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Ritz Carlton - Term Paper

Ritz Carlton

Ritz Carlton & Mayo Clinic

Answer 1. The Ritz-Carlton doesn’t just “match-up” to its competitive hotels in its market, it actively exceeds the expectations of the guests in that competitive set. How does the Ritz do this? I think the 2 main steps the Ritz have taken to ensure their guest success has been taking care of their internal customers and by doing that they are taking care of their external customers, this makes for very happy guests. The second step is that they are empowering their staff to satisfy customers’ needs and make them loyal to the Ritz name. By using the credo, “We are Ladies and Gentleman Serving Ladies and Gentleman” It gives the staff a sense of pride in their presentation, themselves and who they work for. The Ritz-Carlton takes the time to ensure their staff is well trained and therefore reduces turnover, this helps the morale of the staff and offers opportunities for them to move up within the organization. The key differences are how you train and treat your staff as well as how they are empowered. By the Ritz-Carlton empowering their staff members to be on the lookout to create remarkable or “wow” moments for the guest, is one sure way to be on top of anticipating guest needs. Once one of these moments is created the guest has automatically become a walking billboard to promote the amazing deed the staff of the Ritz has performed and how they will refuse to stay anywhere else. Not all of their competitors have that going for them.
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Ritz Carlton

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In 1983, President and COO, Horst Schulze, decided upon a strategy to manage the Ritz Carlton in order to compete on quality. The strategy affected the entire organization, with significant differences in. Defining traits of all company products defined in the company Credo. Translating the Credo into basic standards to clarify the responsibilities for employees. Personally train employees the new Ritz-Carlton Credo and basic standards (the Gold Standards).

Aggressively instilling a passion for excellenceFive years later, Schulze began using the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award criteria to develop a system of business excellence. This system used the Deming Wheel in order to achieve optimum performance levels throughout the organization. With these new policies in place, Schulze lead Ritz Carlton to the first recipient of the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award for Service. The 1999 Ritz-Carlton application summary is as follows:Criteria 1: Leadership "Plan" - There are seven specific decisions collectively made by Senior Leaders to set direction for business excellence. 10 year vision. Strategy

5 year mission. Methods. 3 year objective. Foundation. 1 year tactic The senior leaders formed the Gold Standards, which are comprised of the Credo, The Basics, Three Steps of Service, the Motto, and the Employee Promise. Together, the Gold Standards have the ability to empower employees to take initiative in thinking and acting with innovation and independence, for the overall benefit of not only the company, but the customers as well.

"Do" - Specific actions by senior leaders in order to properly manage the new leadership approach are made up of three salient processes. Ensuring each new hotel's goods and services are characteristic of all other Ritz Carlton's on opening day. The results of seven specific decisions defined at the annual strategic planning process are arranged in a "pyramid" and distributed throughout the organization. The Gold Standards are reinforced daily in a myriad of ways."Check" - Leadership effectiveness is evaluated on key questions of the Ritz-Carlton's semiannual employee satisfaction results and also through audits on public responsibility."Act" - Gaps in leadership effectiveness are addressed with development/training plans. For widespread deficiencies, the corporate human resource department develops and improves courses, processes, or facilities. Criteria 2: Strategic Planning"Plan" - An extensive analysis is performed to understand the current state of the macro environment in which the Ritz-Carlton operates.

Using the Macro-Environment Analysis, Senior Leaders confirm or make changes to the 10-year vision, 5-year mission, strategy, methods, and foundation. Discrepancies identified in the analysis are used to create the 3-year objectives."Do" - Specific actions by Senior Leaders to deploy the 3-year objectives are as follows. Develop production processes. Deploy support processes. Develop preliminary plans/budgets.

Finalize the Ritz-Carlton pyramid plan and budgets. Reinforce the pyramid concept/plan/budgets. Communicate the pyramid concept to the employees. Execute plans. On-going daily lineup reinforcement.

Evaluate/improve planning processes. Conduct monthly reviews of plans at all levels and collect necessary information for the next cycle"Check" - Upper management conducts monthly performance reviews of the strategic plan, focusing on pre-established performance measurements of the 3-year objectives as well as key processes. The information allows the Ritz-Carlton to make improvements and benchmarking comparisons. Criteria 3: Customer and Market Focus"Plan" - Customer and market focus concentrates on the information needed for hotel development and operation. Needs include determination of market segments, identifying potential customers, relative priorities of customers, demand forecast, individual dissatisfaction of customers, widespread dissatisfaction of customers, competitive quality status, and opportunities for improving quality. Much of this information requires analysis and special studies."Do" - Specific actions taken by the Ritz-Carlton Sales and Marketing Leaders to organize research conclusions include. The Six P's concept, which creates a vision of well-being from the purchase of Ritz-Carlton "products": Problem, Product, Promises, Personal Advantage, Positioning, and Price/Value.

Operation of the CLASS database which keep track of all 800,000 customers and their preferences. A complaint resolution process. Standard performance measurements that are both forward-looking and reaction based"Check" - The effectiveness of their Customer and Market Focus is evaluated through daily, monthly, and annual reviews."Act" - The daily and monthly reviews identify performance gaps to be corrected. The extensive Macro-Environment Analysis confirms or creates changes in marketing strategy, objectives, and plans. Criteria 4: Information and Analysis"Plan" - Two types of measurements are used at the Ritz-Carlton: organizational measurements for upper managers, and operational measurements for planning, assessing and improving daily operations. Three types of comparative data result from the measurements: comparisons of the industry and biggest competitors, benchmarks outside the hotel industry, and benchmarks inside the company."Do" - Specific actions taken by Senior Leaders to deploy the information and analysis results are based on the concept of individual process owners.

The Ritz-Carlton assigns individual owners to each metric associated with the 3-year objectives to make sure that performance measurements are current with the business needs."Check" - The Ritz-Carlton relies on their employees to ensure data and information reliability. At the corporate level the company assigns individual process owners to assure data can withstand scrutiny and provide background information. They also retain third-party specialists to provide independent reviews of information analysis and processes."Act" - Whenever process owners or consulting specialists identify a change of plan is needed, the plans are rewritten, rebudgeted and reapproved. Employees identify and implement the improvements. Criteria 5: Human Resource Focus"Plan - Senior Leaders decided to increase both the meaning and satisfaction employees gain from their work. This approach consists of three basic components. Employees know what they are supposed to do. Employees know how well they are doing.

Employees have the power to make changes to their own personal conduct and the processes that are under their authority"Do" - There are many actions taken to deploy Ritz-Carlton's approach, but the most significant activities consist of the Quality Selection Process and employee education. training, and development."Check" - Results of the selection, training and development of employees are checked at key stages of progression. The Quality Selection Process which measures desirable, spontaneous behavior of potential employees. Employees receive evaluation and debriefing after 21 days and 365 days of employment. Employees are subject to examination/audit at the end of their initial training period. Evaluation of annual performance appraisal information.

Analysis of well - being, satisfaction and motivation through employee surveys"Act" - Improvement activities in Human Resources rely on internal audits, site visits by Senior Human Resources Leaders, and analysis of employee survey data. Criteria 6: Process Management"Plan" - Through market research, the Ritz-Carlton has identified key production processes. In addition, they have conducted formal discussions between support and operations employees and internal and external customers to identify administrative and support processes, which impact their products and the company's mission."Do" - Specific actions taken to deploy the annual process management approach flow from their strategic planning process down through every job level and category in the company. These actions include. Assign process owners to each production and support process. Distribute a handbook to all employees to guide the design, control, and improvement of all processes.

Design key processes for new hotels based on market research, facility design, and operating conditions"Check" - Although they need to control sensory characteristics of the products they produce, the Ritz-Carlton tries to "put it in numbers" into their systems of process measurements."Act" - Permanent cross-functional teams at all levels use "After Operations Measures" and customer survey inputs to improve key processes. Improvements can happen in two ways: major changes that require funding, resources and project management, or incremental day-to-day improvements. Improvements are managed in two main ways: traditional hierarchy or executive process owners. Criteria 7: Business Results7.1 Customer Focused ResultsStatistically, customer and employee satisfaction data comparisons are considerably different from the competition at the 95% confidence level. Surveys are administered and produced by objective and independent outside third-party research consultants, and analyzed against world class and Baldridge winning companies. Externally, the Ritz-Carlton uses J. D. Power and Associates to measure overall customer satisfaction versus their foremost competitor.

Individual guest satisfaction is also measured both internally and externally using a variety of surveys.7.2 Financial and Market ResultsThe Ritz-Carlton's measures of financial performance fall into a number of different categories including earnings before income taxes, depreciation and amortization, and return on investment. They measure administrative costs as a percentage of total fees, profit and revenue, and generate an analysis of the percentage of gross profit versus their main competitors.7.3 Human Resource ResultsRitz-Carlton's employee well-being and satisfaction are measured through their Employee Satisfaction Survey. Responses are analyzed and compared to service company norms. Turnover has decreased from 77% in 1989 to 30% in 2000. The industry average is currently just over 50% (RCHC/Kaznova Consultants). Positive trends are a result of increasingly improved selection and training processes as well as drivers of employee satisfaction.7.4 Supplier and Partner ResultsThe Ritz-Carlton ensures that performance requirements of their suppliers are met through a thorough Supplier Compliance and Quality survey that measures key aspects of supplier quality. Purchasing personnel at each hotel fill out the survey every six months and rate specific issues, for example, fit for use, accuracy and service, etc.

Suppliers who achieve an 80% or better overall rating on all attributes meet Ritz-Carlton's quality requirements.7.5 Organizational Effectiveness ResultsRitz-Carlton's C. A.R. E. program of systematic preventive maintenance has kept their property and equipment at world-class levels at reduced costs. This is in line with their goal of pursuing a defect-free environment. With unemployment at a low and significant competition for skilled workers, the Ritz-Carlton embarked on a major project to improve the cycle time from when a potential new-hire walks in the door and a job offer is tendered. Using scientific quality approaches, the Ritz-Carlton has improved cycle time from 21 days in 1996 to just 1 day in 1999.

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What empowers you carleton essay checker

A few details about me.

Currently a Lecturer in English at Longwood University. I have been teaching college composition & literature since 1997 and I am an avid outdoorsman with decades of experience hiking, backpacking, canoeing, and caving. I have been leading outdoor adventure trips since 1980 and I have managed university outdoor education programs since 2004.

In 2014, I earned a PhD in Media, Art and Text , an interdisciplinary program at Virginia Commonwealth University where my dissertation focused on the comic frame rhetoric of Kenneth Burke as as practiced by the Church of the SubGenius.

I also hold a BS Degree in Bible from Lancaster Bible College ('84) and an MA Degree in English Composition & Literature from Virginia Commonwealth University ('96) with a focus on 19th Century Literature.

I taught writing, literature, composition theory & pedagogy, and new media at the University of Richmond from 2002 to 2011. During this time I also served as the Assistant Director of the Richmond Writing Center where I hosted regular writing workshops and help to recruit, train and manage the 60+ peer Writing Consultants at the Center.

My work at the University of Richmond includes my retreat collaborations with the Career Development Center as well as my promotion of Staff Learning & Development via the Staff Writing website I designed in collaboration with students.

My most joyful and fertile efforts have been my QEP work with Dr. Steve Bisese and Andy Gurka in Richmond College Student Development that led to the founding of the EARTH Lodge program. The success of our pioneering collaboration spawned many other living-learning programs that maximally enhance education by creating community, increasing student-teacher interaction and making learning more organic by letting it grow and bloom beyond the classroom.

If you are a Linked In member, you can check my profile for more info & student feedback on my teaching.

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Essays and studies in honor of carleton brown - term paper

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Honor in essays of studies and carleton brown

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Rape Essay Research Paper Here is a

Rape Essay Research Paper Here is a

Rape Essay, Research Paper

Here is a number for you: 354,670. That is the number of women that were raped in 1995 (RAINN 1). That is equivalent of one woman being raped every two minutes (RAINN 1). Want more numbers? “In the last two years, more than 787,000 women were the victim of a rape or sexual assault” (RAINN 1). And one more statistic that might get your attention is that only 37% of rapes are reported to the authorities (RAINN 2). Fortunately, there are ways to drastically reduce these numbers. For starters women need to know what constitutes rape. Second women need to know how to prevent rape before it starts, and lastly women need to know what to do if they are raped. According to the book Our Bodies Our Selves, rape is defined as “…any kind of sexual activity committed against a woman’s will” (Avery 135). When a person says the word “rape”, people automatically think of a stranger jumping out of the bushes or chasing you down an ally. But, the most common form of rape is called acquaintance rape or date rape. Acquaintance rape is defined as “forced, manipulated or coerced sexual contact by someone you know” (gopher.uchicago 1).

Acquaintance rape can occur by “someone you have just met, or dated a few times, or even with someone to whom you are engaged” (Hughes 1). Acquaintance rape accounts for about 60% of all rapes reported (Hughes 1). According to Hughes, date rape usually occurs when a man and a woman are alone whether in a car or at home (2). Also drugs and alcohol sometimes play an important factor in date rape. “Many victims say later that they drank too much or took too many drugs to realize what was going on by the time they realized their predicament, it was too later” (Hughes 2). Another reason acquaintance rape occurs is mixed signals. For example, the woman acts friendly “…the man interprets this friendliness as an invitation to have sex” and when a woman says “no” she means “maybe” (Hughes 2). The reason that men do this is because they are taught to be aggressive and controlling at an early age. Men need to realize that this attitude can lead to date rape and should not look at women as sex objects. Women need to be aware of men like this to prevent being raped. Since acquaintance rape and stranger rape can occur at any time, women should know how to prevent rape before it starts.

There are many steps you can take to prevent being raped. The first step is to be psychologically prepared. Women must accept the fact that they are a potential rape victim (ncf.carleton 1). The second step is to be aware of community rape prevention and counseling. The third psychological step is to recognize the locations and situations where rape is more likely to occur, and avoid them. After being psychologically prepared women must know what to do in each of the following situations: in your car, on the street, and in your home.

When you are in your car you should follow these instructions (ncf.carleton 2).

1. Keep windows and doors locked

2. If you should be followed into your driveway, stay in your car with the doors locked. Sound horn to get the attention of neighbors or scare the other driver off.

3. When parking at night, select a place that will be well lit when returning to the car.

4. Always make sure the car is locked, and have the keys ready when returning to the car.

5. Check interior of car before getting in.

The following information will be useful when you are on the street.

1. Be observant of things around you. If someone is following you, go to the nearest house or store.

2. Walk near the curb and avoid passing close to shrubbery, dark doorways and other places of concealment.


4. Avoid short cuts through parking lots and alleys.

5. Walk with a friend if at all possible. Don’t walk alone.

6. When arriving home by taxi or private auto, ask the driver to wait until you get inside.

7. Don’t jog in secluded areas

8. Know the location of the special emergency phones on campus.

Finally when you are in your home you should use the following precautions.

1. The best lock cannot function if you fail to lock it. Be sure to keep your doors locked.

2. All windows should have secure locks and frames.

3. All entrances and garages should be well-lit

4. Never open the door after a knock. Require the person to give their name. In the case of service persons ask for proper I.D. and refuse entrance if you feel uneasy.

All of the previous steps to avoid being raped were provided by the ncf.carleton web site.

The third aspect of this paper deals with the unfortunate situation of being raped. There is a long list of things that you need to do if you are raped. The first and foremost part is to stay alive. Being raped might be a terrible thing, but it is much better than being dead. If by some chance you see an escape from your attacker, and there is very little risk of being hurt you should go for it (ncf.carleton 3). If you cannot get away then scream “FIRE” or “POLICE”, don’t scream rape because people are less likely to get involved. After the incident you should report it to the police as soon as possible (ncf.carleton 3).

Jean O’Gorman Hughes provided this checklist of what you need to do after being raped:

1. Go to a friends house

2. Get medical attention

3. Report the attack to police

4. Consider whether you want to file charges with the police

5. Get help and support, such as counselling

6. Write a letter to the rapist


It is very important that you do not shower or clean yourself off after being raped until you have got medical attention. You may possibly have evidence such as hair, semen, or blood from your attacker on your body, clothes, or hair. If you take a shower or clean yourself off then you have literally washed all the evidence down the drain. Finally if you have been raped you can find comfort in counselling. There are many organizations that can help you get though the tough times that may follow. Women go though the Rape Trauma Syndrome and it is very difficult to deal with on their own. One organization that helps women deal with rape is the Rape, Assault, and Incest National Network (RAINN). They have a toll free number and will connect you to a shelter/counselling center in your area free of charge.

There are many different forms of rape. There are many different things that you can do to prevent rape. There are many different places you can go if you are raped. It can happen to anybody (males included). It is a difficult situation to deal with, but we can help reduce the number of rapes if we use are heads. It is not an overnight solution, but if women follow these previous steps the rapes in this country will decline over time. And besides, that 1995 total of rapes 354,670 is 354,670 too many.

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