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Danforth Essay

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Danforth S Witch Hunt, Is It Justified
Danforth s Witch Hunt, Is it Justified? (An Essay on the Crucible) I write in response to your column regarding Judge Danforth s actions during the witch trials in Salem.

"I can't believe the news today, I can't close my eyes, and make it go away."-Hewson

  ;  ;  ;  ; Judges, by their very nature, are used to protect and uphold certain societal values which

the majority deems necessary. If you ignore the majority, then you become somewhat of a

tyrant, if you ignore the minority, then you really step into danger. The minority is always the

group that uprises, that is just a logical conclusion, seeing how

The Puritan society in the book, The Crucible, is shown to be very strict and corrupted. The girls looking for some one to blame for their own wrong doings and.

if the majority wanted to uprise,

it would have already occurred. Danforth decides that he can somehow sustain the outcry from

the majority, and the anger of the minority. Danforth isn't a judge, he is an executioner. Piling

stones atop an old man's chest isn't justice, its cruel and unusual punishment, that wouldn't be

done by a judge, it would be done by an executioner. How did such a man get to where he was?

Essay. Salem
ESSAY. SALEM In 1692 in Salem Massachusetts a horrible chain of events occurred. A massive witch hunt began and a tidal wave of fear and suspicion swept over the.

can one run a sort of tyranny over the masses? What happens to Danforth's personality

when he gets his back against the wall. Danforth's paradox of �justice,' and society, clashing

  ;  ;  ;  ; How could such a man get to where he was? How could someone pile stones on top of

people, until their chest collapsed under the immense weight? Why would someone hang 27

people in less then two weeks? The answer

Hysteria In "The Crucible" Causes The Characters To Change.
Hysteria is a mental disorder marked by excitability, anxiety, or imaginary disorders. It can play an important role in people s lives. Hysteria supplants logic and enables people.

is simple, in the name of God. When John Proctor

yelled "I TELL YOU GOD IS DEAD," perhaps he was speaking the simple truth. We hear the

same saying from the German philosopher Nietzsche in the 18th century. Perhaps they both

speak the truth. What, if anything, if there even is one, would God say if he saw a hunt for

societal witches? It is in the Bible, is it not? If its in

The Use Of Hubris In The Cruci
The Crucible Hubris, a tragic flaw, can be defined as excessive pride. In 1692 mass hysteria broke forth in the Massachusetts town of Salem. The society lives under a theocracy.

the Bible, it must be true! There is logical

reasoning for you ;"Well, that's 45 witches we've burned now, that ought to show God whose

side we are on." Quite simply, the only way Danforth became what he was was through the

power of the masses, and unfortunately, their ignorance.

  ;  ;  ;  ; Danforth is able to run a totalitarianism regime over the common folk of Salem, it

doesn't last long though. The

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