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Final Project and Experimental Writing - Gunn High School Creative Writing

In the optional final project, students have the opportunity to do a significant revision of a previous piece or create new work of their choice. Students are encouraged to experiment with innovative, genre-bending forms.


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Aaron Bleyaert

Human glue, freckle photographer

Who are you, and what do you do?

Howdy! My name is Aaron Bleyaert, and I work for Team Coco. the digital arm of the show "CONAN", which airs weeknights at 11 on TBS. We have an absolutely top notch team of talent here in the Digital Department, and that's critical - because we're called upon to do a ton of stuff on a regular basis: We clip up the show every night, have a constantly churning comedy blog, send out billions of tweets, have fan contests, shoot extra web exclusive songs with bands, record podcasts with comedians, interview celebs in their dressing rooms, etc etc. We're all over the place with all the crazy things we're doing every week. It's awesome and fantastic and exciting and overwhelming and very. exhausting.

Personally, I do a little bit of everything. On The Tonight Show, I was the show's entire web department, and now the easiest way to describe what I do is "Human Glue" - I kind of step in and do whatever needs to be done. This can include writing, shooting, editing, crying, photoshopping, interviewing, pitching, crying, podcasting, crying, and quietly crying. I cry easily.

What hardware do you use?

Since my daily output can run from having to write a thousand tweets to interviewing Dr. Drew (which for some reason happens more than you think), I have a lot of different tools at my disposal - the most important by far being my ol' trusty 15 inch Macbook Pro. When The Tonight Show ended and Conan wanted to join Twitter. I realized that the only computer that I actually owned outright was this tiny little Hackintosh netbook, and I cannot tell you how much shit Conan gave me for being such a big guy who was using such a tiny computer. It was merciless (and hilarious).

When I was tapped to go out on the road and record the "Legally Prohibited From Being Funny On Television" tour with a blog and behind the scenes videos, it was clear that I wasn't going to be able to do all of that on a tiny netbook, so our Tour Manager, an amazing and super cool guy named Gus Brandt, let me borrow his Macbook so that I could do my actual job - and Conan eventually just bought the Macbook off him and gave it to me. This Macbook is more important than one of my arms, and almost literally does not leave my side. I am EXTREMELY paranoid about it - I've gone so far as to stash it at my sister's house when I go on vacation and hide it under furniture when I go to the store. I never even leave it in my car: I've brought it with me on numerous occasions into fancy dinners or cool clubs. Maybe that's why girls never talk to me. HA HA HA. Just kidding, you guys. I never go to fancy dinners or cool clubs.

Aside from the Macbook, my choice of hardware depends on what I need to do! If it's:

Taking pictures of Conan's freckles? I use either our Canon T2i or T3i DLSR to take the photos.

Recording a Podcast? I use 4 of the second shittiest handheld mics that Radioshack has to offer, along with this Behringer mixer.

Shooting a backstage interview with an up and coming celebrity named "Dr. Drew"? The Panasonic HPX-170 and two Sony URX-p2 Lav mics.

Staring off into the distance contemplating all the mistaken choices I've made in my life while listening to Bon Iver on repeat? My 3rd generation black iPod. Natch.

Like I said, it depends on what's happening that day or what I've got to get done. (If you want the real nitty gritty I also work off of a 2 TB CalDigit drive that's all the speed and storage a girl could hope for.)

And what software?

And of course, Chrome. Firefox. Safari. (It's hard to work on a website without using a web browser). I'm also currently really into that scary game called "Slender", but I'm not sure if that really qualifies as "Software that helps me do my job". Unless that job is pissing my pants with fear.

What would be your dream setup?

My dream setup is exactly what I have now: A tremendous group of smart, funny, creative, good looking, talented people. I could always use a better lighting kit, a more expensive lens, more sensitive mics, etc, but all the hardware and software in the world is completely useless without a killer team of people to use it. Honestly, we could all be forced to share one crappy Gateway desktop computer from 1996, and I'm confident these guys (and gals) would still be able to rock out an amazing and hilarious site. I seriously could not ask for a better setup than I have right now. Except maybe, you know, better deodorant. My officemates have been giving me some weird glances lately, and I think it's because my "Showtime" scented Old Spice ain't cutting it. ;)

This is a waferbaby snafu. Follow along on Twitter. or subscribe to the feed. There's even a very basic API. if you're so inclined. Unless otherwise noted, everything is available via the Attribution-Share Alike license. ❤️

Conan O Brien s web guy Aaron Bleyaert lost 80lb after getting dumped

‘How to lose weight? Have your heart broken!’ Gamer who shed 80lb reveals how being dumped drove him to the gym in self-deprecating rant sweeping the internet
  • Conan O'Brien's 'web guy' Aaron Bleyaert shared weight loss on tumblr
  • The LA-based gamer's surprisingly emotional tips have gone viral
  • Steps include getting your heart shattered into 'tiny little pieces'

Published: 15:18 GMT, 1 October 2015 | Updated: 15:42 GMT, 1 October 2015

A gamer who shed 80 pounds (five stone) in a year has seen a blog post detailing the moving reason for his slim-down - the agony of heartbreak - go viral.

Michigan-born Aaron Bleyaert, who now lives in LA, and plays video games on TV with Conan O'Brien as part of the talk show host's Clueless Gamer segment, has seen his 'four easy steps' essay on how he lost weight become a surprise hit.

The personality, known on TV as 'Bley', has found support thanks to his brutal honesty, admitting that aside from the usual steps of cutting out booze, sugary drinks and big portions, a break-up is a sure-fire way to motivate you to get to the gym.

Scroll down for video

Aaron Bleyaert shared his 'four easy steps' on how he lost five stone in a year on tumblr, and it's gone viral thanks to its brutal - and surprisingly moving - honesty

The Los Angeles gamer lost five stone in a year and decided to post his tips to 'answer everyone's questions' about how he'd lost weight and got into shape

He wrote in his funny, self-deprecating Tumblr post that he wanted to share his top tips to 'answer everyone's questions' about how he'd lost weight and got into shape by giving 'step by step instructions on how you can achieve everything I have…'

Starting off with a pretty standard 'no beer' rule, he explains, 'Every time you drink a beer, it’s like eating seven slices of bread. That’s a lot of bread!'

Next up is portion control where he advises readers who are eating out to immediately ask for half your food to be put in a doggy bag so you can eat it for two separate meals.


So far, so standard.

But it's at step three that he throws readers an emotional curveball. 'Have your heart broken,' he writes.

'And not just broken; shattered. Into itsy bitsy tiny little pieces, by a girl who never loved you and never will.'

Aaron, who has also developed a following as a stand-up and web performer, then goes on to advise people to 'start going to the gym regularly' to help ease the pain of a break-up and 'try to forget her'.

Aaron learnt that his time at the gym was less about losing weight and more about learning patience and that 'things will eventually get better'

Step one - 'No beer' - and step two - 'Portion control' - are pretty standard, but then Aaron throws readers an emotional curve ball at step three when he writes: 'Have your heart broken'

Aaron shares intimate details of his pain when he sees that his ex-girlfriend seems to be happier without him after looking at her Facebook and Instagram posts.

'She is having a great time without you, and you are wasting your life listening to Taylor Swift on repeat and making sweat puddles on a gym floor,' he writes

Things get worse when the ex gets herself a 'taller', 'more ripped', 'better looking' new man and 'parades him around' in front of Aaron.

'That night, you deadlift your body weight,' he wrote.

After a time, though, Aaron's gym sessions start becoming more of a rewarding hobby than a means of escapism as he starts to notice changes in his body and begins getting compliments.

When he's out he starts getting hit on by 'gorgeous women'. But all he could think about was how he needed to beat his own running time.

Aaron Bley appears on Conan O'Brien's late night talk show as the 'web guy' before his transfomation

'There is a girl you see a lot at the gym, who always does these weird leg exercises you’ve never seen before.

After some considerable time Aaron finally gets talking to 'the girl who does the weird leg exercises'.

She asks him out (and the leg exercises are 'Pivoting Curtsy Lunges' by the way).

He starts seeing her a lot, both inside the gym and out - having cheat days when they eat out together and share a dessert.

'There is a girl you see a lot at the gym, who always does these weird leg exercises you’ve never seen before

Then, before Aaron knows it, it's been a year since he joined the gym and he gets philosophical about how his gym time wasn't necessarily about reaching a goal weight, it was about patience and 'trusting that life will slowly inch along and things will eventually get better'.

Finally, Aaron ends on a lighter note with step four: 'No fruit juice: Too much sugar!'

The humour and honesty in his words has helped the post sweep the internet and Aaron posted a 'thank you' on Instagram, saying: 'I can't tell you how much that means to me. This is all very overwhelming'.

Meanwhile, his fans took to social media to praise his essay, with one commenter assuring him: 'What a great story! Something like that happened to me, except it was some years ago, sadly no one at that time used the gym as catharsis but I did meet the love of my life afterwards, we have that in common.'

An Instagram user called Estreana wrote: 'This is everything I needed to here at this exact moment. Thank you you wonderful beautiful man.'

And Sjackx added: 'I've been thinking about it all day since I read it - can't get it out of my head. So so powerful!'

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  • Geordie Shore's Chloe Ferry calls it quits with TOWIE hunk Jon Clark after 'catching him arranging a meeting with another girl' in text message
  • Sisters before misters! TOWIE's Megan McKenna takes younger sibling Milly as her date to a cast party after feisty starlet's family make their TV debut
  • Lottie Moss puts on a busty display in a very revealing camisole and skin-tight jeans as she parties with pals Returned after a sun-soaked getaway
  • What do you get the girl who has everything? Margot Robbie takes a PINEAPPLE to Cara Delevingne's birthday bash Celebs hard to buy for
  • Poppy Delevingne flaunts her enviable abs in a wrap crop top as she celebrates younger sister Cara's birthday at warehouse bash in London
  • Michelle Keegan transforms into military medic Corporal Georgie Lane on humanitarian mission to Kenya in dramatic first trailer for BBC's Our Girl
  • Rihanna seriously shines in oversized glittery silver sunglasses and matching hoop earrings as she playfully sticks tongue out at fans after Warsaw gig
  • 'It's a hopeful time': Sheryl Crow shines in checkered frock as she celebrates 10 cancer-free years at #BlogHer16Experts event
  • Taking it in her stride! Margot Robbie flaunts her slim legs in cropped black trousers in London. after blockbuster Suicide Squad is savaged by critics
  • 'I'm gonna be her new boyfriend': Stephen Bear asks Chloe Mafia's mum for approval as they hint at taking things to the next level in CBB Puckers up again
  • 'I really needed a sexual boost of confidence': Amy Schumer had the 'perfect' one-night stand after her ex-boyfriend turned out to be gay
  • TOWIE's Georgia Kousoulou looks flirty in a cobalt minidress as she joins leggy Lydia Bright and the cast for a party Looked sensational
  • Bra-less Kendall Jenner wears VERY flimsy dress as she arrives late to family lunch and meets with survivors of gun violence Better late than never
  • Renee Zellweger SLAMS media speculation about her appearance in scathing essay. and says she did not have surgery to change her looks
  • She still believes in love! Jennifer Garner shows off fit physique in logo shirt and leggings as she heads to the gym for morning workout
  • 'Bromance' between Drake and football mega-star Paul Pogba continues to blossom after pair snapped leaving New York nightclub
  • That's why Gwyneth hired her! Tracy Anderson reveals her incredible toned physique in a bikini as she participates in event to raise money for breast cancer
  • Millie Mackintosh flaunts her perky assets and sculpted abs as she dons a series of bikinis on Greek getaway Romantic trip
  • Girls day out! Melissa McCarthy enjoys a break from promoting Ghostbusters as she takes daughters to breakfast in Los Angeles
  • Louis Tomlinson teaches six-month-old son Freddie to play the guitar in heart-warming snap. as joint music venture with Simon Cowell is revealed
  • Nice to sea you! Holly Hagan flaunts her ample cleavage and impeccably toned abs in a skimpy blue bikini as she hits the beach in Ibiza
  • Pixie Lott puts a sexy spin on summer style as she goes braless in a low-black vest and jazzy monochrome skirt Looking glorious
  • A bit banged up! Charlie Sheen sports bandages on his wrist and knee as he indulges in some retail therapy in Malibu Still looking happy
  • Throwing shade at Bieber? Selena Gomez says she is looking for a 'low-key' relationship after dating pop star Justin for four years Wants a creative type
  • Here comes the Girl From Ipanema! Leggy Gisele Bundchen proudly commands the stage in shimmery low-cut gown at Rio Opening Ceremony Sparkling vision
  • MasterChef's Gregg Wallace marries fourth bride Anne-Marie Sterpini in secret London ceremony Fourth time luck!
  • Rumoured flames Rita Ora and Lewis Hamilton reunite in NYC as the F1 star returns from a wild week of partying with a bevvy of beauties in Barbados
  • Christopher Biggins is REMOVED from the CBB house after 'making a Nazi joke which reduced Jewish housemate Katie Waissel to tears'
  • Tatt's. interesting! Sheridan Smith is left stunned as she's greeted by mega-fan with her FACE inked on her leg She was stunned
  • 'Should I cut it permanently?' Kim Kardashian flaunts shorter 'do. but reveals it's just a wig as she shines in tight ivory outfit at event in Los Angeles
  • Pure and simple! Kourtney Kardashian looks slick in a form-fitting white jumpsuit as she joins family for filming
  • 'It's training camp!': Tom Brady reveals a career commitment made him miss his wife Gisele Bundchen's starring role at the Olympics in Rio
  • 'The words hit my heart like a hammer': Andy West reveals ex Ed Hutton cheated on him 'many times' before Big Brother marriage proposal
  • Victoria Beckham steps out in daring midnight blue culotte jumpsuit as she changes her outfit for the THIRD time in one day in New York Eye-catching ensemble
  • Patrick Schwarzenegger's model girlfriend Abby Champion amps up the sex appeal in skintight leather trousers as she meets her beau for coffee
  • Just heavenly! Leggy Victoria's Secret Angel Romee Strijd showcases her tight abs during sporty photoshoot
  • Chaz Bono, 47, shows off his slimmer frame as he shops for groceries after shedding more than 85Ib in weight Had female to male transition in 2010
  • Model family: Heidi Klum looks every inch the yummy mummy as she spends quality time with her children in New York
  • Courteney Cox plants a goodbye kiss on fiancé Johnny McDaid as she jets out of London in style Heading for home
  • Hitting her stride! Khloe Kardashian flashes skin in sexy thigh-high boots and mini dress during family outing Hair slicked up
  • 'Sore and shaken' Kris Jenner gets back behind the wheel days after road accident. as she remerges with a smile for KUWTK filming One hand in her pocket
  • 'Black magic': Lea Michele puts on a busty display in plunging sheer lace top and barely there cutoffs Nearly spilled out
  • Mark Wahlberg displays his bulging biceps in a tight-fitting T-shirt for the cover of Australian Men's Health magazine Impressive
  • Proof that even celebrities need war paint! These (heartening) before and after pictures taken on the same day reveal just what a huge difference make-up can make
  • 'I'm just such a nerd in the bedroom': Amber Rose reveals she has never used sex toys and that she is 'just a normal girl' Beehive wig
  • She scrubs up well! Emma Roberts catches the eye in garish pink as she prepares to shoot hospital scenes on set of Scream Queens
  • Walking tall! Cheerful Reese Witherspoon shows off her superbly toned gams in white shorts and massive platforms Been working out
  • Nailed it! Amber Rose puts her curves on display in clingy maxi dress during mani-pedi date with mom Dorothy Rocked a boho chic white dress
  • Sharongate 2: 'I love you Sharon !' 22 years after the classic storyline, Grant Mitchell turned the tables on Phil in EastEnders, by Jim Shelley Sensational bombshell
  • Is Josh Murray engaged? Bachelor In Paradise star 'pops the question to mum-of-two Amanda Stanton'
  • Dead stylish! Rebecca Gayheart nails off-duty chic as she rocks skinny white jeans and a denim jacket at LAX She never fails to look effortlessly chic
  • Baldwin Baby Bump 3! Pregnant Hilaria shows off her burgeoning belly in underwear selfie Made mothers everywhere jealous
  • She's on fire! Alessandra Ambrosio still manages to sizzle in frumpy Olympic garb as she carries the torch in Rio Official uniform
  • 'I'm ready to go': Serena Williams bemoans sitting on team USA bus for hours. before cheering up and twerking during Olympics opening ceremony
  • 'One is a pet, two is a zoo!' Jamie Dornan jokes about adjusting to fatherhood for the second time as he promotes new film
  • Dakota Fanning is the epitome of summer style in pretty striped skirt and tank as she steps out in Beverly Hills Looking lovely
  • Sylvester Stallone, 70, shows off his athletic physique in a tight purple shirt as he enjoys lunch in Beverly Hills
  • Sensational in silk! Glamorous Ashley Greene and Rachel Blanchard shimmer in matching dresses on the TCA Summer Tour
  • Hiding her assets! Susan Sarandon covers up her famous curves in a puffer jacket as she braves chilly temperature at Melbourne's Ice Bar
  • 'She can show you some moves!': Kim Kardashian reveals North is taking gymnastic classes as she wishes USA hopeful Simone Biles 'the best of luck'
  • Charlotte Le Bon looks effortlessly chic in a plunging white top and skinny jeans as she steps out in New York Enjoying some downtime
  • Specs appeal! Make-up free Lady Gaga steps out of New York recording studio in glasses and fiddler cap Grounded ensemble
  • 'I can't believe she's a woman now': Erin Holland says Bindi Irwin 'radiates sunshine' and is just as chirpy when the cameras are off
  • American Lie! Tara Reid caught admitting she and Dean May faked relationship for 'money and fame' on Marriage Boot Camp
  • Taylor Swift's younger brother Austin makes his acting debut in I.T. film trailer alongside Pierce Brosnan Brief appearance
  • Diane Kruger takes a break from her usual glam in ripped jeans and striped shirt for a solo stroll through New York's SoHo
  • Lovely in lace! Jessica Alba stuns in a white dress with a motorcycle jacket while promoting the Honest Company at Nordstrom
  • 'You think I'm annoying now? I can be a lot f**king worse': Stephen Bear lashes out after CBB housemates put him up for 'eternal nomination'
  • 'She chose fame over a family': Ex boyfriend of Celebrity Big Brother star Chloe Mafia claims she only sees daughter Destiny 'once a month' Scathing claims
  • 'We got your back!' Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis don patriotic blazers as they cheer on USA during Rio Olympics opening ceremony
  • Sports Illustrated star Hailey Clauson shows off her model figure in clingy shorts and a crop top as she strolls in NYC
  • Pretty in pink! Lily Collins looks chic in duster and tight jeans as she steps out for health food in West Hollywood Heading to the store
  • 'It had to be addressed': James Nesbitt's hair transplant IS hilariously referenced in new series of Cold Feet. but have the old cast really changed that much in 13 years?
    • Dude, where's my car? Jared Leto's Joker stars in Skrillex and Rick Ross's new video for Purple Lamborghini. but there's no sign of his wheels
    • Making a style statement! Naomi Watts looks quirky in culottes and a printed blazer as she strolls through New York Effortlessly chic style
    • Au naturale! Shanina Shaik shows off her flawless complexion and striking features in a stunning makeup-free selfie Never fails to impress
    • Girl about town! Lorde looks chic in high-waisted ripped jeans and a black bodysuit as she enjoys a day of shopping in Beverly Hills
    • Courtney Love is ladylike in a Victorian inspired minidress and heels for a late night dinner Flair for alternative fashion
    • 'Had such a great time making this movie': Mark Ruffalo spends his final day on set of Thor 3: Ragnarok on the Gold Coast
    • Melanie Griffith shows off her incredible figure in tight grey workout clothes as she heads to the gym Bored after becoming single
    • Someone's a fan! Shanina Shaik's ex Tyson Beckford gives Kim Kardashian lookalike Constance Siaflas' busty Instagram shots the tick of approval
    • 'I've not been interested in sex for 20 years': Ex-Bond beauty Britt Ekland, 73, reveals how plastic surgery destroyed her looks and why she'll only share her bed with her chihuahua
    • Calvin Harris unveils the much-anticipated music video to Olé. but is he throwing shade at ex Taylor Swift? Brunette beauties
    • Going for gold! TOWIE's Chloe Lewis flaunts her tiny waist in metallic midi-skirt at Olympic opening party during her much needed break
    • Trouble in paradise! TOWIE's Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks spotted having a tense argument on date night. after Megan cuts all ties with BFF Chloe Meadows
    • Kirstie Alley, 65, slips into an LBD for Las Vegas Star Trek convention. after becoming a grandmother for first time
    • PICTURED: Dramatic moment railing collapses at Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa concert, leaving at least 42 injured fans in the hospital
    • Grant Bovey is the first housemate to be evicted from Celebrity Big Brother. as he slams Stephen Bear and reveals that Christopher Biggins had control of the house
    • Aubrey O'Day SPITS in Stephen Bear's mouth. just days after she received warning for spitting in his sandwich on Celebrity Big Brother Begged her to do it
    • Gimme more! Britney Spears sizzles in sexy white bikini and cowboy hat during Hawaiian vacation with her two sons Taut and terrific
    • 'It's nerve-wracking!': Gisele Bundchen calms her jitters by spending time with her children ahead of Olympic Opening Ceremony Headline act
    • Angelina Jolie 'takes new role as visiting professor at Georgetown University to give lectures on women, peace and security'
    • Date night! New mum Anne Hathaway wears relaxed black jumpsuit for Radiohead concert as she steps out with husband Adam Shulman
    • 'My baby I love you but you're killing me!' Stephanie Davis battles the side-effects of pregnancy as she struggles to get a good night's rest
    • 'No more shows and I have to stay put': Ruby Rose apologises to fans for cancelling tour dates due to tonsillitis
    • Cara Delevingne shows her love for the nineties with LL Cool J T-shirt teamed with glittery eyeshadow and bright pink beanie for another day in her home city of London
    • She woke up like this! Pia Miller shows off blemish-free complexion and luscious long locks in impossibly flawless morning selfie
    • Any day now! Pregnant Holly Madison steps out looking fit to burst in a striped sweater as she prepares to welcome baby boy
    • White hot! Victoria's Secret Angel Izabel Goulart shows off her cleavage and perfect tan in sexy pantsuit for the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympics
    • Horsing around at the Olympics! Princess Mary pays a casual visit to Denmark's riders in Rio after getting a VERY warm welcome from IOC boss
    • Sienna Miller believes she's put her problems behind her after taking a £3,000 therapy course dubbed 'psychological detox' Tumultuous love life
    • Australian supermodel Ajak Deng flaunts her trim pins and slender frame in chic black ensemble as she soaks up the sun in Harlem Lean physique
    • TOWIE's Megan McKenna reveals her trick for a 'natural boob job' on Instagram. after admitting vile trolls told her to get surgery Amazing results
    • Tashing on! Geordie Shores' Gary Beadle and Marty McKenna enjoy boys night out in Perth with a bevy of Australian beauties Partying hard
    • Inside Justin Bieber's wet and wild Hawaii trip: Skinny dipping with topless models, cosy pool time and bikini waterfights at $10k-a-night mansion
    • Mindy Kaling showcases her slender waist in a form-fitting black cocktail dress at TCA event in Beverly Hills
    • Who is Justin Bieber's latest fling? Meet busty Sahara Ray, the Australian TOPLESS model previously linked to Jordan Barrett and Cody Simpson
    • Girl on fire! Rita Ora shows off new flame-coloured hair in vibrant purple jumpsuit as she heads to Top Model filming in New York Eccentric outfit
    • Talking business? Louis Tomlinson grins during phone call in Hollywood. as it's announced he will mentor new girlband alongside Simon Cowell
    • Pixie Lott turns heads with figure-hugging red maxi dress and wild perm as she heads out after Breakfast at Tiffany's performance
    • Shady lady! Selena Gomez sports gold-rimmed circular sunglasses as she steps out in chic coat and beanie in Melbourne Casual look
    • Chloe Moretz flaunts her svelte figure in black leggings and slogan shirt as she 'obeys' her daily gym time in Los Angeles Staying disciplined
    • 'I'm not wearing knickers': Chloe Mafia and Stephen Bear get VERY hot and heavy in the bath before jumping into bed together on CBB
    • Girl about town! Lorde looks chic in high-waisted ripped jeans and black bodysuit as she enjoys a day of shopping in Beverley Hills
    • Woman's best friend! Jessica Hart goes sun-baking topless but strategically uses a tiny dog to hide her bare breasts from view
    • Lads' night out: David Beckham heads for wine with pals Gordon Ramsay and Robbie Keane in Beverley Hills. after wife Victoria leaves for NYC
    • Great style runs in the family! To celebrate National Sister Day, FEMAIL takes a look at fashionable sister duos including the Olsen's and Jenner's
    • Leggy Sienna Miller looks radiant in mini shift dress and trench coat as she enjoys night out with gal pals at Chiltern Firehouse Effortless style
    • She's a cheeky one! Britney Spears dances in tiny underwear and gets hands on with a hunky model in racy Make Me music video Steamy new clip
    • Victoria Beckham parades her toned legs in chic thigh-high cut slip dress as she stylishly struts through JFK airport All-black ensemble
    • Victoria Beckham cuts a fashionable figure in elegant floral separates as she steps out in style in New York City Looked sensational in summerwear
    • Ruby Rose packs on the PDA with girlfriend Harley Gusman as she flaunts her amazing abs in a white bikini during Formentera boat trip All aboard the love boat
    • Lucy Mecklenburgh shows off her gym-honed figure in a pink bikini top and denim hotpants as she parties in Majorca Seriously toned
    • Kim Kardashian touts the 'incredible' marble-patterned light-up iPhone 6 cases she designed as she mourns the death of her final working Blackberry Perfect for selfie lovers
    • Eddie Redmayne cuts a handsome figure in Rio De Janeiro with wife Hannah Bagshawe and daughter Iris ahead of the Olympics Looking sharp
    • EXCLUSIVE: How Chloe Grace Moretz was betrayed by her plastic surgeon father who left her and cancer-stricken mum to move in with Paris Hilton's aunt
    • PICTURED: TOWIE's Kate Wright gets into a heated row with Jon Clark. over rumours her ex Dan Edgar slept with another girl Getting 'aggy'
    • Sam Bailey accidentally cuts Nadia Sawalha with a razor as she shaves the Loose Women star's FACE to test out bizarre new beauty craze
    • Going back to his roots! Silver fox Colin Farrell reveals drastically greying hair as he touches down in Los Angeles The natural look
    • Curvy Lauren Goodger heads to the gym in form-fitting activewear. after revealing an addiction to Pop Tarts Worked up a sweat with three hour session
    • Princess Martha Louise of Norway announces divorce from husband of 14 years and says they 'feel ashamed' they can't create 'safe harbour' for kids
    • Beyond beautiful! Fresh-faced Zoe Saldana is lovely in lavender after a workout in West Hollywood before heading back to luxury home
    • Pregnant Sophie Austin shows off her baby bump as she steps out with Shayne Ward. after confirming they're expecting their first child together
    • Girl power! Alesha Dixon makes a statement in 'the future is female' T-shirt and stylish flared jeans as she steps out in London Looking good
    • 'Perfect in every way': Apprentice star Luisa Zissman announces the birth of second daughter Indigo Esme Her first with new husband Andrew Collins
    • Newly blonde Lilly Becker leads the glamour in revealing crimson cutaway dress at Remus Lifestyle Night in Mallorca
      Gown stole the show
    • 'Just me': Laverne Cox ditches the wig and goes make-up free as she shows off her natural beauty in selfie on Instagram Still looks great
    • Sleepy-eyed Billie Piper gives herself the thumbs-up after winning receives rave reviews for West End show Yerma Looked a tad tired
    • Heidi Klum goes braless under a glitzy sheer dress as she attends Drake gig in NYC with supermodel pal Naomi Campbell Serious star power
    • Baby cuddles! Former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky and Kevin Manno snuggle up in bed with their newborn Molly Pic posted on Snapchat
    • Charlotte Crosby flaunts her long legs in a pretty white sundress as she steps out in Manchester Showing off her new fashion range
    • Game of Thrones beauty Carice van Houten shows off her baby bump for the first time as she shares a passionate kiss with actor beau Guy Pearce
    • An English-style manor and a Spanish colonial! Tom Hanks lists TWO lavish side-by-side homes in Los Angeles' Pacific Palisades for $18million
    • Vicky Pattison puts on a leggy display in a flirty floral dress as she jets to Ireland for her book signing Hitting the road to sell her book
    • Eric Cowell looks every inch Simon's mini me as he goes hand-in-hand with doting mum Lauren Silverman The spitting image of his dad
    • Pretty in plaits! Sofia Richie shows off colorful braids while hitting the shops in trendy mini dress Flashed pink and yellow ombre cornrows
    • Cool rider David Beckham takes his vintage motorcycle for a spin along the Pacific Coast Highway Living the dream in Los Angeles
    • Take a hike! Millie Mackintosh shows off her athletic figure as she works out with beau Hugo Taylor on romantic Greek getaway Not so relaxing trip
    • Time to make that MILF money! Fergie looks chic while heading to a business meeting in Santa Monica. then enjoys playdate with her son
    • 'So sorry for your loss': Chrissy Teigen sends Kim Kardashian a bouquet after the death of her beloved BlackBerry
    • Is Bethenny Frankel engaged? Star flashes huge diamond on her wedding ring finger after a few months of dating Dennis Shields Moving on from divorce?
    • Kyle and Kim Richards put family drama aside at baby shower. and more Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars join in the fun too
    • Grey's Anatomy star Caterina Scorsone confirms she's pregnant with her second child Debuted her baby bump on the red carpet in Los Angeles
    • 'I want Blue Ivy to be just like you': Hunger Games star Amandla Stenberg shares the words Beyoncé told her on Lemonade set
    • 'I'm VERY protective of her': Will Smith admits he's a possessive parent when it comes to 15-year-old daughter Willow Wants to look after her
    • Eccentric Mickey Rourke sports a questionable grey hairpiece as he attends annual kickboxing contest in Saint Tropez Toupee or not toupee?
    • 'I can't stop having children!' Hugh Grant hints at the possibility of extending his brood. as he admits to crying 'for three weeks' after 2007 meltdown in candid chat
    • Pregnant Blac Chyna satisfies her cravings at a local drive-thru after dismissing split rumours with fiancé Rob Kardashian Eating for two
    • 'Death came so close': Parks and Rec star Aubrey Plaza reveals she suffered a stroke at 20 years old that left her temporarily paralysed Comic's tragic tale
    • 'They called me fat and ugly': TOWIE's Danielle Armstrong reveals vile trolls left her so upset that she 'didn't want to leave her room' Devastated by taunts
    • Booty-ful girl! Kim Kardashian steps out in racy thigh-high lace up boots and fresh cornrows in Beverly Hills Plaits how to do it!
    • 'She is one of the most intense and exciting creatures on any stage': Billie Piper receives rave reviews as she returns to the West End in Yerma
    • Caitlyn Jenner accuses paparazzi of causing fatal car crash as she claims she was 'visually distracted' while driving Filed court documents
    • 'We practice a lot!' LeAnn Rimes on having a baby with Eddie Cibrian and how becoming a step-mother in her 20s was a 'huge adjustment'
    • The final countdown: Adriana Lima carries the Olympic torch as it makes its way to the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue hours before the Games begin
    • Busty Mel B shows off her cleavage and toned figure in a low-cut top and snakeskin leggings as she heads to the gym Showcasing the fruits of her labour
    • Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton 'set to tie the knot after finding love on The Voice US'. just four MONTHS after her divorce from Gavin Rossdale was finalised
    • TOWIE's Megan McKenna shows off her tiny waist and pert posterior in black jumpsuit as she continues her feud with ex-BFF Chloe Meadows
    • Orlando Bloom strips completely NAKED for paddle board trip with Katy Perry after packing on the PDA with his bikini-clad girlfriend during Sardinia break
    • So how DOES Orlando Bloom measure up to the rest of the A-list? As naked pictures of the actor sweep the web, we ask just how BIG the stars really are
    • Kate Mara nails casual chic in a red lace mini dress and matching pumps as she runs errands in LA She rarely puts a fashion foot wrong
    • Ellie Harrison displays her amazing post-baby body in khaki ensemble at Countryfile Live. just TWO months after giving birth Looked sensational
    • Sofia Vergara flaunts her toned curves in a stylish black bardot dress as she shops 'til she drops in Beverly Hills All smiles
    • 'I'm gonna have my boyfriend kick his a**!': CBB's Aubrey O'Day threatens to get Stephen Bear beaten up by Pauly D but doesn't realise her beau has DUMPED her
    • Pink to make the boys wink! Sarah-Jane Crawford goes braless in a VERY low-cut dress as she hits the Chiltern Firehouse She's tickled pink
    • 'I don't wanna give it away': Tyga, 26, hints he could possibly be engaged to Kylie Jenner, 18, in rare interview Finally addressed claims
    • An arresting sight! Hayley Atwell oozes elegance in backless semi-sheer dress as she promotes new drama Conviction in Los Angeles
    • It's her prerogative! Britney Spears rakes in '$13 million in just one year'. as it's revealed she pampered her pets with '$37k worth of goodies'
    • TOWIE's Lydia Bright rocks a chic all-black ensemble as she enjoys a girls' night out with former co-star Danni Park-Dempsey Girls' night out
    • Chris Hemsworth's wife Elsa Pataky looks chic in floral dress as she spends quality time with her lookalike daughter India Rose Handsome family
    • Glum Maria Sharapova steps out in cropped dungarees in LA. as the Olympics kick off without her due to tennis ban Drugs scandal
    • Vogue Williams shows off her toned tum and peachy posterior in a low-cut blue bikini as she tops up her tan in LA LA life treating her fine
    • Zayn Malik proves he's finally bid farewell to his Perrie Edwards tattoo as he flexes his muscles while rustling up fried chicken for girlfriend Gigi Hadid
    • 'Why can't I be on holiday again?' Charlotte Crosby flaunts her toned and tanned figure in a bikini as she laments post-holiday blues
    • Jeremy Vine and Tina Daheley announced as co-hosts of BBC's 'new look' weekly Crimewatch From Strictly to crimefighting
    • 'Broken-hearted' Lillie Lexi Gregg reacts to boyfriend Stephen Bear kissing co-star Chloe Mafia on Celebrity Big Brother Not 'the one'
    • Behind every woman is a great man! Holly Willoughby wears her married name on her peachy posterior as she marks ninth wedding anniversary
    • We've charted her missing arm, hand and feet. Now there's the mystery of Posh's missing mouth Famous for her pout. until now
    • Beach bum! Britney Spears shows off her enviable figure in a red bikini as she enjoys bonding day with family Looked sensational
    • Fairway to heaven! Caitlyn Jenner looks divine as she heads out in form-fitting green golf gear in Malibu Green and mean on the golf course
    • Queen of the Night! Ariana Grande performs medley of Whitney Houston songs on live Greatest Hits finale Renowned for her stunning voice
    • Legs eleven. out of ten! Izabel Goulart puts on a very leggy display in thigh-high short skirt as she prepares for the Olympics Walk this way!
    • From catwalk to dog walking! Lara Stone cuts a glum figure as she steps out with beloved pet pooch Bert Usually a glam catwalk queen
    • How a close shave gave Rachel Hunter a fresh-faced glow: Former model shows how shaving with a razor can exfoliate the skin and reduce wrinkles
    • Filling up their love tank! Chloe Grace Moretz dons tiny cutoffs as Brooklyn Beckham fuels up at petrol station The pair are going strong
    • Casual Kristin Cavallari enjoys quality time with her sons and dad on leisurely stroll. after THAT explosive The Hills anniversary special
    • Heavenly! Victoria's Secret Angels Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima flaunt their ripped bodies in Rio Bosom buddies
    • 'The idea is to cut down on the number': Simon Cowell turns to E-cigarettes in a final bid to quit smoking. but is still on 80 vapes a day Can't kick the habit
    • Made In Chelsea's Louise Thompson poses up a storm in racy floral-detail lingerie as she announces she's launching an underwear collection
    • What breastfeeding REALLY feels like: Celeb mums reveal their toughest moments - from cracked nipples to putting cabbage leaves in their bras
    • Like mother like daughter! Queen Letizia of Spain colour-coordinates with her husband and mini-me princesses for their holiday in Mallorca
    • Making hearts melt! Thor star Chris Hemsworth posts gushing tribute to his young son as they pose for gorgeous sunset snap
    • Kris Jenner gets brand new Rolls-Royce delivered just one day after totalling $250k car in crash. as 'sore and shaken' star says she feels blessed
    • One and done! Kourtney Kardashian and Penelope rock mother daughter onesies on a day out with Mason Colourful crew
    • 'She's a c**k trying it on with two lads in a week!' Gary Beadle shames Marnie Simpson over her CBB antics in the wake of Aaron Chalmers split