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Jeri Ryan Essay

Jeri Ryan Essay Biography Early life

Ryan was born Jeri Lynn Zimmermann in Munich. Germany. the daughter of Gerhard Florian "Jerry" Zimmermann, a master sergeant in the United States Army. and his wife Sharon, a social worker. [1] She has one older brother, Mark. As a military brat. Ryan grew up on army bases in Kansas. Maryland. Hawaii. Georgia. and Texas. [2] When she was eleven, her father retired from the Army and the family settled in Paducah, Kentucky. She graduated from high school in 1986 (as a National Merit Scholar ), and then attended Northwestern University. where she was a member of the Alpha Phi sorority .

In 1989, Ryan was chosen Miss Illinois. She was the third runner-up in the 1990 Miss America Pageant, winning the preliminary swimsuit competition. She graduated from Northwestern in 1990 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre.


After college, she pursued acting full-time in Los Angeles. She made her acting debut in Who's the Boss? and followed that with guest-starring roles in TV shows like Melrose Place . Matlock , and The Sentinel as well as TV movies such as Co-Ed Call Girl .

Her big break came when she won a regular role as an extraterrestrial investigator named Juliet Stuart on the TV show Dark Skies . The show was cancelled after one season, but the role had drawn the attention of the science-fiction community.

In 1997, Ryan was cast to play Seven of Nine. a Borg drone freed from the collective on the science fiction series Star Trek: Voyager . The role drew her instant fame and her tight-fitting uniform made her a sci-fi sex symbol. Seven of Nine quickly became the focal character of a large number of episodes. The character is also well known for her efficiency and humor. Ryan's addition to the cast also coincided with higher ratings and positive critical reviews of Voyager .

After Voyager ended in 2001, Ryan joined the cast of Boston Public in the role of Ronnie Cooke, a frustrated lawyer who quits to become a high school teacher. The show's producer, David E. Kelley. wrote the role specifically for her. The show was cancelled in 2004.

Ryan has recently appeared in films, such as Down With Love . Ryan played Lydia in the independent film Men Cry Bullets. with a rave review for her performance from Roger Ebert. Jeri then starred in her first film lead in the indie comedy "The Last Man ". playing the last woman on Earth, released by Lion's Gate.

She also had a recurring role as Charlotte Morgan on The O.C. in the fall of 2005 and guest-starred on David E. Kelley's Boston Legal in 2006. Ryan stared in the new CBS legal drama Shark . playing Los Angeles District Attorney Jessica Devlin opposite James Woods. but did not return for episodes aired after the WGA strike. CBS has cancelled the broadcast of the series.

Personal life

In 1990, while dealing blackjack at a charity event, Jeri met investment banker and future political candidate Jack Ryan. The couple married on June 15. 1991 and had a son, Alex, on August 15. 1994. Throughout the marriage, Ryan and her husband took turns commuting between Los Angeles and Chicago for their careers, but finally divorced on August 27. 1999. Although Ryan mentioned (in an interview for Star Trek) that the frequent separations had been difficult for the marriage, the reasons for the divorce were kept sealed at their mutual request.

Five years later, when Jack Ryan's Senate campaign began, the Chicago Tribune newspaper and WLS-TV. the local ABC affiliate, sought to have the records released. Both Jeri and Jack agreed to make their divorce records public, but not the custody records, claiming that their release could be harmful to their son.

On June 22. 2004. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Robert Schnider agreed to release the custody files; the decision generated much controversy because it went against both parents' direct request and because it generally reversed the early decision to seal the papers in the best interest of the child. It was revealed that, six years previously, Jeri had accused Jack Ryan of asking her to perform sexual acts with him in public, and in adult clubs in New York. New Orleans. and Paris. Jeri Ryan described one as "a bizarre club with cages, whips and other apparatus hanging from the ceiling." [3] Jack Ryan denied these allegations. Although Jeri Ryan refused to comment on the matter during the campaign, the document disclosure led Jack Ryan to withdraw his Republican candidacy for an open United States Senate seat in Illinois (which was eventually won by Barack Obama ).

Ryan's avocation, according to statements she has made in interviews, is gourmet cooking. While starring in Boston Public she moonlighted on weekends in the kitchen of the Los Angeles restaurant The House. In 2003, Ryan met French chef Christophe Émé at a chef's charity event. The two would eventually begin a relationship, and Émé moved in with Ryan and her son Alex in their San Fernando Valley home. [4] In February 2005, Ryan, a "lifelong Francophile ", [4] opened—in partnership with Émé—the restaurant Ortolan. Located on Third Street in Los Angeles. California, the restaurant serves French food with a modern interpretation. Ryan married Émé in the Loire Valley. France on June 16. 2007. [5] On September 7. 2007. Ryan announced that she and Émé were expecting their first child together, a daughter, in March 2008. [6] [4] On March 2. 2008. Ryan gave birth to daughter Gisele Eme in Los Angeles, California. [7]

Filmography Films

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Scholarships - Financial Aid

Scholarships and Financial Aid Scholarships for UW Fay W. Whitney School of Nursing Students 

The following scholarships are for those students who have already been admitted to the Fay W. Whitney School of Nursing. To apply for these scholarships, please go to the "UW Offered Scholarships" link in the scholarship section of the UW Student Financial Aid website ( ).

There are six nursing scholarships that require you to submit an essay (noted below**); those applications open on November 16, 2015 and close on April 1, 2016. The remaining scholarships are based on merit, specific student populations or financial need, and you will automatically be considered if you meet the criteria. We encourage you to take some time to review all scholarship opportunities and apply to those scholarships for which you are eligible.

Nursing Alumni Scholarship

Rudolph "Rudy" & Louise Anselmi & Jeri Kirk Family Trust for Nursing Scholarship**

Polly Chase Scholarship

Marcia L. and William G. Dale Nursing Scholarship

Rosalie Fields Nursing Scholarship

Frances E. Gasdek-Eaglehouse & Barry D. Gasdek Scholarship**

Frank & Dorothy M. Gruden Scholarship in Nursing

Mildred Agnes Kimball and Adele Colling Nursing Scholarship

The Larsen Family Scholarship

John V. Leino Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Gertrude Gould Lindsay Scholarship

John and Lois Malmquist Nursing Scholarship

Susan K. McMurry Strategic Partnership for the Advancement of Nursing in Wyoming Scholarships

Carolyn Bennett Miknis '59 Nursing Scholarship**

Gordon S. and Charlott Myers Scholarship for Nursing Students

Bonnie M. and George E. Nugent Nursing Scholarship**

Pearl Crossley O'Kieffe Memorial Scholarship

Jana Leigh Pruitt Memorial Scholarship

Charles and Ruth Rile Scholarship for Nursing Students

Paul Stock CHS Scholarship

Dorothy Tupper Nursing Scholarship

Clayton Unger Nursing Scholarship**

Wiest Nursing Scholarship**

W. K. Wolf, MD, Memorial Scholarship

Other Opportunities for Financial Aid
that are not accessed through the UW Student Financial Aid Scholarship system:
Wyoming Accelerated Loan Repayment Nursing Program

- Application and deadlines will be announced by email spring semester
- Contact for more information.
- W.S. 21-17-127 - Funded by the Wyoming Legislature
- Up to five loans of $25,000 for each year
- Distributed through Financial Aid by semester
- Must meet Wyoming residence status as granted by UW Admissions
- Must have a 3.0 or higher GPA
- Must sign a loan agreement
- Must attend meeting in person or by phone to review contract with UW official
- Must be accepted into the accelerated nursing program
- Must repay by working as a registered nurse in Wyoming for two years or by paying back the loan amount with interest

Mabel C. Sargent Scholarship
Deadline March 1st

Application available from the Wyoming Community Foundation ( ).
The application is lengthy, needs a current transcript attached. The WCF awards six scholarships at $5,000 each. If you received this scholarship as a junior, you need to reapply, since it does not automatically carry into the senior year.

Eligibility Criteria for Mabel C. Sargent Scholarship:

- Junior and senior nursing students of the University of Wyoming enrolled in a program leading to a B.S.N. degree.
- Applicants must have at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA.

Wyoming Legislative Scholarship Funds ("Wyoming Investment in Nursing - WYIN")
Application deadline July 12 to UW Financial Aid

Contact Sara Muhsman at
For eligibility requirements and additional information please check with the Wyoming Community College Commission at the links below, choosing the appropriate link for your student status:

Explore these additional links:

Copy of Workshop Day 2 by Jeri Pickerel on Prezi

Copy of Workshop Day 2 Transcript of Copy of Workshop Day 2

New Year’s
Rhetorical Devices Game

Author’s Tone = (Your) Mood

“Music is the last true voice of the human spirit. It can go beyond language, beyond age, and beyond color straight to the mind and heart of all people.”

Ben Harper

In education today, students perform at so many different levels. To reach all students teachers must leave their comfort zone, change hats, put on the rock and roll and teach outside the box.

Bernabei, Gretchen. Lightning in a Bottle. Trail of Breadcrumbs: 2008. CD

School Students.” Yahoo Voice. 2012. 23 April 2012.

Bernabei, Gretchen, Jayne Hover, and Cynthia Candler. CrunchTime. Portsmouth: Heinemann, 2009. Print.

Stone, Rob. Writing Fix: Home of Interactive Writing Prompts. 2011. 26 October 2011.
“Nature Boy”

Nat King Cole
“I Won’t Back Down”

Tom Petty
“Black or White”

Michael Jackson
“Waiting on the World to Change”

John Mayer
To Kill a Mockingbird
“Dirty Little Secrets”

All American Rejects
“When You’re Gone”

Avril Lavigne
“Hanging by a Moment”

“Let This Go”

“The Girl is Mine”

Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney
The Great Gatsby
Each student has to come up with their favorite love song. I show several of mine so they want I am talking about.
“Book of Love”

Peter Gabriel
“I am the Luckiest”

Ben Folds

Love Song Lesson

Phil Collins “Man in the Mirror”

Michael Jackson
Bridge to Terabithia
This project is totally hands on – no powerpoints
Come up with a way to tell the story of their life.
Add a song that relates to their experiences
Present the project to the class
Autobiographical Project
What are your favorite superstars paid?
What does your superstar actually do to make their money?
What charities does your superstar give to?
Compared to other occupations (college degrees, etc), is your superstar worth what he/she is paid?
Chose a vacation destination
Airfare cost (round trip)
Motel cost
Rental car cost
Sites in the area to visit
History of the area
Work cited
Be a travel agent and make a brochure of the destination
Vacation Destination
Picture of College Project Fold
Research Organization
NPR site – wonderful!

Read some of the essays that are online and have student write a “This I Believe” essay of their own.
You need to control the topics for your students
This I Believe
Literature Essay
Magazine Pictures
Put the magazine picture and the truism on cardstock
Post-its with Character/Setting/Conflict
26 line story attached
Short Story Project
8x5 Cards
Keep them ABC order in a shoe organizer

Picture and runoffs
Tone Project
“Shame” by Dick Gregory – run off
“Life’s Blueprint” – MLK – run off
“Hazel Tell Laverne”
“Barbie Doll”

“ I Could Not Stop For Death”
Tone Literature
Matchbook Folds - list a song for each mood:

Each student should have the song lyrics with for each song
Mood Matchbooks
TEKS Glossary Definition:

“The atmosphere or feeling created by the writer in a literary work or passage. Mood can be expressed through imagery, word choice, setting, voice, and theme.”
“Mood and Tone are two of the most difficult and abstract concepts for young learners to grasp.”

Todd Christian
Yahoo Voices
Mood and Tone

Break the reading and writing barriers with your students by using
Rock ‘n roll music and interactive journals! Empower students with active reading and writing strategies needed for the STAAR.
Part II
Eric Grogan
Lisa Krenek
Joan Mathieu
Phil Miller
Renae Tice
Andrea Wise
Dinah Zike
And mostly my former and present students
A special thank you for all the inspiration and guidance
What do you use that works for you?
How can I help you better use journals or music in your classroom?
Questions and Comments
Valentines Day
New Year’s

No matter how old they are, our students are still kids! We need to let them enjoying what they are learning!
More Journal Fun
Guilt: “What I’ve Done”

Lincoln Park
Friendship: “Lean on Me”

Bill Withers or Club Nouveau
Old Age: “Only the Lonely”

The Motels
Youth: “My Generation” The Who
The Pigman
Memory and the Past: “Photograph”

Choices: “Dare You To Move”

Communication: “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”

Suffering: “Everybody Hurts”

The Giver
Home: “Our House”

Crosby, Stills and Nash
Identity: “At Seventeen”

Janis Ian
Dreams: “Dreams”

The Cranberries
Innocence: “Field of Innocence”

Women: “I’m Every Woman”

Chaka Khan
Family: “Wind Beneath My Wings:

Bette Midler
Friendship: “I’ll Be There For You”

The Rembrandts
House on Mango Street
Losing faith: “Losing my Religion”

Dancing: “Dancing in the Moonlight”

King Harvest
Elizabeth: “Suspicious Minds”

Elvis Presley
Protecting character: “I Did it My Way”

Frank Sinatra
Proctor to Abigail: “Don’t Stand So Close to Me”

The Police
Love: “Book of Love”

Peter Gabriel
The Crucible
Education: “Another Brick in the Wall”

Pink Floyd
Violence: “Pumped Up Kicks”

Foster the People
The Chocolate War
When I’m trying to put MUSIC with literature I have a couple of strategies:
Use the theme
Use the historical or political issues of the time
Have my students help me (this can get a bit difficult because of the ratings of the music that students listen to today)
Literature and Rock n Roll
Review Puff Daddy and Sting
Vanilla Ice and David Bowie/Queen
When you were a little kids how many of you had to rewrite a story you were told? So if it was Snow White you should have been told to give credit to the Brothers Grimm
Paraphrasing and Direct Quotes
Index card flipbook
Research Organization
Toddlers and Tiaras
Extreme Couponing
16 and Pregnant
19 Kids and Counting
The Next Great Baker
America’s Next Top Model
Dance Moms
Ice Road Truckers
My Super Sweet Sixteen
Duck Dynasty
Swamp People
Reality TV
Does ________ depict the the true reality of ____________?
Reality TV Research
Choose a band/artist
Develop a website –
Biography of band
Past and present members
Work Cited
Rock n Roll Research
College and Career Readiness Standard
A must to do first six weeks if possible
Have GPA and quartile available
Common Application
Application/scholarship essay
Work Cited
Compendium of Texas Colleges and Universities
The College Project
College Project
Vacation Destination Project
Rock n Roll Band Research and weebly website
Reality TV
Superstars: Are they paid too much?
Superhero: Who is the ‘Baddest’ of them all?

Don’t forget to make pocket foldable with checklist
Rockin Research
Persuasive Essay Project
10-15 minutes a day or every other day
Keep a running log on chart paper what each topic are presented each day. Every six weeks circle the articles that pertain to them….use later for persuasive or research topic
Is NOT bias in anyway!
Current Events - CNN Student News
Expository Essay Project
Come up with expository topics/quotes
Put them in a fish bowl
Each student will draw one and come up with a pamphlet to go with their topic
The pamphlet will have 26 lines in different areas
After writing information add pictures and graphics
This is What I Know
The key to STAAR Writing is to be concise!
Academic Writing - STAAR
Rhetorical Devices project – can be one project typed in MLA format or:

Can be done one question at a time on notecards
Rhetorical Devices
Trailer Remixes:

Sleepless in Seattle – original
Sleepless in Seattle – thriller

The Shining - Comedy
The Shining with the Immigrant Song
TEKS Glossary Definition:

“The author’s particular attitude, either stated or implied, in the writing.”
Matchbook Folds
Now You Try!
Mood Two Fold
Things that can affect your mood:

Wake up on the “wrong side of the bed”
Argument with family member or friend
Someone driving to school crazy
Cute guy or girl pays attention to me
Not prepared for school
Someone gives you a smart remark
A song - the songwriter controls this
A piece of literature – the author controls this
Your interactive classroom
Mood and Tone
Rhetorical Devices and Reading
Academic Writing for STAAR
This I Believe
Really Rockin’ Research
Literature and Rock’n Roll

What You Really Want to Know
Johnna Besch
Bohemian Rhapsody - lyrics

Ten Things I Hate About You poem (iambic pentameter)
Tone Shift
“Mad World”

“What a Wonderful World”

Louis Armstrong
Now You Try!

“Bittersweet Sweet Symphony”

Jeri essay scholarships


Georgian Court University is proud to meet the financial aid needs of its students with an annual budget of $12,000,000 in institutional aid. We believe a good education is a right—not a privilege. Through our internal scholarships and outside scholarships, we hope to make education attainable for all students.

Internal Scholarships
Many Georgian Court scholarships are made possible through the generosity of private donors who believe in the university’s mission and values. Individuals, businesses, and organizations in the community establish these scholarships to support a special purpose, honor someone, recognize an achievement, or to remember a loved one through a memorial fund. To be considered for donor scholarships, please complete this application .

2016 OceanFirst Foundation Scholarship Application for Fall 2016 incoming freshmen.*
Please print and complete the application, sign it, and e-mail it to
*This scholarship is not renewable and is only available to new Fall 2016 incoming freshmen.

External Scholarships
We’ve listed some external scholarships you may be interested in. Please check the links for up-to-date information and deadline details.

  • American Addiction Centers’ Behavioral Health Academic Scholarship. This scholarship is open to high school graduates, current full- or part-time undergraduate students, and graduate students entering or enrolled in behavioral health, nursing, counseling, psychology, social work, marriage/family therapy, or other program focusing on treating mental health and/or substance abuse issues. Must be a U.S. citizen.
  • American Association of the University Women (AAUW) Barnegat Light Area Continuing Education Scholarship: The Barnegat Light Area Branch offers an annual financial scholarship of $1,000 to a woman resident of the branch area, which extends from Forked River to New Gretna. The applicant must be age 25 or older and want to commence or continue her college education in an associate, bachelor, or graduate degree program. For applications, contact Mrs. Jeri Riffle at 609-698-5448.
  • AAUW Scholarship for Women (Freehold Branch). The Freehold Branch of the AAUW will award $2,000 scholarships, the Lew Williams Scholarship, and the Leila Sulkes Scholarship.
  • AAUW (Medford Branch). The AAUW Medford Branch Scholarship Committee awards a $1,000 annual scholarship for a nontraditional female college student in May.
  • AAUW (Northern Ocean County Branch). The AAUW Northern Ocean County Branch awards a $1,000 academic scholarship.
  • Belluck & Fox, LLP. They are hosting their third $10,000 annual scholarship essay contest. (10) different award amounts are granted to deserving students throughout the U.S. The purpose of the scholarship is to assist with educational efforts, as well as raise awareness for Mesothelioma, and its effects.
  • BigSun Scholarship. The BigSun Organization offers an annual $500 scholarship to a deserving student. All student-athletes are eligible for this award, regardless of which sport in which they are participating.
  • Business & Professional Women of South Ocean County Scholarship. Each year, scholarships are given to female applicants age 25 or older who have permanent residency in Southern Ocean County and are going back to school to make career changes.
  • Capital One Bank Scholarship. The “Reach for the Stars” Scholarship represents Capital One Bank’s commitment to helping students with a financial need reach their academic goals.
  • Chicago Injury Center’s Disabled Veterans Scholarship. Chicago Injury Center (CIC) is proud to offer $1,000, $500, and $250 scholarships to disabled veterans enrolled in community college, undergraduate, or graduate courses of study.
  • Cornaro Scholarship. The Kappa Gamma Pi Cornaro Scholarship for Graduate Studies is now available for consideration by qualified Kappa Gamma Pi members. This gives members of Kappa Gamma Pi the opportunity to advance their academic and professional careers with a $5,000 scholarship to use toward a graduate or professional program.
  • The County Prosecutors Association of the State of New Jersey, Inc. Scholarships. The County Prosecutors Association of the State of New Jersey announces the availability of the Harris Y. Cotton; Andrew K. Ruotolo, Jr.; John H. Stamler; and Oscar W. Rittenhouse Memorial Scholarships. These scholarships go to law students, college students, and graduate students.
  • The Finch College Alumnae Association Foundation Scholarships. Transfer scholarships are offered to women age 22 and over, currently graduating from a community college in New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut.
  • GreenPal Business Scholarship. This $2,000 scholarship is for students who run a small business while attending college or have a small business idea to start during college.
  • HESAA. HESAA helps eligible students obtain state-funded grants like NJ TAG and scholarships like NJ STARS.
  • Hispanic Scholarship Fund. HSF and HSBC North America have partnered to provide financial assistance to outstanding Latino undergraduate students.
  • New Jersey World Trade Center Scholarship. The New Jersey World Trade Center Scholarship has been established to aid the dependent children and surviving spouses of New Jersey residents who were killed in the terrorist attacks against the United States on September 11, 2001, or who died as a result of injuries received in the attacks, or who are missing and officially presumed dead as a direct result of the attacks. Qualifying individuals will receive up to $6,500 per academic year, not to exceed the actual tuition, fees, and room and board charged. Scholarships will apply to both in-state and out-of-state institutions.
  • The Independent College Fund of New Jersey. The following scholarships are available; due dates vary by program.
    • BD Scholarship for Students Pursuing Careers in Healthcare
    • Capital One Bank “Reach for the Stars” Scholarship
    • PNC–Barry Gillman Humanitarian Scholarship
    • PSEG Scholarship for Advancing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Majors
    • Novartis Science Scholarship
    • Celgene’s Sol J. Barer Scholarship in Life Sciences
    • C.R. Bard Foundation Nursing Scholarship
    • Novo Nordisk Scholars Program
    • Kings Super Markets, Inc. Independent College Fund Scholarship
  • Law Enforcement Officer Memorial Scholarship. This program benefits dependent children of New Jersey law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty.
  • Manasquan River Marlin & Tuna Club, Inc.—George Burlew Scholarship Grant. This scholarship goes to students interested in pursuing marine-related studies with full- or part-time student status. Contact: Manasquan River Marlin and Tuna Club Scholarship Committee, P.O. Box 0251, Manasquan, NJ 08736, Attn: Mr. Gerard Aliseo.
  • MassMutual Scholars Program. MassMutual Financial Group will offer $150,000 in scholarships to high-achieving college students across the country.
  • Max McElhaney Memorial Educational Scholarship. This private scholarship, in honor of Max McElhaney, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2014, awards $2,500 to an undergraduate student, enrolled in a four-year program at a public or private college or university, with a major in either history or education.
  • National Association of Water Companies–New Jersey Chapter. The New Jersey Chapter of the National Association of Water Companies is offering two $2,500 scholarships to high school students who will be attending a New Jersey college or university and are interested in the water utility industry or any related field.
  • Nordson BUILDS Scholarship Program. The above scholarships are targeted at students whose permanent residence, college, or university is located near a Nordson facility. GCU students may be eligible to apply. On Web site, use the password: BUILDS2015.
  • Polish Cultural Foundation. The Polish Cultural Foundation, a nonprofit organization located in Clark, New Jersey, is offering a number of $2,000 scholarships for deserving undergraduate students of Polish descent.
  • Polish University Club of New Jersey. The Polish University Club of New Jersey grants a limited number of scholarships to deserving students in need of financial assistance for their undergraduate studies.
  • Soroptimist International of Toms River Georgian Court University Award for Graduate Female Students. Soroptimist International is an organization for business and professional women who work to improve the lives of women and girls in local communities and throughout the world. Local clubs annually recognize individuals and organizations who exemplify this mission.
  • St. John’s University–Two Free Tuition Scholarships. An academic scholarship will be awarded to two graduates with a record of significant achievement from a Catholic college or university who have completed a major or minor in education. Each scholarship provides full-time study for one master’s degree program in the School of Education.
  • Survivor Tuition Benefits/ Law Enforcement Officer Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship assists dependent children and surviving spouses of New Jersey firefighters, emergency workers, and law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. Program participation is limited to renewal students.
  • The Woman’s Club of Spring Lake, Inc. This program is open to female residents of Monmouth County who have had an interruption in their education, are now seeking an associate’s or a bachelor’s degree, and are currently enrolled or newly registered at an accredited two- or four-year institution. Contact Anne Butler at 732-449-3750 or Nancy Pugliese at 732-284-7624.

Outside Scholarship Search Sites

Scholarship Questions? We Have Answers!
To learn about scholarships for incoming freshman, transfer students, and graduate students, contact us at or 732-987-2258.

Jeri Childers

Dr Jeri Childers Biography

Dr Jeri Childers leads the Enagagement--Teaching and Learning at the University of Technology Sydney Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, which is responsible for external engagement, industry advisory committees, internships, placements, student mobility, and collaborative projects with over 800 business and industry partners annually.

Specialties: university-community-corporate partnerships, practice-based education, and work integrated learning.

Jeri is the founder of the US-based, National Outreach Scholarship Conference and the Engagement Academy for University Leaders and is serving on the editorial board-Journal of Higher Education Outreach & Engagement.

She has authored 16 peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, and publications, as well as 39 peer-reviewed presentations, including invited presentations and keynote speeches.

For more information see her online portfolio at: or at


Dr Childers joined UTS in 2013. She worked previously at Virginia Tech, Penn State, and the University of Missouri in various roles related to continuing professional education, external engagement, community/industry engagement, and student development.

View Dr Childers' online portfolio to see projects related to extertnal engagement, organizational and professional development, integrating technology and learning, and local and global program development. Projects highlight my role and skills in the following sectors: public health, healthcare, higher education, K-12 education, non-profit, business, industry, arts, and government.

See: . Included here is a specific list of publications and job history.

Her work history, memberships and awards are listed at:

Idol Pleasures - Jeri Ryan

“The two biggest challenges with Seven are keeping a straight face, working with all those guys that I had to work with, who are nuts and, because Seven has emotions, she is human, she has all the emotions that everyone else has but she, a) doesn’t know how to express them, and b) is terrified to express them, so they’re all suppressed.”

-Jack Ryan (1991 - 1999) (divorced) 1 child

-Son, with Ryan, Alex [1995]

-Miss Illinois 1989

-Came fourth in the 1990 Miss America Pageant.

-Was a national merit scholar and graduated from Northwestern University.

-Graduated from Lone Oak High School in Paducah, Kentucky in 1986.

-Currently dating Star Trek writer Brannon Braga [August 2000]

-Was a member of Alpha Phi Sorority while at Northwestern University (Beta Chapter).

-Was named after her father.

-Turned down a cameo in Star Trek: Nemesis (2002) because of her busy schedule on 'Boston Public (2000)'. The cameo was subsequently given to her 'Star Trek: Voyager (1995)' castmate, Kate Mulgrew.

-Her parents are Jeri and Sharon Zimmermann. She has one brother, Mark.

-Her ex-husband, Jack Ryan, is running for Senator.

"Shark". Jessica Devlin (2006-2007)
"Boston Legal". Courtney Reese (2 episodes, 2006)
"The O.C.". Charlotte Morgan (7 episodes, 2005)
"Two and a Half Men". Sherri (2 episodes, 2004-2005)
"Boston Public". Ronnie Cooke (2001-2005)
The Commuters (2005) (TV). Anne
Sudbury (2004) (TV). Gillian Owens
Down with Love (2003). Gwendolyn
"Star Trek: Voyager". Seven of Nine (1997-2001)
Dracula 2000 (2000). Valerie Sharpe
The Last Man (2000). Sarah
"Dilbert". Seven of Nine Alarm Clock (1 episode, 1999)
"The Sentinel". Alexis Barnes (2 episodes, 1998-1999)
"Dark Skies". Juliet Stewart (7 episodes, 1997)
Men Cry Bullets (1997). Lydia
"Diagnosis Murder". Melissa Barnes (1 episode, 1996)
"Melrose Place". Valerie Madison (2 episodes, 1996)
Co-ed Call Girl (1996) (TV). Kimberly
"The Client". Jennifer (1 episode, 1996)
Pier 66 (1996) (TV). Beth Saunders
"Charlie Grace". Claire (1 episode, 1995)
"Murder, She Wrote". Maura (1 episode, 1995)
"Time Trax". Lauren Sanders (1 episode, 1994)
"Matlock". Carrie Locke (2 episodes, 1993)
Ambush in Waco: In the Line of Duty (1993) (TV). Rebecca
"The Jackie Thomas Show". Pauline Yardley (1 episode, 1993)
"Just Deserts" (1992) TV Series. Nicole
Flash III: Deadly Nightshade (1992) (V). Felicia Kane
Nightmare in Columbia County (1991) (TV). Dawn Elizabeth Smith
"Reasonable Doubts". Rachel Beckwith (1 episode, 1991)
"Nurses". Lisa (1 episode, 1991)
"Top of the Heap". Tyler (1 episode, 1991)
"The Flash". Felicia Kane (1 episode, 1991)
"Who's the Boss?". Pam (1 episode, 1991)

Scholarships - Financial Aid - Student Loans - Grants - Student Jobs - Pittsburg State University

Scholarships and financial aid

Pitt State offers its students many opportunities for scholarships & financial assistance.

Pittsburg State University understands that as a student your focus should be on the classroom and not on the paperwork. The professionals in our Office of Student Financial Assistance are here to provide you with the information you need to make the right choices about financial aid.

Nearly 80 percent of Pitt State students receive some sort of financial aid, including:

  • Grants. assistance that does not require repayment
  • Scholarships. awards for students who have demonstrated superior academic achievement or meet specific criteria, which do not require repayment
  • Employment. about 10% of our students are employed on campus
  • Loans. loans can be made to parents and/or students, and must be repaid

In many cases, our student financial assistance professionals can help you create a combination of these options into a personal package that fits your individual needs. The amount of assistance you receive is based on your family’s expected contribution to your educational costs.

Scholarships and other types of financial assistance Scholarships for Incoming Freshmen

Based on your cumulative high school GPA and your ACT score. You must graduate from an accredited high school to qualify. See details

$1,000 + Academic Achievement Award ($500 - $1500)

For High School Graduates. The award is divided over the first two semesters of attendance. It is not renewable.

19 ACT and 3.4 GPA or 20 ACT and 3.3 GPA or 21 or above ACT and 3.2 GPA

Parent must be a PSU graduate;
minimum 21 ACT or 3.0 GPA; first time enrolling in PSU

Departmental awards and scholarships

Contact the department of your major to see if a separate application is required
Department contacts
View all departmental scholarships

Applying for General Scholarships

Incoming Freshmen and Transfer Students

  • For incoming freshmen. report ACT/SAT scores, high school cumulative GPA and class rank to Pitt State by February 1st
  • For transfer students. send all college transcripts to Pitt State by February 1st
  • Apply for admission and scholarships online by February 1st. If you completed a paper application for admission, complete a separate scholarship application
  • Applications received after February 1 will be considered only if funds remain available
  • Must apply or re-apply for General Scholarships every year to be considered. Apply every year by February 1
  • Apply or Re-Apply for General Scholarships (Current Students)
  • Applications received after February 1 will be considered only if funds remain available
Automatic Scholarships

Many incoming freshmen and transfer students who apply to Pittsburg State University are eligible for automatic scholarships based on academic performance. Academic Achievement Awards are awarded to high school students (Incoming Freshmen) who score at least a 22 on the ACT and have a grade point average of 3.2 or higher. High school class valedictorians are also eligible for the automatic scholarship.

Transfer students may be eligible to receive an automatic scholarship if they have a minimum 3.5 cumulative college GPA and 24 transferable hours or a minimum 3.25 cumulative college GPA and 48 transferable hours earned after high school graduation. Awards range from $750 to $1,500 for the first year and are non-renewable.

Note: Applications received after February 1 will be considered only if funds remain available.


There are three important dates for every student to remember:

  • January 15 - Application deadline for Honors College Scholarships
  • February 1 - Application deadline for Pitt State Scholarships
  • March 1 - Application deadline for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
Frequently Asked Questions Scholarships

Q: Who is eligible?
A: Scholarship requirements vary widely, but generally, you will need a minimum 22 ACT score and a 3.2 GPA.

Q: How do I apply for scholarships?
A: There are many different scholarships available for students at Pitt State.

    • New Pitt State students : students who are new to Pittsburg State must complete the Admission and Scholarship Application in order to be considered.
    • Current Pitt State students. current students must apply or re-apply for General Scholarships each year in order to be considered. Apply for a scholarship every year by February 1.
    • Departmental Scholarships. Contact the department of your major to see if a separate application is required
      Department contacts
      View all departmental scholarships
    • Honors College Scholarships : these scholarships require a separate application and have a deadline of January 15. Honors College Scholarships cannot be considered unless a student has (1) applied for admission – including the $30 fee, (2) submitted a transcript(s), and (3) submitted ACT score(s).

Q: Is there a deadline for scholarship applications?
A: Yes. The deadline for all general scholarships at Pitt State is February 1.

Q: How will I be notified?
A: Scholarship recipients will receive an award letter after April 1.

Q: Are family finances considered?
A: Most scholarships are awarded on a merit basis. Some scholarships include financial need as a requirement.

Q: Are scholarship awards renewable?
It depends upon the scholarship. You should apply for scholarships each year to ensure that you receive the maximum award for which you are eligible.

Q: Do I have to apply for scholarship every year even if I am a current Pitt State student?
A: Yes, to be considered for scholarships you must apply or re-apply for general scholarships every year. Departmental scholarships may require a separate application. Please contact the respective department chair for application procedures.

Q: Can I update my scholarship application?
A: Yes. Access the scholarship application, login to GUS, and make the necessary changes. Updates should be done by February 1.

Financial Assistance

Q: How do I apply?
A: As soon as possible after January 1 of your senior year, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at (PSU’s Federal School Code is 001926. ) Within 3-5 days, you’ll receive a Student Aid Report (SAR) via email. The Office of Student Financial Assistance will receive your application electronically and will contact you if additional information or documentation is needed. Be sure to watch your e-mail for information.

Q: Is there a deadline?
A: Yes. The priority deadline is March 1.

Q: How will I be notified?
Once your application is processed, you will be notified via e-mail and provided instructions on how to accept your awards online. Make sure to check your e-mail often, in case we need additional information from you.