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Kamikaze Girls” Creator and Lolita Fashion Icon Novala Takemoto Visits Los Angeles

“Kamikaze Girls” Creator and Lolita Fashion Icon Novala Takemoto Visits Los Angeles Novala Takemoto, Japanese cult author and fashion icon, will make his first U.S. appearance as a Guest of Honor at Pacific Media Expo (PMX) on Oct. 28 and 29. Internationally acclaimed, award-winning film Kamikaze Girls (Shimotsuma Monogatari, 2004), based on Takemoto’s signature novel, will screen at PMX.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) September 15, 2006

Novala Takemoto, Japanese cult author and fashion icon, will make his first U.S. appearance as a Guest of Honor at Pacific Media Expo (PMX) on Oct. 28 and 29. Internationally acclaimed, award-winning film Kamikaze Girls (Shimotsuma Monogatari, 2004), based on Takemoto’s signature novel, will screen at PMX.

“Pacific Media Expo has been looking for guests who represent the convergence of all aspects of Pacific Rim media and culture. Mr. Takemoto’s accomplishments as a fashion designer, novelist and now the creator of a hit film in both Japan and the U.S. makes him the perfect Renaissance man to represent these trends to the United States,” said Mike Tatsugawa, PMX Event Chair. “With the growing popularity of the sweet Lolita fashion trend in Japan and the United States we felt that Halloween weekend was the perfect time to bring all his fans together.”

Takemoto’s debut novel, Sewing Machine (Mishin, 2000) sold 500,000 copies. Later works Emily (2002) and Lolita (2004) were nominated for the prestigious Yukio Mishima Literary Prize. Kamikaze Girls (Shimotsuma Monogatari, 2004) depicts the seemingly odd friendship between a frustrated and bored country girl fixated on the lifestyle of 18th-century frilly French dress, and a spunky member of an all-female biker gang. The film pays homage to fellow cultural luminaries Tank Girl, The Outsiders and Kill Bill while incorporating homegrown Japanese eccentricities.

Once labeled the “Lolita Bard” by overseas newspapers, Takemoto passionately supports the Lolita fashion style, which emphasizes Victorian-style and Edwardian fashion girl's dress and often aims to imitate the look of porcelain dolls. He created his own clothing and product line, Pour Lolita, in collaboration with Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, a leading boutique chain created in 1988.

About Pacific Media Expo:

America’s first major trade show dedicated to Asian-Pacific popular culture and entertainment media, Pacific Media Expo (PMX) is an industry event sponsored by the Pacific Media Association. Pacific Media Expo will be held Oct. 28 and 29 at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport. The show will feature honored guests, live performances, panel discussions, autograph sessions, Asian cinema and animation video rooms, art exhibitions and one of the country’s only exhibit halls dedicated to Asian media and pop culture.

About Pacific Media Association:

Pacific Media Association is dedicated to promoting the Pacific Rim’s entertainment media industries. PMA specializes in Asia’s cultural exports, such as anime and manga, music and live entertainment, live-action television and films, and diverse cultural lifestyles, while building creative communities and promoting Asian awareness within the United States. PMA is the parent of Pacific Media Expo. The Pacific Media Association is located in Los Angeles, Calif. USA.

For more information about Pacific Media Expo, please visit or e-mail.

Business inquiries please write to:

Pacific Media Expo

914 Westwood Blvd, Suite 586

Los Angeles, CA 90024-2905

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Kamikaze Girls (Manga) by Novala Takemoto on iBooks

Kamikaze Girls (Manga)

This book is available for download with iBooks on your Mac or iOS device, and with iTunes on your computer. Books can be read with iBooks on your Mac or iOS device.


Momoko is a Lolita stranded in the boondocks of rural Ibaraki prefecture, although she'd much rather be living in the Palace of Versailles. Ichigo is an impulsive member of a girls-only biker gang who firmly believes in honor, loyalty, and fist fighting. Together this unlikeliest of duos strikes out on a journey to find a legendary embroiderer who might just be able to make their dreams come true. Inspired by the cult-classic novel by the same name, this exclusive manga edition of Novala Takemoto's Kamikaze Girls contains several brand new stories, including a continuation of Momoko and Ichigo's misadventures that was approved by the author himself!

  • Available on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac.
  • Category: Other
  • Published: Apr 09, 2013
  • Publisher: VIZ Media
  • Seller: VIZ Media, LLC
  • Print Length: 197 Pages
  • Language: English
  • Requirements: To view this book, you must have an iOS device with iBooks 3 or later and iOS 4.3 or later, or a Mac with iBooks 1.0 or later and OS X 10.9 or later.

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    Kamikaze Girls (Manga) is available for download from iBooks. Kamikaze Girls (Manga) is available for download from iBooks.
  • Novala Takemoto Quotes

    Novala Takemoto Quotes

    Novala Takemoto is a Japanese author and fashion designer. His real name is Toshiaki Takemoto. His pen name is translatable as "The Wild Rose.". (wikipedia)

    There are so many awful things in this world, but I wanted readers to share with me the small, beautiful, enjoyable things. Things like cute clothes, beautiful art and pretty flowers; items that are overflowing with beauty. If you just become obsessed with your own problems, you miss these things. When you discover them, you become happy.

    Kamikaze Girls - Takemoto Novala

    • Japanese title: 下妻物語
    • Translated by Akemi Wegmüller
    • Kamikaze Girls was made into a film in 2004, directed by Nakashima Tetsuya

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    Our Assessment:
    B-. decent teen account that goes off the rails when it becomes a buddy-story

    See our review for fuller assessment.

    The complete review 's Review.

    Kamikaze Girls is narrated by teenage Momoko Ryugasaki, who lives in a backwater Japanese town with her father, a small-time, some-time would-be Yakuza underling who is such a loser that she actually calls him the Loser; her mother ran off with another man a while back. They moved to Shimotsuma after things got a bit too hot for the Loser (or rather the Yakuza he worked with), but at least he made a decent score before he was run out of town and so they're not entirely impoverished.
    Momoko is a 'Lolita': No matter what hardships I may face, to be a Lolita is my raison d'être -- more simply put, my identity. Being a 'Lolita' does not mean that she wants to be a Nabokovian nymphet; rather, it's a fashion statement -- the fashion being an over-frilly Rococo look. And, indeed, she aspires to the spirit of that age rather than Lolitan seductiveness, too, with Rococo, for her: Prizing elegance, sweet emotions, and fantasy more than morals and truth; wallowing in fleeting romance rather than trying to give meaning to life, when who knows what's going to happen to you anyway; ignoring virtue and conventions to cherish only the pleasures you are definitely experiencing now Her escape from her dreary backwater life is going to the big city boutiques and shopping for the latest distinctive fashions -- whereby her taste is definitely rather specialized: If the aesthetics of subtraction is the basis of design, then the aesthetics of overdoing it forms the basis of the Lolita look. The Loser made his big killing with counterfeit Versace products, and it's these, which Momoko tries to sell to make some cash, that bring her into contact with Ichiko (actually Ichigo, which is what Momoko winds up calling her) Shirayuri, who is a 'Yanki' -- basically "working-class rebels" that obviously are pretty much the opposite of Lolitas. Of course the girls hit it off and become buddies.
    Kamikaze Girls offers a decent, entertaining look at teen subculture, though isolated Momoko lives largely in a world of her. She makes for a decent guide to her bizarre Lolitan world, and the family background parts -- Loser dad and his Versace scheme -- are entertaining too. Once Ichigo comes on the scene, however, most of the fun stops. Sure, the story may come together in best buddy-style, all oil and water and sticking up for each other, but despite their little adventures -- Momoko turns out to be a pachinko prodigy. Ichigo is turned into a model and Momoko is her manager. violent confrontations !-- it all gets pretty bland and boring: Momoko was a lot more fun on her own.
    Takemoto strikes a decent tone for Momoko, but his ill-matched pair remain ill-matched, reducing the story to one that becomes far too cartoonish (or cinematic -- this type of thing probably does play better on the screen). It's too bad, because Momoko's bubbling enthusiasm about her life and lifestyle, and some amusing narrative ticks (like the grand statements which she then quickly admits are exaggerations or lies) are really solid; her tales of adventure with Ichigo. less so.

    - M.A.Orthofer. 10 November 2011

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    Japanese author Takemoto Novala (嶽本 野ばら) was born in 1968.

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    Doll (Novala Takemoto)

    Post navigation Doll (Novala Takemoto)

    I spent time up in the castle turret, in my previously unfinished state.

    The memory of the sins I commited has already faded away.
    Wandering lost amidst the forest, turning here and there,
    I was finally dragged by my golden hair and trapped in a rocky prison.
    Day by day this dream comes to me. So this dream must have been true.

    I was born in a furnace, I was made from steel.
    I have no soul, and these things they call friends, I do not understand.
    The people whom I call my father, my mother, I do not understand.
    But there is one thing.
    Only when I am cut, only when I see the red blood flow, can I return to being human.

    I have no emotions.
    They are not important to me, so one day I burned them all away.
    I will chose a master and become his servant, kneel before him, be abused and whipped, despised;
    this is how I want to live.

    These are important to us.
    Amethyst crystal eyes
    Cast in shadows by long, dark lashes.
    Perfectly crimson lips.
    Undershorts to protect our chastity.
    To correct our bodies, a corset.
    Like a vase of roses,
    Dresses with layers and layers of frills.
    Bandages for the deeper wounds.
    Books, where these delusions were born. Sadism…
    A cute little inhuman doll.
    A candle and a candlestick.
    They point their fingers and laugh, with many people,
    Those who love me merely a little.
    Trifled with, the stiff jointed dolls.
    Teddy bears from which chips fly out.
    And only one thing with which to gaze through to reality, a mirror.

    Some day even we may fall in love.
    And at that time, maybe we will become human.
    But until then, we must unfold
    This world full of faults.

    But these dreaming young girls, until they greet the day they must grow up,
    Are a little like those from a picture book…

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    Kamikaze Girls by Novala Takemoto: review

    Kamikaze Girls
    Stand Alone
    My Rating:
    5 out of 5 Stars
    Age Group:
    Young Adult
    Contemporary, Humor
    VIZ Media LLC
    Release Date:
    January 15th 2008
    Life in the boondocks of rural Ibaraki prefecture is anything but glamorous, and to escape her humdrum existence, Momoko, a “Lolita,” fanaticizes about French rococo, dreams of living in the palace of Versailles, and decks herself out in the finest (and frilliest) of 18th century haute couture from an expensive Tokyo specialty store. Her dreams of an idyllic existence are rudely interrupted by the appearance of Ichigo, a tough-talking “Yanki” motorcycle-chick (on a tricked-out moped) who’s part of a girls-only biker gang known as the Ponytails. Together, this unlikeliest of duos strikes out on a quest to find a legendary embroiderer, a journey that takes them to back-alley pachinko parlors, chic boutiques, and epic bike-punk battles. Novala Takemoto’s hit novel Kamikaze Girls, already a cult-classic in Japan and the inspiration for an internationally acclaimed film of the same name, is more than a quirky coming-of-age tale, it’s a new way of life.

    I have to say that I like stories that feature a friendship between two people who are extremely different from each other. So when I found out about Kamikaze Girls. I just knew that I needed the book in my hands. And when I finally got a copy of the novel in my hands and started reading, I couldn’t stop laughing!

    Kamikaze Girls is a playful and seriously funny book. It’s not just the unlikely friendship between Momoko, a Lolita who is completely dedicated to Rococo, and Ichigo, a Yanki who is more than a little in love with the biker gang known as the Ponytails that she happens to be part of, that made me laugh, but also the dialogue and Momoko’s voice. I couldn’t go a page without finding something I thought to be funny.

    Momoko, the Lolita and narrator of this story, is a thoroughly entertaining character. She is humorous, well-rounded, and girly. She goes by her own rules and really couldn’t care less about what others think of her and the frilly dresses she wears. Her narrative, which is quite chatty, is engaging and full of wit, even when she is spouting out some lecture on the Rococo era and Lolita fashion, or her sort-of depressing childhood. Momoko is undeniably charming and had me stuck in my bed reading all day.

    Ichigo, the Yanki of this story, is also endearing. Yes, she is dim-witted but I never found her to be annoying or needy. Honestly, the things that she says and does are laugh out loud funny. She is full of life and, even though she is normally dim-witted, can be extremely tough and wise. She is loyal and has a strong sense of honor. And, like Momoko, Ichigo doesn’t care about what other people think of her. I loved Ichigo and the laughs she brought.

    The friendship between the two girls is actually very subtle while it is developing. It is rarely, if not never, directly said that they are friends, until the end. The reader must pay attention to the (hilarious) interactions and conversations that happen between the two characters. I was fond of this fact, though others may not be.

    I must warn people though that the beginning of the novel is slow. It takes a while for Momoko to meet Ichigo. Though I do think that the wait is well worth it, as Momoko and Ichigo’s little adventures are fun and amusing, and that fight scene near the end was pretty exciting. I don’t want to spoil so here are only six words: badass Yanki and Lolita kick butt.

    The prose is very good, straight to the point could be a way to describe it. But the real treat is the smart, witty dialogue. It really and truly made me feel smile and laugh. And there is quite a bit of dialogue, so there was quite a bit of smiling and laughing.

    Kamikaze Girls is a fun, charming coming-of-age tale that I loved a lot. Even if you feel like you have already read a story like this, I still recommend you read this novel. Because Kamikaze Girls is Kamikaze Girls and Kamikaze Girls is awesome. And funny.

    Quotes by Novala Takemoto @ Like Success

    Quotes by Novala Takemoto

    There are times a women's just got to fight even if she knows it's a losing battle more.

    I am a lolita. I don't believe in growing up. No matter how old I get I remain devoted to ruffles and frills more.

    You know what you like, you know what you want. So all you have to do is find something work related to that stuff more.

    Snatching happiness takes a lot more courage than enduring unhappiness more.

    If you find something precious you have to hold onto it with all your might and never let it go inspite of whatever else you may lose, after all many people die without ever finding that's really precious to them. more.

    I am anti-social and have a dark personality. I have no redeeming qualties and nothing to offer, therefore I could never have what I wanted more.

    All I trust is the past. Things that have ended can't betray me. more.

    Obession makes everything possible more.

    It's not like I'm all into nostalgia and history, it's just that I can't stand the way things are now more.

    An element of fantasy is needed when falling in love and I was unable to find the fantasy element with any of the male gender more.

    You fueled my obession, even encouraged it and your selfishness ruined my life more.

    Snow falling soundlessly in the middle of the night will always fill my heart with sweet clarity more.

    How many people could embrace such disturbing imagery? more.

    If two people are able to communicate their feelings without words you know it's true love more.

    I only had the right to sit in the shadows of the world,in complete silence. Whether I was laughed at, or told I was discusting, or thought of as unpleasant I would sit in the shadows. more.

    The only things that erased my lonliness were written works more.

    Your existence is the only proof of mine more.

    I really had no idea you'd be this stupid but then again you were the only person that really got me more.

    I have a, shall we say, morbid personality. more.

    In my life I doubt if I will ever forget the sensation of your lips against mine more.

    Compromise is low class. I don't have anything against the poor, but being low class is the root of all evil more.

    Restraining, saving, assuring your checkbook balance. what does all taht amount to? If I go broke one day I'll just take out loans more.

    Lolitas do not recognize any authority. They follow only the values they have chosen for themselves, regardless of what anybody might say. more.

    I have not once felt a thing for the male sex, I was only interested in the fairer sex. Mine. more.

    Lolitas value independence and beauty above all else. more.

    Humans are cowards in the face of happiness. It takes courage to hold on to happiness. more.

    Fashion was my teacher.It taught me how to live. When I see clothes I want to become worthy of them. more.

    There are so many awful things in this world, but I wanted readers to share with me the small, beautiful, enjoyable things. Things like cute clothes, beautiful art and pretty flowers; items that are overflowing with beauty. If you just become obsessed with your own problems, you miss these things. When you discover them, you become happy. more.

    I know that many people kill off their real personality just to fit into this society, but why do we have to compromise? I never understood that. I decided to try to be myself and to live by my own values rather than those of others. more.

    Let's say punk rock was described to you as 'three chords of rock music played roughly.' Would that be sufficient? If you looked up surrealism in the dictionary and it was described as a style of art that uses unrealistic depiction, would you understand? In Japan, even now, people ask me, 'What is Gothic Lolita fashion?' I tell them I don't know. more.

    When I started writing, I thought nobody would understand the things that I liked. Then I began getting a lot of letters from people who said they were waiting for me to express what they felt they couldn't, so I kept writing. more.

    Advice is like snow - the softer it falls, the longer it dwells upon, and the deeper in sinks into the mind. Samuel Taylor Coleridge Snow falling soundlessly in the middle of the night will always fill my heart with sweet clarity. more.

    Novala Takemoto Pictures

    Novala Takemoto Quotes

    Week 45 - Book 45 - Kamikaze Girls - by Novala Takemoto

    Week 45 – Book 45 – “Kamikaze Girls” by Novala Takemoto

    I think I love this book. I’ve seen the movie so naturally, I had to read the book the movie was based on.

    What I love about this novel is the cultural clash between Momoko and Ichigo. While Momoko’s a Lolita obsessed with the brand “Baby, the Stars Shine Bright” and whose appearance doesn’t match her straightforwardness and levelheaded mindset, Ichigo (or commonly called Ichiko, since Ichigo (strawberry) is too sweet for her image) is a yanki or a delinquent with a big heart who frequently rides her bike with a feverish passion. Both of them are incredibly convinced of their own ways and refuse to give an inch when the other criticises their respective lifestyle. Also, both of them know what they want out of life, but perhaps not how to achieve it. Until their fated meeting, neither of
    The character who amazes me the most in the story is in fact the main character Momoko. She’s not afraid to distinguish themselves and reject the society’s norms and rules for her own sake. She’s incredibly strongwilled and while she’s sure of what she want, she can still doubt herself. Her burning love for Lolita clothes and the Rococo doesn’t just remain a hobby for her – she makes it her lifestyle and devote herself to it entirely. For sure, her strong personality will leave an impression. Ichigo is also likes this, and together they’re a tremendously vibrant duo that makes this book so captivating.

    The book is written from Momoko’s perspective, which kinda makes the book more enjoyable. With her blunt statements that borders on snobbish, her comments makes half the book. Ichigo isn’t the brightest person, much to Momoko’s annoyance, and constantly finds things that she’s misinterpreted or just her lack of common sense. Strangely enough, these two complete opposites develop a friendship that won’t be broken easily.

    While the book touch subjects like maturity and identity, I think it’s most common team is the will to grasp happiness. Momoko says in the beginning of the novel a quote that show her character quite well: “If you find something precious you have to hold onto it with all your might and never let it go inspite of whatever else you may lose, after all many people die without ever finding that’s really precious to them “. Therefore, I wouldn’t say it’s your ordinary coming of age book though. Questions regarding the themes previously mentioned are neatly woven into the story’s writing, hidden but still there and able to make an impact. This doesn’t make the book shallow or too obvious which I’ve sadly found other coming of age stories to be.

    Summary: the book can easily match the movies splendour. Read it or watch it, I don’t care, I will still love it.

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