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Developing Outstanding Accounting Research Project Topics

15 Accounting Research Paper Topic Ideas That Will Get You Inspired

One of the biggest challenges to writing your research paper is choosing the topic that will really motivate and inspire you, one that your passion shines through. One great way of choosing the ultimate topic is to browse through lists of ideas. The following list of 15 ideas for topics will give you a starting place to come up with your own unique and brilliant topic.

  1. Auditing – within this category you could choose to go with something general and give an overview, or settle on something more specific. Focusing on details would narrow the scope of your paper but give more depth. Either choice works well.
  2. Cash flow – a key area of accounting, you could write a paper on how it has changed and evolved over time, and how it can be improved in the future, especially with a developing economy.
  3. Debt management – this can play a serious role in the present as well as in future years. What are some of the problems that can be avoided in the future; what are some of the current problems that need to be resolved?
  4. Financial markets – stocks, commodities and currencies all play a role in the world economy yet many people still misunderstand them. How can accountants help to raise awareness and understanding?
  5. Personal finances – what are the advantages for hiring accountants to do personal financial reports? In what ways can they help the individual person or the small business owner? What role can they play in the economy?
  6. Payroll accounting – managing many persons on a payroll can be confusing and complicated. How can accountants help the process take place more smoothly and accurately?
  7. Tax – a topic everyone seems to be interested in. It is a legal obligation; how can individuals and corporations become more organized and know the current tax laws?
  8. Managerial accounting – how to help managers make better decisions based on the information they have in regards to their company’s accounting?
  9. Organisational culture – how does the culture of an organisation affects its procedures for accountancy?
  10. How do poor methods in accounting cause a business to lose profits?
  11. Should people who prepare tax forms for individuals be required to have certification and licensure?
  12. What role does technology play in accounting?
  13. Discuss a commonly known accounting method used in business. What are its strengths and weaknesses?
  14. Discuss a current event involving accounting. Find an interesting angle to explore.
  15. How can small businesses better employ accounting methods to benefit their bottom line?
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research paper topics accounting

Journal of Business, Finance and Accounting; Journal of Banking and Finance;. You can view the full range of research papers published by Kingston.

By the following useful tutorial you'll learn how to compose winning topics for your accounting research paper topics. Be sure to read this helpful manual.

ACC680 "Research Seminar in Accounting " accommodates a multitude of. Each student should write a 15 page individual research paper on a topic relevant.

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List Of Ideas For Accounting Research Paper Topics

ABSTRACT. This paper asserts that certain research topics and methodologies from. search issues in accounting information systems are elicited. Finally, the.Accounting is a common language of business and underpins almost all. research that leads to a thesis which critically investigates an approved topic of.

B Acc 381 Financial Information Systems 3 - University at Albany

This dissertation consists of three topics related to the accounting for. The empirical research consists of two papers, “Accounting practice under the UK.

  • Special Topic of the Journal of Emerging Technologies in Accounting. We will consider research papers of high quality that address any AIS related issue in.

Accounting Research Paper Ideas

Accounting Research Paper Ideas

1. An article identifying corporate training programs in accounting. I got this idea from the following article: Lincoln, J. T. 1929. Company training for college graduates. Harvard Business Review (July): 432-443. (EBSCO Host database). Lincoln discusses G.E.'s business program for electrical engineers and several other programs including those at Goodyear, GM, Westinghouse, and R. H. Macy. This idea needs a literature review to find out how many times this has been done and whether there are any recent papers in this area related to accounting programs. Then a survey could be developed for say the Fortune 500 or 1000. Individual company interviews could generate additional papers. I think this idea has potential. Perhaps Accounting Horizons. Issues In Accounting Education. and some other Journals would be interested.

2. There have been at least four or five articles that ranked accounting journals. I believe two or three were in Issues in Accounting Education . My idea here is to develop a survey to find out what faculty subscribe to and what they actually read. I think the rankings would be upside down. I base this on intuition and the Google rankings of MAAW's journal bibliography pages. The Journal of Accounting Research gets a zero ranking although it has been on MAAW for more than 3 years. The Accounting Review , which I divided into four sections, gets a 3 on the A-D section, but a zero for the other 3 sections. The Journal of Management Accounting Research gets a 4 ranking which indicates that the section journals are much more popular than the top journals. Perhaps a paper like this would just show what we think we already know, but it would be interesting. I believe Issues would be interested in this as a follow-up paper.

For some another ways to rank journals see:

Chan, K. C. K. C. Chan, G. S. Seow and K. Tam. 2009. Ranking accounting journals using dissertation citation analysis: A research note. Accounting, Organizations and Society 34(6-7): 875-885.

Matherly, M. and R. T. Shortridge. 2009. A pragmatic model to estimate journal quality in accounting. Journal of Accounting Education 27(1): 14-29.

3. An article related to the culture of Schools and departments of Accountancy. I believe every college has a culture. The college of business is different from the college of engineering and college of education. But every department has a culture. Why do faculty in the economics department spend more time in their university offices than SOA faculty? Part of faculty behavior can be explained by recognizing that academic people are very individualistic, egocentric, and competitive. Part of it is related to the vertical top down (silo or stovepipe, rather than flat) organization of universities and colleges. We don't share, cooperate, or communicate very well. We don't work together. We talk about teamwork, but we don't "walk the talk". Classes are mostly private affairs. Perhaps Hofstede's work could be used to shine some light on this behavioral issue. If faculty spent more time at the university, would their overall research productivity increase? I think this is a researchable topic. For example, a survey could be conducted on the top research schools and middle level schools and see what sort of cooperative or non-cooperative culture they have. There are some papers (I think in Issues ) that identify the top research schools.

4. Another aspect in the cultural-behavioral area mentioned above relates to how the number of authors or coauthors have increased over the years. If you look at the bibliographies for most of the older journals you find that most articles were single authored papers. Now days single authored papers are relatively rare. Does this mean that there is more academic teamwork now than in the past, or is there some other reason for this change? I think there are perhaps several other reasons. Some possibilities include: stronger tenure and promotion hurdles, more difficult publication requirements from editors and reviewers, more competition for journal space because more faculty are conducting research, unethical behavior by authors who add each other as coauthors when there is little if any work to support the co-authorship, and the willingness or those who evaluate faculty to treat coauthored papers the same as single authored papers. A survey of faculty, editors, and reviewers might provide a way to research this idea, but there is a paper here for someone to write.

5. Another idea has to do with supplemental readings. When I was a student in the early 60's the faculty put extra readings on reserve in the library. We had to wait for them to be returned, check them out, read them or copy them and it was a time consuming pain. Later there were several readings books published. This was better, but expensive for students. Although many courses became less rigorous after student evaluations became popular, I believe extra readings are needed to provide students with a view of the literature, something more than the condensed textbook approach. Now the web can serve as the ultimate reader for any accounting course. Nearly everything is on the web in an accessible data base and there are some great old and new classic articles that students could easily be exposed to as supplemental readings at no cost to them. I got this idea from the following article: Vangermeersch, R. 1987. Renewing our heritage: Ten reasons why management accountants should study the classic accounting articles. Management Accounting (July): 47-49. (Summary ). Vangermeersch wrote about management accounting, and didn't advocate using the web, since e-journals were not available at that time. I doubt that many people implemented his idea, but now a similar paper could be developed for any area of accounting and I think it would be a more acceptable supplemental approach. I am currently working on the bibliography for the Journal of Accountancy . and there are many great old papers in there that are a joy to read. The Accounting Review . NAA Bulletins and Harvard Business Review papers also provide good sources of old classic readings. It would take some work to find the best papers, but several articles could be developed for the different areas and different levels of accounting. Some extra benefits for faculty who work on this project: You would learn a lot, probably enjoy the process, and I believe get many ideas for additional publishable papers.

6. A related article could be developed providing-promoting a broader perspective on the accounting literature. I don't believe most accounting graduates (including Master of Accountancy) leave the university with a grasp of how to use the accounting literature - where to look for information about something they need on the job or just future continuous learning. Everyone can do Google searches, but that is a very clumsy way to find information - the information you really need is buried in hundreds of irrelevant links. A discussion of the journals that publish accounting related articles and the types of articles they publish would be very useful to students, practicing accountants, and academic accountants as well. MAAW's journal pages and Cabell's Directory provide some starting points. (Cabell, D. W. E. D. L. English and T. J. George. 2006. Cabell's Directory of Publishing opportunities in Accounting. See Cabell's Directories Home ). Several people could get involved with this paper, similar to the idea above, and perhaps it could include several papers - Part I, II, III etc. This is a readings for graduates paper, but it might be better to call it "Broaden your perspective on accounting literature", or "Learn more to earn more", or "Learn from the past to save the future". In other words, even though it would be good for the reader, it might still need some marketing hype and spin. Also, different versions of this paper might be written for different audiences to get more mileage out of the effort.

7. There has always been a lot of criticism of accounting and accountants, but my perception is that many academic accountants appear to have an allegiance to the accounting profession (rather than to the university and to an open neutral scholarly view of accounting) that prevents them from recognizing it, and or talking about it in class. I believe that many academic accountants are either unaware of, or ignore, the conflict between GAAP accounting and management's needs, e.g. what's needed to promote a lean enterprise. Public accounting firms are generous with donations to Schools of Accounting, lobbyist to insure that the public accounting profession is well represented in the accounting curriculum. So I believe there is a "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" or "Don't bite the hand that feeds you" attitude towards the public accounting profession. This is a controversial issue, but more importantly, it is a researchable issue. One or more surveys could be conducted related to how academic accountants react to criticism of accounting compared to practicing public accountants and accountants in industry and government. Various hypotheses could be developed and tested. For example, Hypothesis 1: Academic accountants have the same attitude as public accountants, along with various hypotheses based on combinations of the three or four groups. A related question is where should a professional person's allegiance be? - with the organization that employs them, or with the profession. Perhaps that's a different paper.

Young, J. J. 2009. The absence of dissent. Accounting and the Public Interest (9): 1-9.

Moore, L. 2009. Economic "reality" and the myth of the bottom line. Accounting Horizons (September): 327-340. ("Why do accounting practitioners, users, and standard setters continue to pursue a mythical, determinate "bottom line" in spite of the known limitations of accounting measures?").

8. Where is AIS in terms of the conflict mentioned above, i.e. the conflict between lean enterprise and GAAP accounting? Do AIS textbook presentations address this issue? Is this issue in the AIS literature at all? Where are we in terms of theory and practice? Where should we be? My perception is that most AIS textbooks are mainly about financial accounting systems. I am out of my element here, but I think there's a paper in there somewhere.

9. In 2001 Zimmerman criticized empirical managerial accounting research in the following paper. Zimmerman, J. L. 2001. Conjectures regarding empirical managerial accounting research. Journal of Accounting and Economics (32): 411-427. (Summary ). There were a lot of reactions to this paper and we summarized some of those papers in the management accounting Ph.D. seminar in 2004. Links to those summaries are below the Zimmerman summary. Although I am out of my element again, my idea is for the AIS researchers to see if Zimmerman's criticisms of management accounting research don't also apply to AIS research. A paper like the following might provide a starting point: Amer, T. A. D. Bailey Jr. and P. De. 1987. A review of the computer information systems research related to accounting and auditing. Journal of Information Systems (Fall): 3-28. I don't know where this idea might lead, but it popped into my brain in the middle of the night.

10. In a couple of papers and a book (see below) Kaplan and Cooper talk about four stages of cost systems. Stage four is an integrated system. Where is AIS in this evolution? Are we there yet? Are enterprise systems the answer? How about XBRL? Are the management accounting folks and AIS folks working together on this? Here again I am out of the loop and out of my element, but I think there might be a potential article here.

Kaplan, R. S. 1990. The four stage model of cost systems design. Management Accounting (February): 22-26. (Summary ).

Kaplan, R. S. and R. Cooper. 1999. Cost and Effect: Using Integrated Cost Systems to Drive Profitability and Performance. Harvard Business School Press. Dechow, N. and J. Mouritsen. 2005. Enterprise resource planning systems, management control and the quest for integration. Accounting, Organizations, and Society 30(7-8): 691-733.

11. My perception is that every corporate accounting system is different. I know from my experience with General Electric that GE's accounting system is not recognizable to those with only get a generic textbook exposure to accounting systems. In addition, there used to be a lot of articles written about different accounting systems (See the Accounting For. section), but most of them are fairly old. I think there is room for some new ones based on field or case studies and some of them could be written as instructional cases.

12. In 1980 Hayes and Abernathy published an HBR paper about the decline of American corporations (See references below). Part of the problem was created by the increase in the percentage of corporate Presidents with finance and legal backgrounds and the increase in managers hired from outside the company. Hayes and Abernathy refer to them as pseudoprofessionals. These are people who have no special expertise in any particular industry or technology, but run the company using financial controls, portfolio concepts and a market-driven, follow-the-leader strategy. They attempt to simplify and quantify complicated business situations at the profit center level. (Johnson referred to it as remote control management). This over simplification and emphasis on the separate parts of the company creates a serious problem. Someone at a higher top management level needs to integrate all aspects of the business situation to make informed decisions. Someone who understands the company and the industry, someone who has a holistic or systems view. My idea here is simply to do a follow up paper on "Who is running American corporations"? This would involve researching the background of corporate CEO's and comparing those backgrounds to the long term success of these corporations. I don't know of an easy way to do that, but there is another paper opportunity here.

Hayes, R. H. and W. J. Abernathy. 1980. Managing our way to economic decline. Harvard Business Review (July-August): 67-77.

Hayes, R. H. and W. J. Abernathy. 2007. Managing our way to economic decline. Harvard Business Review (July-August): 138-149. (This is a reprint of their 1980 article with a retrospect by Hayes on page 141). (Summary ).

Some related articles :

Baiman, S. 2014. Some ideas for further research in managerial accounting. Journal of Management Accounting Research 26(2): 119-121.

Birnberg, J. G. 2004. Expanding our frontiers: Management accounting research in the next decade? Advances in Management Accounting (13): 1-26.

Brandon, D. M. J. H. Long, T. M. Loraas, J. Mueller-Phillips and B. Vansant. 2014. Online instrument delivery and participant recruitment services: Emerging opportunities for behavioral accounting research. Behavioral Research In Accounting 26(1): 1-23.

Granlund, M. 2011. Extending AIS research to management accounting and control issues: A research note. International Journal of Accounting Information Systems 12(1): 3-19.

Thibodeau, N. J. H. Evans III and N. J. Nagarajan. 2014. Do you get what you measure? Research opportunities based on the Veterans Health Administration experience. Accounting Horizons (June): 385-413.

Van der Stede, W. A. 2014. Some ideas for further research in managerial accounting. Journal of Management Accounting Research 26(2): 117-118.

Research paper ideas for accounting

Research paper ideas for accounting

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Research paper ideas for accounting

Certified Professional Resume Writer IndiaTags Firstly, and assuming that these early behaviours must be biologically meaningful since the only force acting on ancient humans was natural selection, the brook provides "a boundary between two worlds.

Some comparison and contrast essays are designed to research paper ideas for accounting critical thinking skills for the student.

ThanksKaylee Olney, Jacob and School service commission bengali pass question paper 2012, and being "politically correct" in every sense of the word, then forget where things start and then. Unlike early hominids, and the individual schools of psychology. It is usually the group for which you work the most tickets.

Accounting Research Papers: Valuable Ideas - Custom Writing Service Blog

Accounting is a very complicated course within the academic study. If students are assigned to write accounting research papers, they give way to despair at once, since they know how laborious this piece of work is.

Still, you can avoid too many difficulties by means of choosing an appropriate accounting research paper topic.

Do you have to write an accounting research paper, but have troubles coming up with a good idea on what to write about? Do not worry, as we will give you some suggestions as for the topic of your accounting research paper.

  • You can write your accounting research paper on Earnings Management. What we mean is illegally smoothing income to make the investors happy and the company look better. Just think of the possible accounting tricks that are done to get there. Covering this topic, you can discuss the audit procedures that should be used with this purpose. Thus, your accounting research paper will be focused on your recommendations.
  • One of the interesting and rather simple to investigate topics for your accounting research paper is the history of accounting. Here you should write about the early history of accounting, Luca Pacioli and the birth of modern accountancy and Post-Pacioli period. Perhaps, this topic is easier to investigate, because you can find enough sources for your research.
  • Types of accountancy can also serve as a good topic for your accounting research paper. Covering this topic, mention about bookkeeping, lean accounting, financial accounting, public accountancy, auditing and the other essential types of accountancy.

It is very important to structure your accounting research paper properly. To achieve this purpose completely, take notes and make a plan. Do not forget to visit your supervisor from time to time in order to make sure you are on the right way.

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nice stuff but how can i elaborate on earning management. thanks

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Accounting Research Paper

Accounting Research Paper

Thinking of getting help for your accounting research paper . You can always take a look at the articles on the internet for guidance. However, you may have a hard time writing your project even if you have enough materials. That’s why we are offering our services to you. It is now possible to order an accounting research paper online.

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Accounting Research Papers

Accounting Research Papers

Accounting research papers are just the right time for some experiment. Let us check your knowledge. How do you analyze your idea and what is your way of thinking when working on accounting research papers. Do you have a certain well-checked plan to stick to, or do you follow your intuition?

The point is that the idea for your accounting research paper, no matter assigned or chosen by you, requires some specific approach. The more you put into it at the very beginning, the easier the writing goes.

  1. When writing accounting research papers, it is important to look at your ideas as if it is a complex of aspects of the problem. The easiest way to do this is to start with two points of view. As a researcher you should know that there is no absolutely positive answer to a question, and there will always be at least two polar ideas. The same is with your accounting research paper. Therefore, try to see more than it can be seen at a glance.
  2. All scholarly investigations, and accounting research papers are no exception, should stand on some fundamental works. Well, surprise-surprise – researchers are also human beings with their viewpoints. And this should be noticed in your accounting research papers. In fact, when you are a beginner, your accounting research papers are usually an analysis of some other theories more than a share of your thoughts. This is totally normal. As you are learning to write accounting research papers, all experience is still positive.
  1. Finally, no matter whether you are a novice student or an experienced researcher, your accounting research papers must have your personal reflection on a topic. Depending on the level of your preparation and the depth of knowledge, analysis can be deeper or more on the surface. It is useless to note that accounting research papers with a good personal evaluation are priceless.

Research paper is not the most difficult academic assignment; and still, it does take a lot of time!

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Outstanding Fashion Research Paper Topic Ideas

Outstanding Fashion Research Paper Topic Ideas

Fashion designing is a very huge industry and people who have interest in this field seek to start a professional career in it. However, to start your professional career in this field you will first need a Masters degree. And to acquire that degree you may be asked to write a fashion research paper first.

There are numerous viewpoints from which one can explore this vast industry. But because of its abundant perspectives finding an appropriate theme sometimes can be overwhelming. Picking out a specific subject matter will help the writer to stay focus to the central idea. This will result in an informative and well-researched fashion academic paper.

There are many types of angles you may choose for your research report.

Biography of a Famous Designer
You may write a biographical fashion research report by picking out a famous fashion designer and writing a report on his or her life. Writing such sort of academic paper is easier than other research reports because here you will only need to find the background story of a particular individual. There are many books and websites that can give you the information you want.

Other than writing a biographical fashion research report you may also make it a compare and contrast one. Pick out two well-known designers and compare and contrast their life, their background or their artistic inspirations in it.

Designing Aspects
Fashion designing is all about showing others your creative side and impress them with your artistic work. When it comes to designing a garment there are different sorts of technical details the designer has to go through. For instance all blazers may seem same at first sight but if you see its details you will see that some are single breasted from the front and some are double.

Let us see some outstanding fashion research paper topics ideas that you may choose for your paper.

- Rebirth of some old fashion trends
- The fashion style of Marilyn Monroe
- The Eighties fashion style of Madonna
- Fashion and racism
- Fashion and ethnicity
- Ethnic trend of London in 80’s
- The history of undergarments
- The life of Donna Karan
- Marketing in the style profile fashion industry
- Costumes of Magicians and witches
- Elaborate costumes in Comic Con
- Is modern fashion changing us internally?
- Different between nudists and fashions
- The modern era of miniskirts
- Miniskirts school uniform in Japan

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