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Pride In The Crucible Essay, Research Paper

Pride In The Crucible Essay, Research Paper

I never sold myself! I m a good girl! I m a proper girl! said Abigail Williams in The Crucible (p.40) That and, They must not blackening my name more than anything are what we hear the most when it comes the time to save your name. People with excessive pride would risk to lose everything to make sure nobody would spoil their name. They would even accused their neighbours of the worse crime so they would still be part of the good side of the society. In the drama play The Crucible, this is basically what happen to the main characters. Every single move they do, every single word they say and every single thought they have is made in function of what people would think. Accused from witchcraft, the main character, John Proctor, lose all he has because of his pride. The destiny have not be so good either for Giles Corey. His pride for is family may have stood in front of the law and the authorities, and even if he saved everything for his sons, his pride drove him to death. Then you have Parris, who for his good name, tries to hide the truth from the community. The only thing he gains from this is weight on his mind and a white name. As you may have notice, pride is one of the most important theme in The Crucible.

The main character of the play is John Proctor. Back in time, he had an affair with Abigail Williams and what seemed to be some kind of little detail ends up being the main cause of the accusation charged against his wife, Elizabeth Proctor. The way he always had to watch every single thing he does has driven him to the point that other people are part of his hidden garden and they try to keep his darkest secret away from the rest of the community because they could have reject him. The girl he had sleep with really desires him and after she got involved in a witchcraft trial, she tells the court that Elizabeth Proctor tried her power on her. She thought that his wife would be hang, so John would come back in her arms. The pride of John Proctor is shown in the novel by the way he tries not to tell what happened between Abigail and he. He keeps it for himself as long as he can and when he finally admit it, so it would prove the intentions of Abigail, Elizabeth denies it because she thinks it was a trop against her husband. But in the society he was living, his pride was justified. He would not have been accepted by his community if they would have known his affair with another woman, and the life of the woman he cherishes the most would have been miserable. He had to keep it for him, so life would continue to be as easy as it was. But his destiny did not want it to occurs that way.

Then you have Giles Corey. His pride surely stayed stand because of his family. He wants them to be in the good part of the society where they live and not to be reject by the other citizens. Because he was accused of witchcraft, his family could have lose everything but he did not want it to happen to the people he cared the most about, so when the authorities came to him and accused him of witchcraft, he has not deny to be a witch because he knew that it would be useless. He also did not confirm it because he wanted the best for the people he shared his life with and if he had told he was doing witchcraft they would have been putted apart from the society and it was the last thing he wanted. So he died. The authorities just keep on putting rocks on him to make him talk, but he died. He is a victim of his pride and maybe it was not for the best. He may have saved his house and his personal possessions and his family may have continued to live proudly but they have lost the one person that were getting them stuff to eat and a roof to sleep. They have lost the man of the house, either it was a father or a husband, the one that everybody loved in first place for what he gives them. His pride is, in some kind of way, justified, because he did what he thought was the best, and as for John Proctor, the lives of the ones he loved the most would have atrocious if he had not have the pride that was burning in him.

But there is someone, for who the fact that he was proud and did not want anyone to blackening his name, have been positive; Reverend Parris. Because he was an important person in the community, he felt like he had not to let the truth goes out. He felt that nobody should know that Abigail and her friends were only sporting in the wood and not conjuring spirits. And that, even if it means that few people are going to be accused of witchcraft and be hang. The Devil cannot lives under the roof of a ministry and he is willing to do anything to prove it because he does not want to have anything to blush about his good name. I cannot blink what I saw, Abigail, for my enemies will not blink it (p.10). That quote from Reverend Parris shown in a really good way how much he cared about what other people were going to say about him and how much he cared about being respectable. His pride was not justified. He jeopardise life of other people, play with the authority he had on the rest of the community and he got what he wanted. It was selfish and lame.

All these characters had their reason of standing for their pride. Either it was selfish or a act of generosity for his family, they ruined their life and died with the truth in their mind and no one really knows what it is. The title of that play, The Crucible, may be interprets easily by the fact that their pride went through a severe test to know if they would really stand for what they were and not let people think what they were not, especially if it was not good. It is clearly shows that some people must stay stand for their pride, for themselves because they would feel betray by the only person that should not have let them down; themselves.

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The crucible essay pride

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Pride in The Crucible by Arthur Miller

The Crucible - Pride

In The Crucible by Arthur Miller, both pride and excessive pride influence the characters throughout the play. Pride is a sense of one's dignity and worth. Excessive pride is being overly confident of one's own self worth. Throughout, pride influences the actions, reactions, and emotions of the characters in such ways to establish the outcome of the story. Three characters are impelled by their pride. Hale, who takes pride in his ability to detect witchcraft; Elizabeth Proctor, whose pride makes forgiving her husband difficult; Proctor, whose excessive pride causes him to overlook reality and the truth.

Hale is an intellectual man who takes pride in his ability to detect witchcraft. He was called to Salem to analyze their situation. "This is a beloved errand for him; on being called here to ascertain witchcraft he felt the pride of one specialist whose unique knowledge has at least been publically called for."

Hale takes this job to a personal level when the the crisis takes a turn for the worse. He pleads with the people convicted of witchcraft to confess. He feels he is responsible for their lives because his purpose was to rid the town of witchcraft, not innocent lives. He beholds himself a failure when he cannot convince the accused to confess. His well justified pride is broken. He came into this village like a bride groom to his beloved, bearing gifts of high religion; the very crowns of holy law I brought, and what I touched with my bright confidence, it died; and where I turned the eye of my great faith, blood flowed up. He urges Elizabeth not ot let her pride interfere with her duty as a wife, as it did with his own duty.

Elizabeth Proctor is a bitter woman who has been hurt deeply by her husband and her pride adds more strain to the already unstable relationship. Her husband, Proctor, only wants her to find complete forgiveness in her heart and to put the incident behind her. She tells him, ". it come not that I should forgive you, if you'll not forgive yourself."

She cannot grasp the fact he needs her forgiveness before he is able to forgive himself. As a result, Proctor denies his confession of witchcraft because he wants Elizabeth to accept him as a man of goodness. She is finally able to find the forgiveness in her heart. Elizabeth's pride was justified to a certain extreme. It's human for pride to get in the way of forgiveness. She let it go too far, to the point where Proctor allowed himself to be hanged because he wanted her to view him as a good man. Proctor's pride would cause him trouble, just the same.

Proctor is a proud man. He need not have been a partisan of any faction in the town, but there is evidence to suggest that he had a sharp and biting way with hypocrites. he has come to regard himself as a kind of fraud. But no hint of this appeared on the surface. His excessive pride keeps him from allowing people to know him as the sinner he is. Elizabeth urges him to admit his sin to the court and end Abigail Williams' scheme. He wont permit it, until his wife is accused, and he doesn't want her to die for Abigail's vengence. His pride was not all that justified. He should have revealed the truth about Abigail long before the accusations got out of hand. It may have avoided the lose of innocent lives.

Pride did play a major role. Proctor's and Elizabeth's pride kept them from seeing the truth in their situation. Elizabeth couldn't see she needed to forgive her husband before he could himself, and Proctor couldn't see he needed to reveal the truth about Abigail to end the accusations. Proctor's and Hale's pride would bring them much sorrow. Proctor's brought sorrow when his wife was accused and Hale's was feeling he'd lost several innocent lives. Proctor's final act was based on justified pride and excessive pride. He did want to live, but he allows himself to be hanged because he knows Elizabeth will see him as a better man. This is justified. He also did not want the court to have the satisfaction of adding him to the list of confessed witches because once again he would be living a lie. This is excessive because he lets pride stand in the way of his original decision. The title of the play relates closely to the theme of pride. Crucible. itself, means severe test. Throughout the play, the pride of the characters, especially Proctor's, is put to crucial tests. Many of them are life altering. These crucial tests of pride are what developed the story from beginning to end

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In the play The Crucible a lot of people lost their lives because they had pride. Giles Corey, Rebbeca Nurse, and John Proctor all died because they felt they had to keep a good name. Abigail Williams also had pride, but didn't lose her live because she was a good liar. If you were accused of being a witch in this time all you really had to do was repent and ask the Lord to forgive you, but because people thought they had to keep a good name in the eyes of the people of Salem, they all killed them selves.

One of these people is Giles Corey. Giles Corey is one of the oldest men in the town of Salem, and a good friend of John Proctor's, his wife is eventually accused of witchcraft. He tries to defend his wife, and when he does, he is charged with contempt of the court. In the play he is killed for two different things. One thing is he would not give Danforth the name of the person who told him that Thomas Putnam was trying to get rid of the people in the town so that he could buy their land when they are gone. Later they charged him with indictment. Because he didn't answer his indictment they could not charge him with being a witch. Therefore, he saved his name and showed pride.

Rebbeca Nurse is a person who has the same problem as Giles. Rebbeca Nurse is the wife of Francis Nurse. She is widely respected throughout Salem, as her husband has a strong voice in the town. She is also accused of witchcraft. Throughout the play there are times where she shows the reader these qualities. When she is faced with something, she will always follow her religion. She will never go against her religion even if it means to save her own life. An example of this from the book is when she is in court and in jail Hale is begging her to confess. She doesn't confess because of her pride and is later hung.

John Proctor's pride also gets in the way of his decision making. John Proctor is the husband of Elizabeth Pr

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Crucible Essay - Pride - School Essays

Crucible Essay - Pride

The definition of excessive pride is an over exaggerated sense of one�s own proper dignity or value/self respect. The crucible is a severe test for the city of Salem; in which the city has a blanket of hysteria cast upon it by the thought of witchcraft. Many of the villagers are accused by people that don�t like them ironically, and many confess so that they are not hanged. Others however have too much pride to blacken their name for something they didn�t do so they are sentenced to hang.
Hale takes pride in his �knowledge� of witchcraft and thinks he is doing God�s work; but later realizes that he is sentencing innocent people to death. Proctor doesn�t want to damage his reputation or.

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powerful that he can crush the devil. �Because it is my name! Because I cannot have another in my life! Because I lie and sign myself to lies! Because I am not worth the dust on the feet of them that hang! How may I live without my name? I have given you my soul; leave me my name!� (Act VI 58). Because of his pride he has to try to save Proctor by making him sign a confession of witchcraft that he really abominates to sign. Hale�s pride is not justified because he knows that because of what he did, innocent people died and now he feels horrible about it.
Elizabeth has a very troubling situation with her husband. �My husband is a godly man, sir���he��� [Faintly] �No, sir.� (Act III 44). Elizabeth is saying that Proctor is a good man when the fact is that he committed adultery. �There will be no higher judge under heaven Proctor is.� (Act VI 55). It later affects her so much to give Proctor the option to die rather than supporting him to confess. Elizabeth�s pride is not justified.

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The Plays By Arthur MillerDear Arthur Miller, Hi my name is Phong Nguyen and I'm a junior at Henniger High School. I have read The Crucible plays that you have written. You have included inaccurate Historical facts and it's just because you wanted the play to be more realistic, dramatic, and more interesting. I've seen the play and film The Crucible, and what I think of it is you created work of art and political purposes you intended. You have changes the characters to fit with the setting, so it would make sense to the audience. The most important point that I think is that Abigail William blame Elizabeth to perform witchcraft.

Also, in the play the girls dance around the firewoods and Samuel sees. The next day Samuel Parris come ask Abigail William if she involved or not that she practices with the witchcraft in the forest. " There were never was any wild dancing rite in the woods led by Tituba, and certain Rev. Parris never stumbled upon them." "Picky, Picky 2." You have changes this part, because you wanted the readers to understand the basic of the story and how the conflict should start. Another most important part that readers shouldn't miss is you have, also, changes the facts of John Proctor age and Abigail William age. John Proctor is 60 years old and Abigail William is 11 years old

If Abigail William is at the age of 11, then Abigail William shouldn't fall in love with a man to be her uncle or dad. The reason why you have change that age differences, because you want to start the conflict of Salem Witch Trial. "Miller admits in the play he boost Abigail age to 17 even though the real age is 11years old. John Proctor is 60 years old and Elizabeth is 41 years old." "Picky, Picky 2." Mr. Miller, I agree that you have make the right things that you changing some of the facts in The Crucible, Salem Witch Trial in Ma. Also, you want everyone to get into his or her head what is your point of view and learn about the history of Salem Ma, in 1692.

The characters that you play are simply not the real people who lived, even though they may share names and basic destiny. This gets the reader attention by changing the conflict between authorizes and religious of the people during the 1692. You have show how the people react toward the witchcraft. Sincerely, Phong Nguyen.

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The Crucible: The Impact of Pride essays

MegaEssays.com The Crucible: The Impact of Pride

In the play "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller, excessive pride greatly influences some of the characters. Pride is a sense of one's dignity and worth. Excessive pride is being overly confident of one's own self worth. Throughout, pride influences the actions, reactions, and emotions of the characters in such ways to establish the outcome of the story. Three characters in particular are driven by their pride. Hale, who takes pride in his ability to detect witchcraft; Elizabeth Proctor, whose pride makes forgiving her husband difficult; and John Proctor, whose excessive pride causes him to overlook reality and the truth.

Hale is an intellectual man who prides himself in his ability to expose witchcraft. He was called to Salem to analyze their possible witch situation. Hale is introduced in the play with the following statement: "This is a beloved errand for him; on being called here to ascertain witchcraft he felt the pride of one specialist whose unique knowledge has at least been publicly called for" (842). Miller clearly states that Hale is one of great pride. Hale takes this job to a personal level when the Salem crisis takes a turn for the worse. He pleads with the people convicted of witchcraft to confess, for he feels as though he is responsible for their lives. This is because his purpose was to rid the town of witchcraft, not innocent lives. He regards himself a failure when he cannot convince the accused to confess; his well justified pride is broken.

Another main character in "The Crucible", Elizabeth Proctor, is also seen to have excessive pride. She is an astringent woman who has been hurt deeply by her husband, John Proctor (also referred to as Proctor), and her pride adds more strain to the already unstable relationship. Her husband only wants her to attain her complete forgiveness and wishes she would put the incident behind her. It is until she tells him, "John, it come to naught that I should forgive you, if you.

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The historic happenings of the Salem Witch Trials are told in the story of the Crucible. In the Crucible, the main character is John Proctor. John Proctor is a tragic hero who is a great man but has one single flaw, pride, which will lead to his destruction.

John Proctor is considered the to be a great man in Salem. He owns a good piece of land and farms it very well. He is a devoted husband and loving father of three. There are groups and factions that are present in Salem where John has stayed clear from them. This shows that he does not get involved with all the problems of the town. He also despises hypocrites although he becomes one at the end of his life.

In the previous winter, Elizabeth Proctor had gotten very ill. John Proctor had committed lechery with Abigail Williams during this time. Abigail told John that there was no witchcraft going on. When the trial had started, Elizabeth was begging John to go to the court and explain to the court what Abigail had told him. John didn't because he didn't want his relationship with Abigail to become public. When John tried to tell the court about what had happened, it was too late. Than John Proctor was accused of witchcraft. By the end of the trial, Judge Danforth was willing to pardon John Proctor. When all he had to do was sign a piece of paper, his pride took the better of his judgment. He knew that if he signed that paper and gave it to the court, his name and reputation would have been scarred forever. He was worried about his children. Yet, he should have saved his life instead of dying for his pride.

When John Proctor did not submit his written signature of confession, he was sent to hang. If he had given his confession, he would have been able to live. Judge Danforth did not want John Proctor to die because he had thought that he was not a witch. He understood that Abigail was lying. The reason he could not come out with it was be

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