by 6 years, so therefore it must be true that appears happiness has a huge impact on your health.
D) It appears happiness has a huge impact on your health because smoking 40 cigarettes a day only reduces your life expectancy by 6 years.
E) Given that happiness has a huge impact on your health, smoking 40 cigarettes a day only reduces your life expectancy by 6 years.

2. In context, which of the following is the best revision to Paragraph 3?

A) Move sentence 8 before sentence 7
B) Move sentence 9 to the beginning of the paragraph
C) Delete "amazing".
D) Change "households” to “homes”
E) Put a comma after “Another amazing fact”

3. In context, which is the best revision of sentence 11?

A) As a result, these environmental influences have little impact.
B) Consequently, these environmental influences have little impact.
C) Too often it is the case that these environmental influences have little impact.
D) However, little impact is made by these environmental influences.
E) However, these environmental influences have little impact.

Sample Essay Prompts: Below are examples of the type of prompt you are given for the 25-minute SAT Essay.

1. Eleanor Roosevelt said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” - Eleanor Roosevelt. Do people who believe in their dreams make the biggest impact on our future? Plan and write an essay in which you develop your point of view on this issue. Support your position with reasoning and examples taken from your reading, studies, experience, or observation.

2. William Shakespeare said, “The leopard does not change his spots.” Do you believe humans can change their spots? Do people ever fundamentally change their personality, or do they retain their general temperament and characteristics throughout their entire lives? Plan and write an essay in which you develop your point of view on this issue. Support your position with reasoning and examples taken from your reading, studies, experience, or observation.

3. It is often said that “Time heals all wounds” Do you agree? Or do you believe that there are some problems and issues that the passage of time alone cannot fix? Plan and write an essay in which you develop your point of view on this issue. Support your position with reasoning and examples taken from your reading, studies, experience, or observation.

Study Strategies for the SAT Writing Section

1. As with the Critical Reading, one of the keys to success on the Writing section of the SAT lies in a habit of reading challenging material. Reading not only exposes you to a variety of areas and subjects that will help you come up with examples for your essay, it helps improve the way you use language and will therefore help your performance on the multiple choice questions as well. By reading challenging material you expose yourself to advanced ways of using language that stand out as correct in sentence improvement questions and that you can begin to incorporate into your own writing.

2. Practice Writing. The secret to writing better is writing more. Write practice SAT essays as often as possible, and show them to someone who can give you good feedback on how you could improve your sentences, your organization, and your evidence (e.g. a parent, an older sibling, a teacher).
When writing, keep these specific strategies in mind:

A) Avoid the passive voice. A passive sentence is one in which something other than the subject performs the action. The passive phrase “It was decided by the committee” (in which the subject “committee” is at the end of the sentence) can and should be replaced by the active phrase “the committee decided”

B) Try to use precise and appropriate vocabulary. This means avoiding slang, informal expressions, or generic words such as “interesting” that don’t convey a specific meaning. However, this also means avoiding the use of advanced, obscure words that seem out of place in a particular sentence and context. If you are describing your brother, it’s fine to say you find his chatter irritating, but it may sound forced and awkward if you say you find his volubility vexatious.

C) Use concrete examples that are specific as possible, avoid abstract claims that don’t mention people, places, or things. For example, if you are trying to argue that technology is changing our lives, avoid relying only on abstract, general claims such as “people now use technology too much”. Make sure to back this up with specifics: “I see people checking their Blackberries while in line at the supermarket, on the bus, and while out on the beach with their friends

3. Practice Outlining and Essay. When you don’t have time to practice writing a whole essay, practice coming up with an outline for an essay in 5 minutes. You can comb through a dictionary or website that lists quotations and sayings, and use these as sample essay topics. For your outline: write out your thesis, decide how many paragraphs you are aiming for, and write out what specific examples you are going to use to develop your argument. Often students say the most challenging part of the essay is coming up with appropriate examples, but this too, can improve with practice.

4. Get an idea of the essay scoring system and the level of writing required to get a high score. The “Official SAT Study Guide” released by the College Board provides example essays, their scores on the 1 to 6 scale, and a detailed explanation of why each essay received the assigned score. By reading these essays and the scoring criteria, you can get a much better idea of what distinguishes a good essay from a bad essay, and what elements are needed to get a high score.

5. For the multiple choice questions, make sure to review the common rules of grammar. Most SAT prep books provide a section that reviews what you need to remember about agreement, case, the proper use of prepositions, dangling modifiers, and how to identify run on sentences and sentence fragments. Ignore this section at your peril! Although many error identification and sentence improvement questions can be answered by using your intuition of what “sounds right”, many are tricky with two or more answer options that seem correct.

6. Another great way to learn the grammatical rules you’ll need to identify errors and improve sentences is to take practice tests, making sure to look at the detailed explanations of WHY a particular answer choice is the correct one. These explanations will give you more confidence in the answers you knew ‘sounded right’ and help you learn the rules that you might need for trickier questions.

SAT: 5 Tricks for the Essay

5 Tricks for the SAT Essay

As you probably know by now, the New SAT has made some major changes to its Essay section. For starters, it’s optional. Before you dance a jig, however, consider that some colleges and universities might prefer or even require applications to include scores for either the SAT or ACT essay. Definitely do your research on the schools to which you want to apply, but you should plan to take the essay portion of one of these tests at least once. Need help knowing which one is for you? Check out Kristin’s sweet run-down of the two.

So you’ve decided to take the new SAT Essay. Great! Let’s get into some tricks to help you do it to the best of your ability.

#1: Prepare before the new SAT

This is not one of those essays you can just wing your way through and expect to get a great score. You will have 50 minutes in which to read a passage, analyze the way the author makes his or her point, and then write your own essay explaining what you noticed. Practice a couple of prompts at home, timing yourself. You’ll have a good sense of how much time you tend to take and when you should be starting to write to make sure you finish. Also, dig out those notes on rhetorical devices from English class. That’s the stuff the graders are looking for you to spot, so make sure you remember what ethos, pathos, and logos are and how to spot metaphors and rhetorical questions.

#2: Don’t skip the planning stage of the essay

Okay, so you turn the page to the essay, fully confident that you know what you’re getting into; you read the essay, then start scribbling madly as wonderful ideas come pouring from your pencil. STOP! It can be almost irresistible to jump into writing your essay, but it’s crucial that you take few minutes to plan ahead. Take all those ideas bubbling up in your mind and organize them. This doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Just a quick outline can help you to put your thoughts in order, so when you actually are in the middle of crafting your masterpiece, you have something to refer to that can help you stay on track.

#3: Break out of the mold

You’ve begrudgingly accepted that you need to plan. Excellent. Now comes the fun part: deciding how to organize your thoughts. This should not be your standard, five-paragraph essay. Tailor your essay to fit the evidence you are using from the passage. Maybe you want to present it in chronological order, or grouped by strength, bias, or source. However you decide to present your evidence, make sure the ideas flow naturally from one to the next. Remember that organization is one of the qualities on which your essay is graded.

#4 Quote the author

Analysis and use of evidence is another factor that your essay will be judged on. Quoting the passage to introduce or support your points is the best way to use evidence within the essay. Try to work it in as naturally as possible. For example, you could write: Jefferson carefully chooses his words to strengthen the pathos of his essay, such as when he claims that “the extinction of this species would be a tragedy on a global scale”. Quotes like this can help you prove your understanding of the passage, your ability to connect ideas within it, and your skill at finding its underlying message.

#5: Proofread your final SAT essay

Something many students forget to do on standardized essay tests is to allow a minute or two at the end to quickly read through the final product. Writing an essay quickly by hand usually means you’re going to make some mistakes along the way. Plan to wrap up your writing at least a little bit before time is called to allow yourself time to catch small grammar or syntax errors that you might have made while writing. It’s more important that your essay is finished than that it’s perfect, but you do get scored on writing conventions.

    • Let’s look back at our tricks.
    • Prepare for the test.
    • Plan your essay.
    • Organize your essay however you think it would work best.
    • Use quotes.
    • Proofread.

Hopefully you now feel more prepared to tackle the new SAT essay. If you want to take a look at all the items on the grading rubric for the essay, check out the College Board’s online copy.

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SAT Essay 5 - Language Arts

Patients or Power

Wonderful events happen throughout the history of the world such as the independence of nations that requires patients rather than power. To overcome a powerful nation with power is really impossible rather than using patients which have worked throughout the history such as the Vietnam War. They have fought their independence through patients rather than using power to fight with the USA. In Thailand almost the same thing happened when the French and the British tried to took over Thailand, the Thai king was able to be patient and find a way out rather than using power. If you are patient the conscious mind will be with you because you would have time to think and find a way out. Having power means that you are having strength and it ties with the force that is able to take over your mind. Many events happen throughout history involving patients such as the Vietnam War, and the situation of Thailand escaping dependency.

A big event in history that many people must have known is the Vietnam War. During the years 1955-1975 or the 20 years of war, Vietnam has been patient. Their leader Ngo Dinh Diem lead them to independence, he accomplished it through patient within 20 years which made the Americans pack up and leave Vietnam due to time they have wasted trying to stay in Vietnam.

In Thailand everybody must have heard about the two great kings, King Rama 5 and King Rama 9. A situation of patients had happen during the reign of King Rama 5 or King Chulalongkorn when the British and the French wanted to take over Thailand. King Chulalongkorn had a lot of patient and sat down and thought about the situation that if they used force they wouldn’t be able to win, and many people from the country would die. He decided to talk to them and find a way out in which he is willing to give small parts of Thailand to the French and British instead of getting ruled over by them. This situation saved Thailand’s pride and it’s another prove that having patients will always bring success.

Patients could really help a future of a country by escaping dependency or receiving independence instead of using force of power. Rather than just charging in and use force it’s better to be patient by sitting back and thinking how to solve this situation un-harmfully. Having your conscious mind with yourself is always the key to victory and success.

College SAT Essays MAX (5 apps in 1) by Essay Writing Wizard for iOS - Free download and software reviews - CNET

College + SAT Essays MAX (5 apps in 1) by Essay Writing Wizard for iPhone

From Niles Technology Group: Purchase of this app qualifies for a FREE Essay Review. See for more details.

Educators have spoken, and they say "Essay Writing Wizard iPhone app is a must-have for students."

For an objective, independent opinion from educators in the field, read the review of the Essay Writing Wizard by Edu-in-Review.

On the blog, go to the October 2, 2009 entry.

Welcome to Essay Writing Wizard MAX!

The MAX is the flagship product of the Essay Writing Wizard app series. It contains every functionality and featurethat we have designed. In addition, allfuture functionality that we are buildingwill be added automatically to The MAX app. With The MAX, you always have the "maximum" Essay Writing Wizard.

The MAX has the following expanded features:

1. Four Independent Writing Pages - Notes, Outline, Bibliography, and Essay.

2. Assignment Prompt Page with Due Date - Never again forget exactly what the assignment is asking.

3. Automatic one button compilation of your Essay and Bibliography, and emailing to address of your choice.

4. Capability to email more than one writing page in the same email.

5. One Button Back UpCapability - Email work in Notes, Outline, Essay, and Bibliography to the email address of your choosing.

6. Same top-of-the-line memory management found in the PRO - Because your work is important.

And we are just beginning. Wait till you see the features that are coming next! Remember to always update your app because youdo not want to miss them.

Welcome to the ESSAY WRITING WIZARD the complete essay writing solution for the Apple student community.

Essay Writing Wizard is an essay ORGANIZER and a step-by-step writing PLANNER for college and high school students. Get your writing homework done faster and easier!

The content for each app is laid out in a logical, easy-to-read order, and you are guided in how to specifically write that type of essay. No more wondering if you are writing your essay correctly because with Essay Writing Wizard it is difficult to go wrong.

The wizard teaches the proper critical thinking and reasoning required to complete just about any type of essay. In addition, it instructs how to review and revise for maximum clarity and meaning.


1. Read your essay assignment very carefully.

2. Choose the Essay Writing Wizard that is appropriate for that essay and purchase.

3. Open the app and read the Overview.

4. Follow the step-by-step Writing Instructions.

5. Complete the Revision tasks.

6. Confidently hand in your essay.


Use these pages to store responses to writing instructions, to save sources and develop your bibliography, and, of course, to write your essay. The Essay Writing Wizard makes it so that you can think about and develop your essay anytime, anywhere.

For the more adept typers, you can write your complete essay on your iPhone or iPod Touch, if you want. Others may choose to send the prewriting notes and bibliography to a desktop or laptop computer, and write the final essay there. Either way, the Essay Writing Wizard makes your writing go faster and easier.

Send your work to any email address with the touch of one button.

What's new in this version:

Added Writing Tips and Suggestions Checklist to Reading List.

Alessandro Crugnola

I’m an Android developer (at Aviary ) and a New Yorker since late 2010. I’ve been also an actionscript and python developer for more than 10 years.

I hear this every day. Your New York based company is desperately looking for an Android developer, and it’s damn hard to find one.

And you know what? This is your fault. I mean you, tech startup. Yes, you.

Almost all the startups I know here in NYC have launched their core product for iOS first (most of the PMs I’ve spoken with have said that was because of lack of people or time). And then, maybe, if there’s time… they start to realize they need to have an Android version of their app. But by this point the job is not to “create” something, it’s just a “porting” job. Which, for obvious reasons, is a much less attractive job for developers, just as it would be for a PM or a designer. Continue reading →

Let’s say you want to want to dynamically apply a “vignette” on an ImageView .
Something like this:

These are basically 4 steps we need in order to accomplish the task:

I’ve just created this simple Android library, inspired from the recent changes to the Google+ app, which introduced a floating action item to the bottom. In G+ the action item appears and disappears based on the page scrolling.

In the same way I’ve created this library, with some more customization options, like the gravity and direction of the floating menu items.

Here’s a video of a sample implementation:

Source code and documentation can be find on the github project page:

If you ever worked with native shared libraries in Android you’ve probably already faced the “java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError” java exception which randomly seems to happen on certain devices ( actually it’s happening on xperia phones mostly, based on my reports ).
There are a bunch of bug reports in the android project like this: or this .
The problem is that Google basically marked all of them as “resolved”, even if developers are still complaining about it.

I recently added more changes to my forked version of the Picasso library.

Added withDelay(long ms) method in the RequestCreator class. Basically it will delay the load of the passed resource by n milliseconds.

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