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Abortion Essay Research Paper ABSTARCTA stopped heart

Abortion Essay Research Paper ABSTARCTA stopped heart

Abortion Essay, Research Paper

A stopped heart is the clear sign of death. IF the cessation of heath beat could define death, could the onset of a heartbeat define life? The heart is formed by the 18th day in the womb. If heartbeat was used to define life, then nearly all abortions would be outlawed. Abortions must be illegal. Having abortion done is same as killing or murdering someone. The only way to minimize “killing unborn” is if the laws are made for making abortion illegal. The most important fact I found out from my research was that majority women who have abortions done, are not willing to get abortion done but their circumstances made them to abort child. My subjects were the printed book sources, internet and five ladies whom I surveyed.

News paper, TV news and from girls’ conversations about abortions sometimes shakes me up. I think if we make abortion illegal then women will try to be more cautious and understand their responsibilities. Since abortions is legal now, more than 75 percent of women do not care about being pregnant. They can always go to abort after being pregnant due to their carelessness.

I thought this research will shed light on next generations and abortions will minimize. If these women understand what it takes to abort a child who has not yet born, they will be more considerate. They will be more cautious and careful.

I thought to do research on this topic to find out what women of 21st century think about abortions. Another reason to do research on this topic to find out whether or not they are willing to abort a child or not. This research would also help measure humanity and motherhood of a woman who had obtained abortion in modern days.

National opinion Research Center (NORC) ad surveyed women on their opinion about abortion. The following responses were made by women when they asked, “T ell me whether or not you think it should be possible for a pregnant woman to obtain abortion.

1) 94 percent agreed to obtain abortion if the woman’s health is seriously endangered and only 8 percent disagree to obtain abortion.

2) In the case of rape, 86 percent women said abortion was the right choice but the 14 percent said it was not the only choice.

3) If there is a strong chance of serious defect the baby then 83 percent women ok for abortion whereas 17 percent did not want to abort.

4) 48 (less than 50%) women said yes to abort a child if it was the case of low family income and cannot afford a child. Amazingly 52 percent women did not agree for abortion in that case.

5) If the woman is unmarried and does not want to marry the man then 45 percent women said yes for abortion, but 55 percent women still thought abortion is not the only way to handle fragile situation like that.

6) 45 to 55 ratio was debating on “yes” and “no” for abortion when the married woman does not want any more kids.

For the survey, 3 out of 6 times abortion wins out with higher percentile and 3 out of

6 times abortion does not win. All these statistics shows women’s thinking on abortion. Every women think on abortion at the same time they consider what is the situation

that is leading for an abortion option.

I interviewed 5 subjects and asked them question.

- -First lady who was married, 45 years old had obtained abortions 3 times during her mid twenties. She was an Asian and came from a country where son was must to lead the family’s name. She had to abort three times because they were all girls. She did not want to abort but she had to do so.

- Second lady had obtained abortion in her late twenties when she was married. The reason why she had aborted was because of her carelessness. She said she didn’t mind having abortion done.

- Third woman, who was 35 years old, had obtained abortion once within six months of her marriage. She aborted child because she had just got married and her husband and could not afford a child. She thought of her self as guilty for murdering after abortion.

- Forth girl I surveyed was only 15 years old and had abortion done twice. The reason she had abortion done twice was because of her partner’s and her wildness and carelessness. She didn’t mind having abortion done on her.

- Last girl I interviewed was 20 years old and had obtained abortion once. She was having affair with a guy with her parents know about that. And meanwhile she became pregnant from him. She aborted that child because she was not married to that guy and had that kid. Another reason why she aborted was because what if her parents know about and they do not approve that guy for her to marry with. She really didn’t want to obtain abortion but had to get it done for her own sake.

The questions I used for my survey were as follows:

- How many times have you obtained abortion and at what age?

- What was the reason for abortion?

- When you thought of aborting, didn’t your soul stop you from killing an unborn innocent baby?

3 out of 5 women’s soul was hurt when they had to obtain abortion because of their situations. I also referred to others research on abortion to find out more about abortion.

- I found out from my research and survey that most of the women who obtain abortion are not willing to get. They just get it because of their circumstances.

The data and results from my research, divert my mind for let abortion be legal. My original idea about abortion was to make it illegal. But now after finding out facts why women obtain abortion, I think abortion should be legal to protect woman’s right and health.

In my research, many women whom I did not know hesitate to respond to my questionnaire. They thought that did not need to reveal their personal life to any stranger for no reason.

I would have done whole research differently if I given a chance. I would have visited doctor’s office where women get abortions done. That way I would have large amount of data for my research. I wouldn’t have to go to any women since I can check the forms they fill out at doctor’s office and get all information needed. I would only ask each woman about how they feel after abortions. This question would measure their true feelings about abortion when they have just obtained abortion.

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Abstract The topic covered in this research paper is abortion

Research paper on Abortion | Abortion essay Research Paper on Abortion - Interesting Writing Prompts

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An effective research paper outline would provide students a means to ensure that the abortion research paper is written correctly. The students will be able to obtain a first class overview of what they are supposed to discuss in their research paper. Writers can read through research paper outline guides to increase their knowledge in this matter. Since students have to collect much information on abortion to write a research there is a threat of deviating from the main line of argument. So to handle this situation appropriately, a research paper outline will have to be crafted initially. This process will ensure that the significant and related information will be included in the paper in a cogent and cohesive manner. Such an outline for a research paper on abortion will act as guide to write a high calibre research paper.

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Free Research Paper on Abortion - Any Free Papers

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Sample 1.5 page research paper on abortion.

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Essay, term paper research paper on Abortion.

Normally essays like research papers on abortion start off by providing facts and statistics in a particular society or country. This is specifically done to captivate the reader from the beginning, as statistics with varying parameters create interest and curiosity. You may also use these facts and numbers to highlight the prevalence of abortions despite the awareness and education. You may also target audience with questions regarding their opinions on abortions.

Thesis Statement For A Research Paper On Abortion

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Writing An Argumentative Term Paper On Abortion: Great Ideas

How To Write An Argumentative Research Paper On Abortion: Fresh Ideas

Abortion is one of the most divisive topics known to man. On the one hand you have the pro-life faction that believes that a woman should not be allowed to terminate a pregnancy (under most or all circumstances). On the other side of the debate are the pro-choice faction that believe that a woman has the right to choose whether she will carry a pregnancy to term because it is her body.

When writing an essay on this topic it is important to know how you will deal with it. Any story can be approached from almost infinite angles and your particular beliefs will greatly influence the approach you take with any essay topic. This is especially true for argumentative essays. Here are some topics on abortion that you can consider using:

  1. Is the right to perform an abortion enshrined in any religious tradition?
  2. Should women from countries in which abortion is illegal in all situations be allowed to sue the state if their fetus endangers their life?
  3. Does the extent to which a fetus can feel provide adequate reason to disallow abortion rights?
  4. Should activists who misrepresent the abortion process through propaganda materials be sentenced to jail time?
  5. Should women who use abortion as a regular means of birth control be eligible for criminal charges?
  6. Does the risk of rising abortion rates provide adequate reason for introducing sex education at all levels of school?
  7. Do women who have abortions generally experience regret?
  8. Should men be able to legally prevent women they have impregnated from seeking abortions?
  9. Should rape victims be allowed to access abortions regardless of the stage of pregnancy they have reached?
  10. Should underaged pregnant females be able to access abortions without parental consent?
  11. Should organizations that protest abortion be forced to provide room and board to pregnant women and new mothers who have taken their advice?
  12. Do Malthusian population predictions in any way impact the morality of legalized abortion?
  13. Can the need for abortion be completely eradicated by making access to contraceptives and related education universal?
  14. Historically, has abortion ever been the most moral option available?
  15. Are the rates of dangerous ‘back alley’ abortions related to factors other than the access to legal safe procedures?

As is to be expected, these topics may raise the ire of some audiences. Most of them can be used in different ways while others have a clear bias in one direction or another. Your selection depends on your own views and abilities.

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Sociology research paper on abortion

Sociology research paper on abortion

Posted: Gromeron Date: 07.07.2015

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Research paper ideas on abortion

abortion/The Issue Of Abortion term paper 16807

Disclaimer: Free essays on abortion posted on this site were donated by anonymous users and are provided for informational use only. The free abortion research paper (The Issue Of Abortion essay ) presented on this page should not be viewed as a sample of our on-line writing service. If you need fresh and competent research / writing on abortion, use the professional writing service offered by our company.

Abortion. Is there any other word that creates such hatred and charged emotion? The word abortion means the loss or removal of an embryo or fetus before it can survive outside the mother s body (Day 7). The meaning of abortion, however, is completely different. To people who are pro-life, abortion is a vicious and murderous word dripping in blood and silent screams. To people who are pro-choice the word is just as emotional. It represents women being able to control their own thoughts, feelings, bodies, and futures. The question facing Americans today is, "Should abortions be illegal for women to obtain?" In the middle of the nineteenth century, the newly formed American Medical Association (AMA) placed restrictions abortions. This is exactly what is needed. With restrictions abortions can be performed safely and with as little pain as possible. Ending abortions is not the answer: abortions should remain a legal choice in the United States.

The government cannot have control over a woman s body. It is her body, her rights. The freedom to make choices and decisions for ourselves is the base of this country. Taking away the rights of the mother is a horrific mistake. To deny the basic freedom rights that our forefathers worked hard to obtain for America is a step backward in civilization, not forwards. Once the government can control the individual lives of people, where would the madness stop? In a few years Americans may face a number of children restriction and regress to the days when people looked to the government to see how to act and feel. No one wants another person to have ownership over his or her body.

The government cannot have jurisdiction because the fetus is not a living person. It cannot feel pain or live outside of the mother s body. Pain in a fetus starts as an electrical signal in the body s pain receptors. This signal is sent through nerve pathways to the spinal column, then to the thalamus an egg-shaped structure within the brain. Finally, the signal is transferred to the cerebral cortex where it is sensed as pain. In a fetus, the pain receptors develop around seven weeks after conception, the spino-thalamic system in about thirteen weeks, and the connections to the cortex are established at about twenty-six weeks ( Can a fetus feel pain? ). Many pro-life advocates claim the fetus can feel pain while these systems are partly formed and forming. Pro-choice advocates feel that it is necessary for the synaptic connections within the fetus brain to develop in order to feel pain. The issue is so heavily biased by a pro-life/pro-choice stance that the debators are incapable of making objective observations. A panel of experts appointed by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists addressed the issue of fetal pain. The panel consisted of experts in fetal development, law and bioethics. They obtained people with both views and ideas on abortion so as to eliminate the bias that had occurred with the issue so far. The group determined that a fetus could only feel pain after the nerve connections become established between two parts of the brain: the cortex and the thalamus ( Can a fetus feel pain? ). This happens about twenty-six weeks after conception. Also before twenty-six weeks the fetus is unable to survive unless it is in the body of its mother. Therefore, the mother whom is supported and protected by the Constitution should receive the rights, not the fetus.

A common myth is that if abortion were outlawed, all of the unwanted children would be adopted. The cold hard fact is that unwanted children would cause more problems for our society. This statement is one that no one wants to hear. The idea of unwanted children scares many Americans, and thinking of what unwanted children must live through is even scarier. But however harsh it may be, it is true. It is a fact that in a perfect world every child should be a wanted child, but sadly Americans are not living in that perfect world. In 1900, in New York alone, more than 62,000 children were living in foster homes and over 129,000 child abuse and neglect cases were reported (Flanders 34). While the pro-life forces are claiming that the answer is adoption, not abortion, the reality of the situation is that all over the country children are being abused, abandoned, and neglected because no one will take care of them. In our country alone, 1.6 million abortions take place (Lowenstein 17). If the United States is facing problems now with the unwanted and abused children, think of the problems when 1.6 or more million babies are added to the picture.

Another common myth about abortions is that the only reason that they are being performed is for birth control. To choose to have an abortion is a very personal and very private decision, and no individual or institution has the right to question why a woman decides as she does. There are a number of reasons why a woman chooses to have an abortion, including health, family welfare, financial situation, and personal reasons, such as rape or incest. But no matter the reason, the decision itself is not one that is ever taken lightly. Pat Schroeder, a researcher and author in this subject, has a response to this myth: Saying that abortion is used as birth control is like saying why bother eating when you can have an IV in your arm? (Abortion Myths). Her statement illustrates the point that most women would choose, and do choose, to use contraception before undergoing any surgical procedure.

The safety of abortions if they were to become illegal is also an issue. One in every three pregnancies ends in abortion (Day 3). If abortion were to become illegal this number would not magically drop. Abortions would still be needed and thus performed. Abortions today are performed in well-lit clinics, with sterile equipment, with doctors and nurses in case of the slightest complication. Since 1973 women in the United States have been able to make their choices knowing that a safe legal abortion is available. It wasn t always that way.

Someone gave me the phone number of a person who did abortions and I made that arrangements. I borrowed about $300 from my roommate and went alone to a dirty, run-down bungalow in a dangerous neighborhood in East Los Angeles. A greasy looking man came to the door and asked for the money as soon as I walked in. He told me to take off all my clothes except my blouse; there was a towel to wrap around myself. I got up on a cold metal kitchen table. He performed a procedure, using something sharp. He didn t give me anything for the pain just did it. He said that he had packed me with some gauze, that I should expect some cramping, and that I would be fine. I left. (Abortion and Women s Health)

This was a viewpoint from Polly Bergen, discussing her illegal abortion in the 1940 s that rendered her infertile and nearly proved fatal. Making abortions illegal again would force mothers back to the dangerous days when abortions were very hush-hush and never spoken of. A doctor or unlicensed abortionist would use such methods as poison or inserting sharp objects into the uterus; performed in unbelievable conditions such as dark alleyways and upstairs attics. Even with these unsafe techniques and surroundings, the death rates for abortion was lower than those for childbirth. Safety reasons are just another reason why abortion should remain legal.

It is so important to America that abortion remains legal. One view that pro-life may feel is that pro-choice means pro-abortion. Those who are pro-choice are not necessarily saying that everyone must get an abortion. And they are certainly not saying that those who do not want abortions or feel that they are wrong, like pro-life supporters, must have abortions as well. They are merely saying that people should have the right to choose what is done to one s own body. No one can make that decision for another person, and no one should be able to!

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Benefits in Composing an Abortion Research Paper

Benefits in Composing an Abortion Research Paper

January 3rd, 2010

Why is it important to write an abortion research paper. Not so many students are interested to write about this topic. Of course there are some that are really familiar with it especially those in the fields of medicine and health. But there are real benefits in writing an abortion research paper. Let us take a look at them.

An abortion research paper can open up new ideas for research. If there are already established techniques in the process of abortion, then more avenues of knowledge may be initiated. This will lead to better health care and safety for women.

An abortion research paper can also make it easier for moralists to accept the idea. It is not always the case of blasphemous act against religious and ethical concepts. With a good research paper, the proper explanations can be presented to some people who are against it.

You can also learn a lot about the social implications of having abortion in our society. With an abortion research paper, you will learn that there are real life situations that will be affected by how the idea is accepted. In this case, you will learn to decide whether you are for or against abortion.

In a case that something happens to you that will probably lead to abortion (if you are a woman) then you easily know your options in life. We are not encouraging you to undergo the medical process. What we mean is that if you have an abortion research paper. then you will understand all the possible implications of it.

Do you want to take a look at some of our abortion research pape r samples. Take a look at our Samples section.

Abortion Research Paper

Abortion Research Paper

October 1st, 2009

One of the biggest issues faced by modern world is the rise in the number of abortions. While writing an abortion research paper . you will get the opportunity to address this issue which has gone completely out of control, in most of the countries in the world.

This is one subject which will give you a lot of options for a topic to discuss. A few of those topics could be:

• How many countries give legal permission for abortion?
• Under what all circumstances will an abortion be considered, legal?
• What are the main factors which lead to such a rise in the number of abortions?
• Is it reasonable for a rape victim to want an abortion?

Another option for a topic for your abortion research paper could be the circumstances that can be logically considered as reasonable for an abortion.

You will find out, during your research, that a lot of abortions are totally unreasonable. In today’s world where all children grow up being aware of what could lead to an unwanted pregnancy and in an age where it is not at all difficult to take precautions, it is a sin when a child gets aborted only because the mother is unmarried and has conceived out of sheer negligence. Abortion is an insult to motherhood when done for such unreasonable excuses. Most people do not realize that what they are aborting or terminating is as much of a human being as they themselves are.
There could be certain reasons which can be considered logically reasonable for abortions. A situation where the mother faces complications which can prove life-threatening for her can be called reasonable. Or yet, if it a very young rape victim who is not yet ready for motherhood gets pregnant as a result of the assault or if a rape victim is not psychologically willing to give birth to the child of the man or one of the men who raped her, then it might be a situation which can be considered.

There are also cases where the baby is so deformed that it would be a sin to bring it into a world of suffering. In certain such cases the parents opt to abort the child only to save the baby from the suffering. That is another situation which can be taken into consideration.

While writing your research paper you can include recent events related to your topic from journals and newspapers and also facts which can support your argument from books on the topic. Since it is a current issue, it will be great to include a lot of points from the latest issues of magazines, journals or newspapers. Do remember the seriousness of the issue you are discussing to be able to do justice to your research paper.

If you need help with your topic you may contact us and our writers will be only too glad to help you with your abortion research paper. You can also get a custom research paper or term paper written on the topic of your choice and according to your specifications.

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Free Sample Research Paper on Abortion

Free Research Paper on Abortion

Free sample research paper on Abortion: Killing of the Innocent

During World War II the German Nazi party wanted to exterminate 5.6 million Jews. William Brennan, a professor of social services at St. Louis University, compared abortion to the holocaust. Adolph Hitler didn’t know what to do with so many Jews after they were captured. So he decided to kill them all, so they were shoved into ovens and burned for disposal. Many babies’ that are aborted today are disposed of in such a manner. Many are collected into buckets, bags, or burned in hospital furnaces. The holocaust of the Jews was legal, but as morally wrong as abortion is. Each abortion that has taken place kills an innocent unborn child (Brennan 31-33).

Abortion has been a long history of conflict and debate throughout history. Connecticut was the first state to name abortion as a criminal offense. A statute was passed in 1821 aimed at preventing murder by poisoning, made it illegal for women to purposely cause a miscarriage. Afterward other states proceeded to follow Connecticut (Rubin 1-2).

During these times abortions took place by means of drugs, herbal potions, and various surgical techniques. It was considered a woman’s business or her family’s. Abortion had been used as a method of population control by all civilizations. During the years of 1880-1960 when considering abortion, those years were labeled as the “silent decades.” The British common law originally guided matters of abortion. Abortion under this law permitted this procedure until “quickening”. Quickening is midway through the pregnancy when the mother first experiences fetal movement. Abortion was also acceptable in the 20th century before quickening. In the 19th century, there was a successful campaign to outlaw abortion. Many “regular” doctors were motivated to get rid of “irregular” doctors, those who were most likely to perform abortions illegally (Staggenborg 3). In the 1960’s, an epidemic of rubella measles became common in the United States. Many people became sick, because this disease can cause fetal deformity when contracted by pregnant women abortion conflicts began to rise. Two years later, in 1962, Sherri Finkbine tried to legalize abortion in the U.S. She had found out that the drug thalidomide, that she had been administering, causes fetal deformity in newborns. She ended up having her own abortion procedure in Sweden (Staggenborg 3). During 1972 a number of abortion cases were hanging over political leaders heads. The first case that was accepted for decision was a mother who was at risk of death when delivering her baby. The constitutionality of Texas was tested; they made it a felony for anyone to destroy an embryo or fetus unless the mother’s life was at risk. Before 1973 millions of women would have illegal abortions. They experienced painful, dirty, humiliating, and dangerous abortions (Jaffe, Lindheim, and Lee 151).

In 1973, feminists and family planning activists wanted to legalize abortion due to deformities in children, death to the mother, or other health risks. This case was widely acknowledged as the turning point of abortion. A married couple attacked the court with future possibilities of contraceptive failure, unprepared parenthood, and impairment to one’s health (Staggenborg 3-4).

There are different stages during pregnancy during which a mother may have an abortion. She may have the procedure done during the first, second, or third trimesters. First trimester is considered to be the first 13 weeks or after the last menstrual period. This is the safest time to have an abortion, because women have the choice of how they want the procedure performed. Most of the procedures during this time are not as complicated as others. Usually chemicals or medicines are injected into the mother, causing the unborn death. Second and third trimester is anytime after this period. More teens have abortions during this time than any other group. During second and third trimester abortions are usually done surgically. There are very many different techniques that a mother may choose from, but often doctors may choose depending on the woman’s physical health (Davidson 3-5).

All first trimester procedures are not as harsh as second and third trimester. During this trimester, chemicals, suction devises, and drugs are often used to abort the babies. The first technique that can be used is dilation and curettage; this takes place during first-trimester. A powerful suction tube with sharp cutting edges is inserted into the womb. The body is dismembered as it tears the placenta from the wall of the uterus as the suction collects all the materials into a small bottle (Cisler 64).

The second type of procedure is dilation and curettage. This procedure also takes place during first trimester and occurs up to 12 weeks of pregnancy. The cervix is dilated or stretch to allow the insertion of a loop shaped steel knife into the mother’s womb. The knife is inserted and the baby’s body is cut into pieces and then removed (Cisler 64).
The fourth technique is the use of the chemical RU 486. The RU 486 is usually considered as “the French abortion pill.” This pill uses two powerful synthetic hormones known as mifepristone and misoprostol used to chemically induce abortions in women that are 5-9 weeks pregnant. This abortion technique began in France and has induced abortion for 50,000 French women. This procedure has no side effects, but studies have shown that one woman died, while others suffered from heart attacks from this abortion technique (Lader 17-18). These pills are used to block the action of progesterone, a natural hormone vital to maintaining the rich nutrient lining in the uterus. As the nutrient lining disintegrates, the developing baby starves to death. Long-term affects are currently being studied. It is suspected that not only does RU 486 affect the mother’s current pregnancy, but also could harm future pregnancies, cause potential miscarriages, or cause malformations in later children. In 1995, a U.S. woman nearly died from losing too much blood. Patients are known to bleed up to 44 days after this procedure (National Right to Life).

The fifth type of procedure that occurs during first trimester is methotrexate. Methotrexate is injected into the muscular system causing the uterine lining to break down. The unborn is deprived of food, oxygen, and fluids. After a period of time the baby is aborted and this can happen anywhere. Sometimes labor occurs within a couple of hours, but often a second dos is required, causing the procedure to be delayed for more than 42 hours. Abortion may take several weeks after completion. Abortionists are reluctant to prescribe this technique because of its high toxicity and unpredictable side effects, such as: nausea, pain, diarrhea, anemia, liver damage, and methotrexate-induced lung disease (National Right to Life).

As you can see, first trimester abortions are terrible procedures, but nothing compared to second and third trimester. During these trimesters the baby has began to develop organs and important body parts that are necessary for life. Surgery or chemicals are usually used during these trimesters.

Instillation methods are used after 16 weeks of pregnancy, during second and third trimesters. A needle is inserted into the abdomen, inserting chemicals into the womb. One method that is used is dilation and evacuation; this procedure can be performed after the unborn is 24 weeks. Forceps are used with a sharp metal jaw that grabs body parts of the baby. The twisting and tearing of the forceps remove the baby’s entire body piece by piece. The skull is usually crushed or compressed for removal (National Right to Life).

During second and third trimester saline solution may be used, this technique usually occurs during 4-7 months. A long needle is inserted into the mother’s abdomen into the bag of water around the baby. Some of the fluid is drawn out and replaced with saline solution. This chemical is solution causes painful burning and deterioration of the baby’s skin. The baby breathes in swallowing the solution and is poisoned. After several hours, the mother goes into labor and delivers a dead, burned, and shriveled baby. There are many dangers to this type of abortion (National Right to Life). The risks of saline abortions are salt poisoning of the mothers blood, convulsions, hemorrhaging, and failure to abort the baby after it dies. This technique may cause the mother to have uncontrolled blood clotting throughout her body with severe hemorrhage as well as effects on the nervous system. Seizures, coma, and death may also result from saline inadvertently injected into the woman’s vascular system (National Right to Life).

Another procedure that occurs during second and third trimester is partial-birth abortion. This technique is usually used during the 5-6 month of pregnancy. This procedure consists of the abortionist reaching into the mother’s uterus, grabbing the unborn baby’s leg with forceps, and pulling the baby into the birth canal except for the head. The abortionist jams scissors into the back of the baby’s skull and spreads them apart to enlarge the wound. After the abortionist removes the scissors, a suction catheter is inserted into the skull and the baby’s brains are sucked out. The collapsed head is then removed from the uterus (National Right to Life).

Out of three late term abortions witnessed by Brenda Shafer, a nurse who worked at an abortion clinic, she stated that two cases were just because the mother’s didn’t want the children and in one case the baby had Down syndrome. After witnessing these abortions, she wrote a letter to Congress. She stated that, “the abortionist used forceps to pull apart the baby inside of the uterus, bring it out piece by piece and then throwing it into a pan (Shafer 74-77).

Another type of procedure that is used during second and third trimester is a hysterotomy. This surgical procedure is usually used when the methods of salt poisoning or prostaglandins fail. Incisions are made into the abdomen and uterus and then the baby, placenta, and amniotic sac are removed. Sometimes babies are born alive, raising many questions as to how and when the infants are killed and by whom (Cisler).

Any surgical abortion is risky. Risks of perforation of the uterus or laceration of the uterus due to the various instruments or by fetal tissue are additional risks. The surgical instruments that are used may cause fever, heavy bleeding, may cause a foul smelling discharge, and pregnancy symptoms may continue (Davidson 4-7).

Since there are many risks of health problems such women are observed for a period of time. Doctors make sure that the woman’s blood pressure is stable and bleeding is controlled. A follow-up visit to the doctor is necessary for aftercare. Doctors may also prescribe antibiotics to reduce any chances of infection to the mother (Davidson 6).
There are many physical complications after having abortions. All abortions have risks, some of these risks are permanent infertility, future miscarriages, risk of future sterility, and an increased risk of tubal pregnancy. The procedure of abortion is often compared to the pain of cancer. Young women seem to find abortion more painful than older women do. During the procedure of abortion, 97% of women reported experiencing pain with the use of anesthesia (National Right to Life).

Each year an estimated 5 million families apply to adopt children, but it is very heartbreaking to know that there are not enough babies available to those families. Many of these couples are infertile and unable to have children (Falwell 143-145). Adoption would be a much better choice for mothers. They would not have to deal with the pain and the guilt of aborting their baby. Such babies would be in a loving and caring home where they are wanted. Many mothers need to view their options when considering abortion. There are many options that they may choose from and adoption is only one of them. They may place their child with other family members until the mother can care for them.

Many parents would love to have a beautiful baby to love. Why don’t mothers think of their babies first and the families that would appreciate and take care of them. Abortion will always be a controversy, especially when there are other ways to deal with unwanted pregnancies. Why kill an innocent child when they could have adoptive parents? I don’t know how anyone could cause such horrendous pain to such a harmless being. Abortion is almost never a good choice.

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