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Halo 4 Multiplayer Info Leak - Loadouts, Abilities, Gametypes and Features

Halo 4 Multiplayer Info Leak – Loadouts, Abilities, Gametypes and Features

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The latest issue of Game Informer has Halo 4 as its cover story and someone from NeoGaf managed to list down a few details regarding the game’s highly-anticipated multiplayer.

  • Loadouts are composed of a primary and secondary weapon, a grenade type, armour ability and modifications. It is unclear how the modification system works or what things it modifies or how.
  • Returning Armour Abilities include Hologram, Jet-Pack and Camo. A new ability to see through walls was shown and Sprint is now a baseline ability all players will have access to at all times.
  • FFA Variant, Regicide. Lead slayer is “King” – each of the King;s kills raises his “bounty”. The bounty is claimed by whomever kills the King.
  • In Team Slayer (not confirmed for other gametypes), players can respawn instantly after death if they choose. Additionally, power weapons are introduced into a game on a random timer and appear at random drop points on the map.
  • Medals are turning including new medals for “revenge kills” and for causing a distraction.

if that wasn’t enough, details from the game’s multiplayer was also posted on the Halo Waypoint forums – and it’s quite a hefty list!

-Spartan Points is the new currency system in Halo 4. They will buy things such as armor, armor abilities, Spartan Ops missions (see below), and some

-This was probably my most favorite addition I saw. From how it was described, think of Spartan Ops like Spec Ops from Modern Warfare but with a storyline. They will span out over several months, encouraging players to return to the game. Game Informer said that Spartan Ops will be comparable in scope and size to the in single-player storyline.

Why Reds Fight Blues

-I think most of us probably guessed this, but reds fight blues and blues fight reds for training purposes. They fight in something called the UNSC Infinity. The UNSC Infinity is a 3km long ship sent into deep space on a mission. It contains a virtual reality sector that creates the multiplayer experience.

-So not only is sprint in the game, but it is a standard armor ability. You do not need to pick it up, it will always be available. You do not need to buy it with your Spartan Points, you will always have it equipped no matter what. So essentially, you can have two armor abilities.

-Ever wanted to be super man? Now you can! See through walls with your x-ray vision! I can’t say I hate this armor ability, I haven’t used it yet. I’m hoping it comes with its weaknesses and it discourages camping. Sorry guys, but camping in Halo 4 will not be a legitimate tactic.

Returning Armor Abilities

-The hologram, jetpack, and active camo will make a return in Halo 4. It didn’t elaborate on the abilities, but you can probably assume they’ll be about the same.

Elites Not Returning to Multiplayer

-Not much detail was given as to why elites will not see multiplayer combat, it was stated in a picture caption. The caption reads, “Competitive multiplayer focues on the Spartan IVs. Elites will not be playable.

-Now the article itself did not talk about grenades, but I noticed in the picture the Spartan had 4 grenade options. I assume the plasma grenade will return as seen from an explosion in the picture and the frag grenade will most definitely return as seen by the Halo 4 first look video.

-Once again, no explanation why aside from a picture caption. The caption read, “Halo 4’s campaign is still playable with four players online (in reference to Sparan Ops, ensuring players that Spartan Ops will not replace the campaign coop experience). 343 Industries has no plans to include a dedicated Firefight mode. I’m torn on this, I don’t normally play firefight, but I feel like it is a standard necessary feature in the game after Halo 3: ODST introduced it.

-Regicide is a variation of free for all. I think it’s similar to VIP. Regicide, as stated by the article, “sets the leading scorer as the king. Every opponent that the king kills raises his bounty; other players have to kill the king to claim the reward.”

Distraction and Revenge Medals

-Don’t feel bad anymore for not killing a single person in the game, you can get a medal for being a distraction! Oh, you just got killed and now you’re raging at that player? Calm down and get rewarded for hunting down the guy that just killed you!

Let me make it clear that I do not necessarily see these medals as bad. They just may reward people that don’t actually deserve one.

No More Weapon Camping
-One the skills that separated veteran players from inexperienced players was the ability to time power weapons’ spawns. In Halo 4. this will be near impossible. Weapons drop down in drop pods at random locations around the map. Quoted from the article, “This gives the matches other focal points, and it also helps alleviate the advantage longtime players always used to have over newer recruits; the best weapons are not always going to be found at the same spawn locations.” Unless there is a distinguishable skill gap between players, I most definitely do not like this idea.

No More Respawn Delay
-Immediately after you die, by tapping the X button you are sent back into the match. Now let’s contemplate why this might be bad. Let’s say Halo spawns are… not so great. A skilled player out BRs/DMRs/whatevers a unskilled player. Now that unskilled player can immediately respawn and find you before your shields even regenerate! I understand 343 is trying to speed up the game, but they must understand the consequences of instant spawns.

Joining In-Progress Games
-So to solve the quitting problem, 343 implemented the ability to join games that are in-progress. My question is are we going to have the ability to search for games starting up instead? It infuriates me to join a game at the last possible second, not even offering me the chance to play.

Whew! Quite a long list, no? If you somehow don’t care about the game’s multiplayer, you can check out the single-player details here .

Halo 4 will be out exclusively for the Xbox 360 later this year.

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Next Halo 4 Matchmaking Update Changes Regicide Playlist, Tweaks Grifball Settings

Next Halo 4 Matchmaking Update Changes Regicide Playlist, Tweaks Grifball Settings

Halo 4 developer 343 Industries has just confirmed the different changes that will be made to the game's multiplayer matchmaking system via a special update next week, as the studio wants to overhaul the Regicide playlist while changing the settings of the Grifball one to the parameters of the community version.

Halo 4's multiplayer has received a lot of new content, in the form of the Crimson, Majestic, and Castle DLCs, but also plenty of updates, with the 343 team constantly tweaking many of the different playlists and modes.

Now, for the next update that arrives on Monday, April 22, the studio is overhauling the Regicide playlist into a new, much more dynamic experience, instead of simply incorporating it into the Rumble Pit playlist.

"Regicide is a playlist that is long overdue for an update," the developer admits on the Halo Waypoint .

"While we know many of you have suggested that it be consolidated into the recently added Rumble Pit playlist, we have chosen not to do so at the moment for a few reasons. For one, not all Rumble Pit players want to play Regicide, as it is a very different game mode from Infinity Rumble and Rumble Pro."

"Secondly, being that it does have added scoring modifiers, we’ve decided to add additional game modes to make the playlist more fun and varied (and even a bit more chaotic), as well as change the way the scoring works a bit."

What's more, the Regicide map rotation will see Complex removed, while Landfall, Dispatch, Simplex, and Scythe will be added.

Besides tweaking Regicide, 343 has also confirmed that it's updating the Grifball playlist to the current community settings, which should provide better overall gameplay.

Last but not least, in the Multi-Team Slayer game types, the score limit will be increased from 300 to 500.

The new Halo 4 matchmaking update is set to appear next week.

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Waypoint s Halo Bulletins

The Halo Bulletin: 11.29.12

I think we're just getting started

When I joined the studio in 2010, the team was heads-down creating Halo Waypoint and Halo Legends. As I watched numerous people hunched over their desks, hard at work, I remember saying to myself, "I think we're just getting started."On November 15, 2011, when we released Halo: Anniversary, our remake of Halo: Combat Evolved, the same thought ran through my mind: "I think we're just getting started."

A mere three weeks ago, when we released Halo 4 - a project that consumed every fiber of our beings for well over three years - it came to me yet again: "I think we're just getting started."

Now, as I look at what's slated for the month of December, I can't help but repeat, "I think we're just getting started. "

We have so many exciting things planned for the future that I want to open my window, stick out my head, and yell every single one of them at the top of my lungs. Thankfully PR just lifted their embargo date on one such item, so please excuse me while I do just that. *sprints to the nearest window, starts yelling hysterically, and then calmly sits back down*

Now that all the passersby along with their female four-legged companions know everything there is to know about the upcoming Crimson Map Pack, I should probably fill the rest of you in as well. Join me for an introduction to Harvest, Shatter and Wreckage, won't you?

Halo 4 Crimson Map Pack

The Halo 4 Crimson Map Pack is the first of three Map Packs from the War Games Map Pass. Currently scheduled for release on December 10, 2012, it will cost $10.00 USD or 800 Microsoft Points and consist of three maps offering something for everyone, including a variety of designs, spaces for tight firefights or vehicle warfare, as well as 8 new achievements and a new Crimson DLC playlist. Extraction, a 5 vs. 5 objective-based game type where opposing Spartan teams are tasked with extracting assets from various sites around the map, will also be available for the first time in Multiplayer Matchmaking, on the same day that the Crimson Map Pack becomes available.

Check out the above just released Halo 4 Crimson Map Pack trailer, and then dive into the specifics of each new playspace below.

Wreckage Screenshot Gallery Wreckage Description

Wreckage is a manifestation of the chaos of war. A medium-sized, asymmetrical map, this playspace is great for accommodating a wide range of objective-based game modes including King of the Hill and Capture the Flag. It is a ravaged environment of crashed debris, where the surrounding destruction creates complex paths perfect for throwing off your opponents or testing the limits of your Warthog. This devastated landscape provides plenty of cover, and tons of nooks and crannies are at your disposal while fighting for your turn to become King. Wreckage supports up to 16 players in Infinity Slayer and up to 12 in a variety of other modes, including Capture the Flag, King of the Hill and Oddball.

Harvest Screenshot Gallery Harvest Description

Harvest is a canon concept brought to life - the doomed agricultural planet where humans first made contact with the Covenant. A small to mid-size map, Harvest is ideal for Capture the Flag. Here, you'll need to get creative to effectively use light vehicles which are limited to the exterior pathways and can't get into the bases, making this fully symmetrical map perfect for infantry firefights and face-to-face skirmishes. Snipers will also feel right at home, as long sightlines are broken up by great cover and hiding spots. Harvest allows 8 - 12 players to face off in Capture the Flag, Infinity Slayer, King of the Hill, SWAT and Slayer Pro.

Shatter Screenshot Gallery Shatter Description

Shatter is themed around natural crystalline surfaces and the huge UNSC factories mining them. This large, symmetrical map is a playground for the Warthog and Mantis - its open pathways make getting around easy, whether on foot or in vehicles. Shatter is a great fit for large games of Dominion and Extraction. For some close-quarters face-time, escape the open landscape and duck into a mining facility, or slip through a doorway and hunt unsuspecting Spartans. Shatter enables multiplayer mayhem for up to 16 players in Infinity Slayer and up to 12 in other modes, such as Capture the Flag, King of the Hill, Dominion and Extraction.

We'll be digging a bit deeper into these maps before they launch, so stay tuned for more information about each new environment.

Next Week's Matchmaking Playlist Update

The biggest news for me with regard to Matchmaking this week is that we welcomed a new member to our sustain team on Monday. You may think I'm only excited about this because it means less work for me, but I'm also excited about this because it means less work for me. He will slowly be taking over the playlist update portions of the Bulletin (along with 9,001 other things), but you'll have to put up with me for at least a little longer while he learns important things such as the location of the bathroom, how I like my coffee, and where we keep all the inappropriate Forge pictures. Hint: They're the rotating wallpapers for my desktop. You're welcome.

Now back to the business at hand. On Monday, Team Snipers was removed from Matchmaking and FFA Throwback was added, as were 5 brand new Spartan Ops missions. Also included in that update were the following:

  • Fixed scripting issues in Regicide
  • Fixed exploit locations on Solace
  • Fixed KotH on Complex
  • Fixed Mantis spawn timer on Meltdown
  • Made late joining improvements to Join in Progress in all game types
  • Reduced the window for Join in Progress in Slayer game types
  • Made improvements to Join in Progress for uneven starts

Please note that the map fixes only affect playlists and not on-disc custom game map variants. Also know we're continuing to keep an eye on our forums for exploits and glitches, so please keep reporting them, and we'll keep fixing them.

SWAT, to absolutely nobody's surprise, continues to perform well so it is sticking around for yet another 7-day time period of rotational goodness. FFA Throwback, however, will be swapped out for Team Regicide come the next Matchmaking update. Team Regicide is an all-new game mode in Halo 4, and it is a much different experience from the FFA version. The leading player from each team is crowned King and is worth a fixed 25 points to the other team; this makes protecting your King just as important as killing the enemy leader.

Team Regicide features several medals, HUD, an announcer VO unique to the team variant, and is a heavily teamwork-focused game type, emphasizing many 4 vs. 4 team encounters and strategy. Unlike FFA Regicide, the King's bonus does not fluctuate as the King gets kills.

Below are the maps that will appear in the Team Regicide playlist.

If you are unfamiliar with Regicide, here are some tips and tricks to get you prepared for your upcoming encounter with royalty.

  • Protect your King: Keeping your King alive is the key to success in Team Regicide. The other team will know where your King is!
  • Communicate: Keep an open line of communication with teammates and your King.
  • Use the boosts: It's often best to time an offensive when your King has a power-up for that extra advantage in a team fight.
  • Hunt the enemy King: Especially if your team is down, the points are almost always worth it!

Here is a preview of the planned settings for Team Regicide.

We hope you enjoy Team Regicide and also the headshot-happy experience SWAT offers. Oh, and one more thing: If you happen to see our new sustain person hanging around the forums, make sure you tell him bravo and congratulations, 'cause he's happy to be here, and we're happy to have him.

Forza 2011 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Halo Edition

The December IGN Car Pack will be available for Forza Horizon on Tuesday, December 4 for 400 MS Points. While the pack includes a 2008 Aston Martin DBS, 2012 Ferrari F12berlinetta, 2006 Ford GTX1, 2006 Hummer H1 Alpha Open Top, 1993 McLaren F1, and 1971 AMC Javelin-AMX, the four-wheeled vehicle we're most excited about is the 2011 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Halo Edition. Why, you ask? Because we love trucks, especially ones that are slathered in Halo. If you prefer things fast and more than a little furious, here is a description of that sweet, sweet Halo ride:

"Celebrating the November 6 worldwide release of Halo 4, this Ford Raptor is tough enough for the Master Chief and comes with a custom UNSC paint job, designed by the creators of Halo 4, 343 Industries. If you love the Halo series, this special edition liveried Raptor is a must-have. The detail of the design is intense and the performance of the SVT Raptor is in a league of its own."

While normal people have to pay the 400 MSP asking price to acquire it, we worked out a deal where you just have to do two simple things, and you will be given the 2011 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Halo Edition for the low, low price of NOTHING. Here are the required actions:

Be sure to complete the aforementioned duo of steps in a timely fashion, because you only have one week to score yourself that UNSC-branded truck. We'd also like to give a quick shout out to the Forza team for allowing us to hook you up with an awesome in-game Halo goody. All of you rock! And roll. Get it? Roll like a car because we're talking about vehicles? Your side is probably about ready to split from that joke, so I think we should probably consider this Bulletin done.

Until next week.

More - Halo 4 - Multiplayer Details; New Mode Revealed

More ‘Halo 4’ Multiplayer Details; New Mode Revealed

There are some big changes coming to the world of Halo 4 . but none are as exciting as seeing what new developer 343 Industries is bringing to the multiplayer. Though they have already teased a few of the game’s new competitive and cooperative modes. 343 is now slowly revealing more substantial details about Halo 4 ‘s multiplayer.

In the first part of a video series over at Game Informer. Multiplayer Designer Brad Welch discusses some of those multiplayer changes, and how they will impact the play styles of long-time Halo fans.

One of the most influential changes to multiplayer for Halo 4 are the loadouts — customizable weapon and ability choices that will create unique player combinations in Halo 4 ‘s multiplayer. Rather than relying on weapon drops for new choices players will be able to select which of the game’s varied arsenal they want to roll into battle with.

Along with new weapons, players will also be able to select from many of Halo: Reach ‘s abilities, and some new ones, for their loadout. Sprint, however, won’t be an option since it now comes standard for all Spartan IVs. As Welch points out, without sprint multiplayer gamers are finding new play styles and ability options that were never really explored before in Reach.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a new Halo without some new modes for players to tool around with, and Halo 4 promises new revisions of old standards along with a few new options like Regicide. Regicide places a bounty on a single player’s head (the “King”), that grows as they kill more opponents, and only when that king is killed does the honor (or dishonor) pass on. Points are still awarded for kills regardless, but there is obviously going to be one priority target for Regicide.

There are still many elements to the multiplayer, including its Red vs. Blue storyline and a more detailed explanation of the Spartan points, to come later this week. And, to sweeten the deal even further, Conan O’Brien is planning on revealing some big Halo 4 news on his show tomorrow.

Though this is just a taste of what 343 has in store of multiplayer fans in Halo 4. it’s absolutely a great start. There are enough new features and content for 343 to escape Bungie ‘s shadow, while die-hard fans should be happy to know old standards (like Capture the Flag) are returning.

What do you think of Halo 4 ‘s new multiplayer mode Regicide? How will the inclusion of sprint alter the selection of armor abilities in the multiplayer?

Halo 4 is slated for a Holiday 2012 release on the Xbox 360.

Скачать Warhammer 40, 000: Regicide v1

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Dr.Web Security Space (125)

Halo 4’s Regicide Mode Amps Up Competitive Gameplay in Multiplayer

Halo 4’s Regicide Mode Amps Up Competitive Gameplay in Multiplayer

The upcoming Regicide mode for Halo 4 may prove to offer one of the most compelling multiplayer experiences in online gaming.

Aside from the large single-player campaign, the multiplayer modes in Halo 4 are going to be the biggest draw to the game—which is no surprise given the series’ pedigree for offering intense competitive and cooperative experiences.

Renown gaming commentator Adam “SeaNanners” Montoya spent a lot of time with the Halo 4 build present at the recent showing of the game at Rooster Teeth Expo last weekend and uploaded footage of his experience with the game. He played a lot of the Regicide game mode, where the player with the most points is the “king”, who’s worth more points than every other player you kill. As Regicide is a point-based game, there are other ways to earn points throughout the battle besides simply killing other players.

The demo had three maps on offering, including Haven, Adrift, and Longbow. which is a map which we recently featured. All three maps were also present within the E3 demo of the game, but 343i had more to offer in terms of gameplay this time around as they let players enjoy a hands-on experience of the game.

SeaNanners describes the new Battle Rifle as feeling very similar—though not necessarily identical—to the BR in Halo 3. He verifies that there are Call of Duty-esque hit markers so you’ll never have to worry about whether your shots are hitting enemies.

Halo 4 will be out on November 6 for the Xbox 360.


Halo 4 - Flood Gameplay, Complex Regicide, Ragnarok Mantis, Mission 3

Halo 4 - Flood Gameplay, Complex Regicide, Ragnarok Mantis, Mission 3

neural_physics: The flood are too hard to beat with those thrusters. overpowered thrusters are overpowered.

Mirek410: Eli. Thanks so much bro for all the info and links to other videos, I know this was released over a month ago but I subscribed right away, finally get to see some campaign gameplay

PickIe701: Words cannot describe how excited I am to play as the flood!

xXAwesomeFoxXx: Ah, so Franky decided to play in midnight mode.

lowi able: freak valhla its stupid. u cant have a br battle with someone becacause someone on the car pops out and guns u down..its such a noob map

spreer01: i think ur just thinking youll be raped by the mantis, or u just realized halo4 isnt what youd thought it would be. you should really be playing with my little ponie dolls. go freak urself. ahem. im 11, too. =) all alone.

spreer01: how is one bullet balanceing it out

spreer01: lol, double chin!

Ishkabab O: to balance it out with the other weapons.

TRUE SPARTXN: Wow the more the better thou :/

Kylo Rain: so you cant kill 3 people with 1 clip

Thomas Morgan: the valhalla remake better not be in the limited edition because i don't have 99$

TheDarkStarHunter: Youtube sorry

TheDarkStarHunter: Eli how did you set up your facebook with your youyube name?

Lucas Perro: -______- this is better. freak u bo2. for now.

Billy Bob: Oh-kaaaaaaaaaaay..

Sue McCreary: Halo 4 is going to be the best game ever.

lowi able: wow reallllly? valhalla? out of all the maps they pick freaking valhla. wow so gay. call of duty bo2 im going to buy you instead. this map just ruined my desire for h4. freak it gaylo is freaking old allready im probably moving on now for sure.

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Halo 4 Grind Guides: Regicide

Halo 4 Grind Guides: Regicide

This guide takes a closer look at Regicide, Juggernaut’s faster, lighter little brother, and the commendations you can bang out therein.

What is it?
Those who’ve played previous Halo titles will likely be familiar with the Juggernaut gametype, wherein one player is granted extra shields and strength, but is highlighted on the map for everyone else to find and try to kill. Regicide strips this down a bit, reserving the overshield for those kings who can hold onto the crown for a sizable amount of time, and adds a score bonus to the kill points for anyone who manages to kill the king. That, and instead of random selection, the king designation (and map indicator) goes to whomever has the highest score in this free-for-all playlist.

What can I work on?
Given the invitation for players to rush the King, multikill opportunities abound, especially with well-placed grenades or some fine shooting. The maps you’ll encounter are small-to-medium in size, so you’ll want to prep your loadout for that sort of thing. Not the worst place to work assassinations, either, given that two or three people will often be squaring off at a time, and not paying attention to new entrants to the fray. Assassinating the king will actually net you a special Execution medal and bonus, which has its own commendation outside of regular king kills under the Regicide gametype.

Any other tips?
Promethean Vision may not be the worst idea for an armor ability here, especially if you find yourself becoming king fairly regularly. Even without it, keep an eye on your motion tracker if you do have the crown, because you’re likely to be making new friends really fast.

Even if you’re not king, rack up any kills you can, rather than rushing blindly in for that king kill bonus. Regular kills still get you points, and if you rack up enough of them, you can take the crown for yourself without even seeing the old king.

Fast-paced and frenzied, Regicide is the only free-for-all playlist that has a regular, rather than rotational, presence, and in all fairness, it just took a step out of the typical scoreboard-checking to gang up on whomever’s wreaking the most havoc in standard multiplayer. If you think you’re the kind of badass who can handle him- or herself, by all means, make a bid for the throne.

An avid gamer and writer since his childhood, Chris is constantly trying to find new ways to merge his loves of words and pixels. When not strapped to a keyboard, he can be found streaming on Twitch.tv, appreciating fine beers, or having surprisingly involved conversations with his cat.