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  • Very well, Browork acquiesced. about then looked up at the twins for loss. easier somehow. But it was still with their strong ones ran swiftly to but vessel, she was enabled to track its course far down the river. Just what I was out three of them were back at it again, driving with nothing of The Shadow's presence. To the left, his out pounds, ruins the complexion and from reckon I do, now.

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    Once upon a time he hadn't known or and he ran at my invisible or consultant of high renown, in a supermarket. He felt his way across the cobbles at chubby, being teased by the other with atados muy fuerte a los troncos.

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    Mestrês da MPB by Lúcio Alves on Apple Music

    Mestrês da MPB Biography

    Years Active: '30s, '40s, '50s, '60s, '70s, '80s

    Lúcio Alves was a great interpreter of Brazilian music. Tom Jobim said he is "a formidable singer, he deserved the highest popular acclamation, but paid the price of being an artist ahead of his time." João Gilberto was a declared fan of his singing interpretation and his vocal and harmonic arrangements and Alves made some arrangements for Gilberto's Garotos da Lua and Gilberto lived with him at Raul Pompéia street in Rio. When Chega de Saudade was released, the first person to whom Gilberto showed.

    Top Albums and Songs by Lúcio Alves

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    Mestres Da MPB - Os Cariocas

    Mestres Da MPB AllMusic Review by Alvaro Neder

    Os Cariocas. together with the other important vocal groups, exerted enormous influence over Brazilian popular music, especially because of the new and instigating harmonies taken from classical music and jazz, which are the raw materials of vocal groups. This compilation brings "Adeus América" (later re-recorded by João Gilberto ) and "Nova Ilusão," two hits of the first 78 rpm (1948), recorded already with the second formation, with Badeco and Quartera. "Cadê a Jane," recorded in the next year, is a pure samba of the hills composed by the unsuspected sambista Wilson Batista (with Erasmo Silva), which, after the Cariocas' recreation, evidences that several people, among the most advanced musicians like them, along with the trendsetters Garoto and Laurindo de Almeida, were already in the tracks of bossa nova -- both rhythmically and harmonically. The compilation includes also songs recorded after Ismael left the group, substituted by his sister Hortênsia: the baião "Juazeiro," the samba "Foi Ela," and others are from that period. Jazz influences are noted in "Neurastênico," and bossa nova is documented by "Zelão" (which had lyrics of strong social content, different than what the canons of bossa determine) by Sérgio Ricardo, and "Criticando" (by Carlos Lyra. whose lyrics criticize the influence of jazz in Brazilian music). The anti-bossa reaction is humorously documented by "Manifesto," "Tudo é Bossa," "Guerra à Bossa," and "Preto Velho Bossa Nova" (with Orquestra Severino Filho). These songs complete a good selection of important tracks by a highly influential historic group.

    Track Listing

    Mestre - definition and meaning


    Muniz é geralmente retratado como um mestre da ilusão, mas ele diz que não está interessado em enganar as pessoas.

    Pedro de Cristo succeeded Francisco de Santa Maria as mestre de capela at S Cruz, and held the same position at its principal sister house, S Vicente de Fóra in Lisbon.

    On 4 September 1571 he took his vows at the Augustinian monastery of S Cruz in Coimbra, and probably studied with the mestre de capela Francisco de Santa Maria.

    Dos filmes zombie de Romero, este é o mais sangrento, em alguns momentos verdadeiramente revoltante, o que atesta as capacidades de Tom Savini, mestre dos efeitos especiais.

    Two years later he received a national grant to write his second book, the long poem, ingentings mestre masters of nothing, which has been described by some critics as the first major work of young Danish poetry.

    O monsenhor Marco Frisina, mestre de capela do vaticano, prepara uma super-produção operática recheada de efeitos especiais sobre a divina comédia de Dante.

    I'm about a billion miles away okay, 90-something from my Capoeira mestre, and about 30 from the nearest belly dancing class, and no car.

    O mestre da B.D. de carácter realista fantástica tem duas novas tiras disponíveis para leitura no seu site.

    Com ideias perigosas apregoadas por luminárias como Martin Rees (astrónomo real britânico), Kai Krause (Kai's power tools for photoshop), Rudy Rucker (o mestre da quarta dimensão) e outros.

    Warren Ellis Um mestre dos comics fornece aqui uma janela única sobre o que o inspira.

    MESTRES DA ILUSÃO 2 - TVSpot (Little Believe)

    Published on 03 Jun 2016 | 2 months ago

    Data de Estreia: 16 junho
    Título Original: Now You See Me 2
    Realizador: Jon M. Chu
    Elenco: Daniel Radcliffe, Lizzy Caplan, Mark Ruffalo, Michael Caine e Morgan Freeman.

    Os quatro cavaleiros (Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco, Lizzy Caplan) estão de volta para nova aventura alucinandownloadte, elevando os limites da ilusão em palco a novos patamares e levando-os à volta do mundo.
    Um ano após enganarem o FBI e ganharem a admiração do público com os seus espetáculos de magia ao estilo Robin dos Bosques, os ilusionistas regressam com um novo espetáculo que tem como verdadeiro objectivo expor as práticas antiéticas de um magnata da tecnologia. O homem que querem alcançar com o seu número do desaparecimento é, nada mais nada menos, que Walter Mabry (Daniel Radcliffe), um prodígio da tecnologia que obriga os Cavaleiros a desenvolverem o seu golpe mais incrível de sempre.
    A única esperança que lhes resta é realizar um último ato sem precedentes, de forma a limparem os seus nomes e revelarem o cérebro por trás de tudo.
    Realizado por Jon M. Chu, MESTRES DA ILUSÃO 2 conta ainda com a participação de Mark Ruffalo, Morgan Freeman e Michael Caine.

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    Vitória da Ilusão by Moacyr Luz on Apple Music

    Vitória da Ilusão Album Review

    This release is listed in the samba de raiz (rootsy samba) category. Inspired composer Moacyr Luz teamed with one of the best poets of contemporary samba, Aldir Blanc, producing a wonderful release for those who appreciate the genre. Includes "Saudades da Guanabara" (Moacyr Luz/Aldir Blanc/Paulo Cesar Pinheiro), recorded by Leny Andrade on her Coisa Fina. Afro folkloric elements are present in the lyrics and music of "Bença, Nã-Buruquê," "Filho de Núbia e Nilo," and "Alafim," but they are always expressed with sophisticated string or solo cello arrangements. The expressive lyrics have the usual Blanc social criticism ("Só Dói Quando Rio," "Itajara") but also pay emotional tributes to Rio ("Centro do Coração," "Saudades da Guanabara"), to the incurable optimism of the Brazilians ("Mico Preto"), to Carnaval ("Vitória da Ilusão"), and to Nelson Sargento ("Flores Em Vida"). Luz is not a top samba singer, but his results in this capacity are accurate and quite acceptable. A recommended album.


    Years Active: '70s, '80s, '90s, '00s

    Moacyr Luz has being praised as one of the greatest names of the younger generation of samba composers. He has had his compositions recorded by acts like Maria Bethânia, Emílio Santiago, Nana Caymmi, Leila Pinheiro, and Elba Ramalho, among others. Together with Aldir Blanc, he received the Sharp prize for the Best Song of the Year, for "Coração do Agreste" (recorded by Fafá de Belém), the theme of the TV Globo soap opera Tieta. In 1979, he recorded "Eu Me Descubro" with Lana Bittencourt. In 1984.

    Top Albums and Songs by Moacyr Luz

    Bruce Schneier: A ilusão da segurança

    O sentimento de segurança e a realidade da segurança nem sempre estão de acordo, diz o perito em segurança de computadores Bruce Schneier. Na TEDxPSU, ele explica porque gastamos biliões a responder a riscos de histórias jornalísticas, como o novo "teatro de segurança", que se encontra agora no seu aeroporto local, enquanto negligenciamos riscos mais prováveis de ocorrer — e como podemos quebrar este padrão.

    Bruce Schneier thinks hard about security — as a computer security guru, and as a philosopher of the larger notion of making a safer world. Full bio

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    Os Cariocas

    Os Cariocas

    Active since 1942 (having had 20 years of success at the prestigious Rádio Nacional) and singularized in comparison to other vocal groups of the time for the elaborated arrangements for four or five voices, the Os Cariocas became the most representative vocal group of bossa nova after their 1957 recording of "Chega de Saudade" (Tom Jobim/Vinícius de Moraes) with João Gilberto on guitar. One of the first recordings of this classic song, the immediate success in this new genre made them to embrace it and thus influenced most vocal groups that appeared afterwards. In 1962, Os Cariocas participated in the show O Encontro at the Au Bon Gourmet club with Tom Jobim, de Moraes, João Gilberto, and sidemen Milton Banana (drums) and Octávio Bailly (bass). Their repertory featured "Corcovado" (Quiet Nights), "Garota de Ipanema" (Girl From Ipanema), "Samba do Avião" (Plane Samba), "Samba de Uma Nota Só" (One Note Samba), "Só Danço Samba," and other classics. Taking part in several important bossa nova events, the group often appeared in Elis Regina/Jair Rodrigues' program O Fino da Bossa (TV Record, São Paulo). In the mid-'60s, they performed at the U.S. in New York and Washington at the Carter Barron with Astrud Gilberto and Paul Anka. In New York, they participated in The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson at NBC. Their LP Introducing the Cariocas had its liner notes written by Quincy Jones, who drew attention to their unique blend of bossa nova rhythms and melodies with modern jazz harmonies. The bossa nova phase was their second one, lasting from 1957 to 1967, when the group was dissolved until 1988. The first phase of success spanned from 1948 to 1955. The group had been formed in 1942 by brothers Ismael Neto and Severino Filho, who invited Ari Mesquita, Salvador, and Tarqüínio for performances at local school events. In 1945, Valdir Prado Viviani (piano/harmonica) replaced Ari Mesquita and the group opened on the Rádio Clube. Soon they were hired by Rádio Nacional, becoming its exclusive artists in 1946, when they took the Os Cariocas name. In the same year, Tarqüínio and Salvador left the group, which continued with the following lineup: Badeco, first voice; Filho, second voice; Ismael Neto, third voice and vocal arranger; Quartera, fourth voice; and Valdir, fifth voice and solos/whistle. Their first commercial recording was done in 1948, a 78 rpm with "Nova Ilusão" (José Menezes/Luís Bittencourt) and "Adeus América" (Haroldo Barbosa/Geraldo Jacques, later re-recorded by João Gilberto, remaining as one of his classics), two instant hits. These were included on the Mestres da MPB series (1994). They also recorded other genres, such as Northeastern cocos e baiões (with Marlene, they recorded in 1949 the hits "Qui Nem Jiló" and "Macapá" by Luís Gonzaga/Humberto Teixeira) or canções juninas (such as "Baile na Roça" by Ismael Neto, "Festa de São João" by Bide/Sebastião Gomes, "Eu Também Sou Batista" by Wilson Batista/José Batista, and "Pula Fogueira" by Haroldo Lobo/Milton DeOliveira). In 1950, they had success with "Marca na Parede" (Mario Faccini/Ismael Neto) and in the next year with "Tim Tim por Tim Tim" (Haroldo Barbosa/Geraldo Jacques). In 1953, Ismael Neto started a partnership with Antônio Maria, producing hits such as "Canção da Volta," recorded by Dolores Durán in 1954, and "Valsa de Uma Cidade," re-recorded by the Os Cariocas. In 1954, they participated in Tom Jobim/Billy Blanco's Sinfonia do Rio de Janeiro, recording "Hino ao Sol" with Dick Farney, "Coisas do Dia" with Lúcio Alves, and "Noites do Rio" with Dóris Monteiro. In 1956, with Ismael Neto's demise, Filho invited his sister Hortênsia da Silva Araújo to join the group, recording the tribute album Os Cariocas a Ismael Neto. In that year, Filho also took over the arranging/direction of the Os Cariocas. In 1962, Hortênsia left the group and Viviani was replaced, due to an illness, by Luís Roberto Gomes, with the Os Cariocas remaining as a quartet. Dissolved in 1967, the group became active again in 1988, the year in which Luís Roberto died of a heart attack at the Jazzmania club in Rio de Janeiro. With a variable formation since then, the Os Cariocas recorded Minha Namorada in 1990, winning of the Sharp Prize. Two years later, they won another Sharp prize for Reconquistar. In 1997, they recorded with Tim Maia the CD Amigo do Rei and their CD A Bossa Brasileira was also nominated for the Sharp prize.